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Damning book exposes “casual cruelty” lodged at “red-haired stepchild” Tiffany Trump by her family

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Michael Cohen is currently plugging his new book “Disloyal: A Memoir” while under house arrest after pleading guilty to eight criminal charges, including lying to Congress and violating campaign finance laws.

In the book, released this week, Cohen devotes several pages to Donald Trump‘s forgotten fourth child, Tiffany, who he says was often referred to as the “red-haired stepchild” behind her back by her family members.

Cohen claims Trump himself would frequently disparage Tiffany and treat her differently from her older siblings. He also says Ivanka joined in on the “casual cruelty” because she “jealously guarded her position as Trump’s favorite and surrogate, even at the expense of her vulnerable younger sister.”

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Later in the book, Cohen writes that his own daughter, Samantha, was “amazed and appalled” by the way Trump treated Tiffany.

Samantha and Tiffany became friends while attending the University of Pennsylvania together. During that time, Cohen says, Samantha grew more and more disgusted by the Trumps because of “their incessant competitiveness and egomania.”

“I also really felt for Tiffany and the way she was treated,” Cohen writes. “The pecking order of the kids was painfully apparent. Trump was very specific about his views on the importance of female beauty in measuring the value of women, including inside his own family.”

Cohen also details the time when Tiffany expressed an interest in a fashion career and asked her father if he could possibly put in a call to Anna Wintour to see about getting her an internship at Vogue.

Trump, who was sitting next to Ivanka at the time, allegedly told him, “I don’t think Tiffany has the look.” Then he turned to his eldest daughter, a former teen model, and said, “She just doesn’t have what you have, honey.”

“She just doesn’t have the look is the right way to say it, Daddy,” Ivanka allegedly agreed.

Ultimately, Tiffany chose not to pursue a career in fashion and studied law at Georgetown University instead.

How reliable Cohen is as a source is heavily debatable, but his allegations do line up with remarks made by former White House aide, Madeleine Westerhout.

During a drunken dinner with a group of reporters last year, Westerhout shared Trump’s alleged true feelings about Tiffany, including that he thought she was overweight and that he didn’t like being photographed with her.

After the story broke, Westerhout admitted to everything and says she tried to apologize to Tiffany, texting her, “I am so sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me.” Tiffany never responded and Westerhout was fired.

Tiffany has also not responded to the claims made in Cohen’s book. She has, however, been busy preaching the word of God while campaigning for her father, who she says is a man of faith and “uncompromising heart.”

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