Dan Savage: LGBT Community Needs Tammy Baldwin To Be Great On All Issues

What we’re going to want to see out of Tammy is a really great senator from Wisconsin who’s great on gay issues, but great on all sorts of issues that liberals, progressives and working people care about.”

Sex columnist, It Gets Better Project founder and noted DILF Dan Savage reflects on Senator Tammy Baldwin’s historic victory on Joy Behar’s Say Anything!.

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  • Dumdum

    You can lead a person to Congress but you can’t make them think. Four more years of business as usual. Hurry up and wait. 50 states 10 down 40 more to go. Lets see, 10 states every 10 to 15 years so in another 40 or 50 years we will hopefully have the same rights everyone else in America. Of course I will be dead long before that happens. I am so old that when I was a boy The Dead Sea was only sick.

  • Wilberforce

    I disagree. Baldwin is representing Wisconsin, not Castro Street. Sure we’d like her to be on our side, but working for HRC is not her job.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Well Dan, be prepared to be disappointed. Not because Tammy isn’t/won’t be a great senator on all sorts of issues, its that they are politicians each with their own agenda and each with their own priorities, etc.

    Remember Dan and all, even HRC attempted to get the initial Hawaiian marriage effort to backdown, so that important HIV/AIDS legislation had easier passage. Barney Frank lobbied for DADT in 1993 as an effort for gays/lesbians to be able to remain in the military. Neither right nor wrong, different priorities on important issues.

    The good news and benchmark — it will be Tammy Baldwin deciding how to vote that senate seat and not Tommy Thompson. There will be times when her decision will not be the one you might like; certainly, though, Thompson votes would almost always disappoint.

  • Jim Hlavac

    What is this LGBT community? Do we really all think alike on every issue? And now this fine woman, I’m sure, is our leader? I didn’t vote for her — and in fact, on virtually every issue she may be for on the “Liberal, progressive, working people” agenda is not mine. Sure, she needs to be a good senator on gay things — every senator needs to be good on gay things — but I deeply resent, after 35 years as a Economic Libertarian, as a small government person, that now, because of merely who I smooch, this man Savage has appointed this woaman Baldwin to be the spokesperson for me. I mean really, am I allowed to have my own mind anymore? Or are we so identified with our group that we don’t even need elections, merely use the census counts to see what the pre-selected views any must hold are?

    Nope, I’m not for the Liberal, Progressive, Endlessly big government agenda, sorry — and if she votes for it — she is not voting for me — but against my interests as I perceive them. Call me an idiot — it’s my constitutional right to be one too. But stop telling me I’m part of some damn sandwich of letters, LGBT — and the T bums me out for every transsexual I have ever heard of is a person in the wrong gender’s body — then they get the surgery (sometimes of late on my taxes,) and then, after the man becomes a woman- chases a man! And last I looked, when women chase men, that’s hetero. Transgendered people are heteros — and I’m miffed that I now have to spend time defending my own desire not to go under the knife, merely because some “progressive” people have decided that gay men must support transgendered people because other people bother them. I’m against bothering anyone, but that doesn’t mean we share the same interests on anything.

    Sometimes, Savage should mind his own damn business. He does not ever speak for me.

  • biguy

    Hey @Jim Hlavac: Take your wounded attitude and trans bigotry somewhere else you bitter old fuck

  • Dumdum

    @biguy: RIGHT ON BIG GUY!!! You took the words right off of my keyboard. I will be honest. I don’t really understand the Transgender thing. I mean I understand the psychology. But it is really hard to wrap my mind around it. However, just because a person doesn’t understand a thing does not mean you cannot accept a thing, you know? I love men and I love my penis and I love other mens penises. So I am Gay. Lots of people don’t understand THAT. I don’t understand Chinese but I don’t hate Asians [email protected]Jim Hlavac: I do not think that you are really a Gay man. If you are I am really embarrassed for you. Have you considered psychotherapy? Or perhaps a self help book? The Constitution? REALLY? That’s the best you can come up with to defend your right to be an ass? Guess that puts you in the same class as all the knuckle dragging, gun toting, butt scratching, tobacco chewing, mullet wearing, wife beating idiots in America.

  • tdx3fan

    @Jim Hlavac: Translation… I got mine, so fuck everyone else. Seriously, fuck them, let them starve in the streets. Its funny how every single time someone says they are a libertarian and support small government what they really mean is that they have no problem with government as long as it furthers their agenda while taking none of their money. Small government, huh!?! Are you against the police department, the fire department, the military, FEMA? I doubt it! What you are really against is every single American getting what they NEED to survive, and that makes you an overwhelming douche bag.

  • tdx3fan

    @Jim Hlavac: Oh, I’m sorry, I missed the last part of your post. You do realize that without that T there would have never been a gay rights movement in this country right? You do realize it was Stonewall, a Transgendered bar, that got raided in 1969, and a bunch of pissed off Transgendered people that were not about to take it anymore that brought this movement to the forefront for the last 43 years… Lets give some credit where credit is due instead of being an uniformed ignorant jack ass, shall we!

  • tdx3fan

    @Dumdum: Actually, its a biological drive not a psychological drive. Transgendered people are biologically different than their counterparts of the same gender. They have a different composition of chromosomes. In short, they are living proof that Christianity is bull shit and that science allows for differentiation.

  • Dumdum

    @tdx3fan: I understand that my girlfriend Billie had to go through an exhaustive battery of psychological examinations before they would begin the hormone injections. She was beat to death by a bunch of skinheads. Gawd I miss her! I really like your comments. Maybe we can talk more, if you want. Let me know. [email protected]

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