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Daniel Franzese Is On A Mission To Educate People About HIV/AIDS And PrEP

10532360_10152727335403731_656890084944760165_n-360x360I’ve learned a lot about PrEP too, and the ways it’s become much easier for those with different HIV statuses to have a sexual relationship. I thought I was protecting myself correctly, but I came to realize — through my experience with HIV-positive friends, the role on Looking, and as an ambassador to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation — that I was actually misinformed in a lot of ways about PrEP. After learning the facts, I realized I need to be vocal and help inform those who don’t have the proper information. PrEP is definitely something a lot of gay men don’t have the facts on. I feel like the biggest misconception is people can have unprotected sex if they’re on PrEP. That’s definitely something I didn’t understand. Also, heterosexual people might not know PrEP is available to them. Right now we have the tools to end new infections by 96 percent if we use them. If Hollywood recommits itself to using its influence, then we can start to see a real change with the numbers… I think that’s the exciting thing, when people realize it is possible to end HIV and AIDS. When everyone is getting tested, and people who are positive are receiving the care and medicine they need, and those who are positive are utilizing the tools available to not transmit the virus, we can do this! We’re in a new day and age, and information can reach people a lot quicker this time. We can stop HIV and AIDS once and for all!”


Daniel Franzese, Looking star and ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, in an interview with HuffPo