Dave Bautista’s Pride Month message: “F**k you if you don’t like it”

Dave Bautista has a message for Pride month
Dave Bautista (Photo: Shutterstock)

Followers and fans of wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista are loving a Pride month message he posted at the end of last week.

The actor, known for roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Army of the Dead, and Dune, among many others, posted a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt. It featured a rainbow and the words ‘Be You.’

Bautista is straight but his mom is a lesbian. In his accompanying caption, Bautista said, “I was always proud of who my mom was because she was always proud of who she was. In your face, fuck you if you don’t like it, unapologetically loud and proud. And her son payed [sic] attention. BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BE YOU. ❤️🏳️‍🌈💪🏽 #ProudSonofaLesbian”


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Among those to welcome the posting was gay wrestler Fred Drosser, who said, “This is beautiful ditto Big Dave!” Another commentator summed up the views of many, simply saying, “Yes!!! Your mama raised you right!”

Bautista was born in 1969 in Washington DC to mom, Donna Raye (née Mullins), and hairdresser David Michael Bautista. He has said the family lived in poverty and he had a tough upbringing.

Discovering bodybuilding turned his life around and led to a career in WWE, before switching to acting.

In a Men’s Health last year, Bautista revealed he used some of the money he’s earned through wrestling and acting to buy his mom a house in her favorite part of San Francisco.

Back in 2014, he posed for the #NOH8 photo campaign, again in honor of his mom.

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In 2019, Bautista clapped back at a Catholic Bishop who said Catholics should not celebrate Pride Month.

“My mom’s a lesbian. I think I turned out OK,” he said. “And the activities she chooses is to help the homeless and people suffering from mental illness. I admit I’m not perfect but at least I was never a judgmental hypocrite! I’m sure you don’t speak for most Catholics. Have a nice day.”