Democrats Expected To Officially Back Gay Marriage In Today’s Platform

While the Republican Party openly snubbed marriage equality in its platform last week, the Dems are expected to formally endorse it in theirs today, making the Democrats the first major political party to do so.

A draft of the party’s platform included language supporting not only gay marriage but the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which would protect LGBT people from being discriminated against or fired due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Though this would be a watershed moment in politics, someone’s gotta rain on the gay parade, like Prop 8 proponent, Frank Schubert, who feels the Democratic Party “is basically telling voters in places like North Carolina and Florida that they’re a bunch of bigots.”

Not every voter, Mr. Schue…just the bigots.

Supporting marriage equality in their platform does not actually guarantee that the Democratic Party would do so in real life since the platform is just used as a jumping-off point and, later, as proof of all the things a party said it would do but has blatantly failed to.

Still, though, get it in writing while ya can.

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  • jeff4justice

    I think same-sex couples should be allowed to divorce the 2party system that preys on people’s fears to keep them devoted to a system of lie-based wars, poverty, and erosion of civil liberties.

    If LGBTs can attain equality more and more so rapidly despite being such a small part of the population then clearly the people power exists to back and elect alternative party options who are pro-peace,
    pro-American worker, and pro-civil liberties. Heck, we saw how fast people can mobilize over chicken.

    But LGBT media and LGBT mega groups need you to be stuck in fear to keep reading their blogs and donating to their six-figure salary executive directors.

    We LGBTs want the movable middle and our allies to be brave and support us. We want them to make hard choices about their faith and take the risk of being teased and alienated by LGBT-phobes.

    But do we dare have the same bravery about backing any of the alternative parties who support LGBT equality and have from the get go as opposed to evolving Obama? NO. LGBTs could not even support the 100% equality Democrat candidates Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel back in 2008.

    LGBTs have been reduced to cowardice by supporting Obama and his NDAA, continuation and expansion of wars, his horrific drone attacks, his allowing Monsanto to take over the FDA, his continuation of NSA total surveillance society, his support of no jury/no trail no fly lists, his support of the molesters at the TSA, his ignoring of the dangers of the radiation from Fukushima, his attacks on medical marijuana users, his cover up of Fast & Furious, his attacks on protestor’s rights, and on and on. You know, all the stuff LGBT media and LGBT mega groups ignore.

    I know LGBT media trains you to think you’re deciding between the Koch Bros. and George Soros but you’re not. You’re voting for freedom vs. the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates & his pals at Monsanto, the Walton’s, the Rockefeller’s and other globalist eugenicists who want to play God and enclave people.

    Half the country is in poverty and die in poverty, most grads cannot find work, more and more jobs are shipped overseas, and unemployment is sky high. And your solution is to keep voting for the same 2party system over and over expecting different results.

    Go ahead and fly that rainbow flag made in the country of the nation your pathetic leaders have indebted you to. When you’re in the unemployment line or being drafted for the next lie-based war just remember you voted for the guy who said he likes gay people.

    Happy Pride!

  • tdx3fan

    @jeff4justice: Not this again!

    Same-sex couples (like everyone) have the RIGHT to vote for whoever they want. However, most gay people are intelligent enough to realize that voting third party is the same as voting for the 2 party candidate you did not want to see win.

    I really hate to say this, but the LGBT community (as a whole) is not attaining equality. There are 6 or so states that allow LGBT marriage and other rights. There are 35 or so that explicitly block it according to their constitutions. Its easy to concentrate on the states where there is acceptance and think we are winning, but that is just not the case currently in most of the country.

    LGBT media and groups do not need you to be in fear. They do not need you to donate. There are plenty of people that donate do their ability to think rationally and to care for people in other parts of the country other than the magic states that are making strides in gay rights. Also, a six figure salary for a NATIONAL director of any not for profit is pretty common place. If you think for a moment that the local or state director of any organization makes that then you need to do a lot more research. This is why you support LOCAL organizations and not national ones.

    YOU do not speak for the LGBT community; therefore, NEVER begin a sentence with we LGBT’s. I am relatively certain that in most states in this country most LGBT people are satisfied if their allies are not actively working against them since the majority of the population seems to be. In Ohio, in 2004 (Bush re-election year) the issue that banned gay marriage in the constitution passed with SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the vote. In that case, it was nice to simply know people in the 25%.

    But do we dare have the same amount of intelligence when backing someone that can actually WIN the election as opposed to throwing our vote away in support of Mitt Romney? There are many reasons to vote for candidates, and the biggest one when it comes to national office is rather they can actually win the office or not. Kucinich is loathed on a national level and had no chance in hell of beating McCain.

    Now, time for more talking points about Obama that I have already addressed in another post. Glad to see you did not take anytime to actually think about these things and still charge head on into the wind.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE IS IMPORTANT, and it is the job of the president to make sure that we as a nation are not getting destroyed by other nations. I’m glad that you feel the need to support those that want to do you harm…no wonder you are advocating everyone throw their vote to Mitt Romney.

    Feeding the entire world (as the United States) has been called upon to do is important. NPR actually just ran a piece about how ORGANIC food is often no more healthy than food grown by traditional means, cost no more to produce than regularly grown foods and has become a way for stores to charge more for products that do not cost them anymore than regularly grown foods. Maybe you should complain about that instead.

    Next three: Back to throwing away national security again. I personally support watching known terrorist suspects and keeping planes from exploding in mid air or being flown into buildings. I’m sorry if you have an issue with it.

    Every nation has ignored Fukushima. The damage has already been done. Its not like he personally gave the authorization to dump the Uranium into the ocean. However, if you think extremely dissipated radiation is extremely harmful then I’m sure you do not use a microwave and have never had an x-ray. Lets leave the SCIENCE for the SCIENTIST shall we and every single major scientist in Japan, Canada and the United States sit against you on this one.

    There is no legitimate use for medical marijuana. There are MULTIPLE other drugs that do the exact same thing and do not come with the same side effects (such as addiction and accelerated drug tolerance). The only people beating this medical marijuana drug are pot heads that at their core want to see marijuana and all other drugs legalized. Apparently, these people have not yet lost someone to drug related complications.

    Instead of covering up Fast and Furious would you have desired a war with Mexico. The Mexican American relationship was EXTREMELY strained because of the program (which was NOT authorized by Obama). Sometimes, you need to clean up the mess that the people below you made. That is part of being a good boss or a good commander and chief.

    Protesters do NOT have the right to come onto property that is being protected by the Secret Service. Their intentions are not known when they do. Perhaps you support the right for Fred Phelps to come into the funeral home to protest military funerals? You can not complain about limits being placed on protestors then complain about protests (no matter who they are for or against).

    The media gives coverage to these talking points or you would not know about them. However, every single one of your talking points is EASILY debunked, so try again. I’m sure you will, you will try again and again and again, and then you will go vote Green Party. THANK YOU for HELPING Mitt Romney win this election. It really means a great deal to us. It does…really!

    Half the country sits on its ass and waits for the next welfare check to come in while still pumping out children in order to qualify for the programs. That is not the fault of leadership. That is the fault of a very badly put together welfare system that is in great need of reform.

    Most grads that majored in stuff that actually allowed them to find jobs are already working. Please find me a nursing student who is currently unemployed. If you majored in Philosophy for four years, your level of brilliance allows you to get a Master’s Degree or to work at McDonald’s.

    Obama has made countless strides to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country, and they have worked well. If Republicans would stop blocking him at every turn his 26% tax plan would already be in place and more and more corporations would take advantage of it. Unemployment is actually lower today than it was in the 1980s, and most people that WANT to find work can. However, most people want the time before 2008 back when they could find work at an inflated salary (the economy was in a surplus before 2008). They also are unwilling to reeducate themselves and take jobs they consider beneath them. They would rather collect unemployment.

    Our solution is to vote for the lesser of two evils because that is how the system works. I am sorry that you cannot understand that. You are now spouting off about stupidity. Good for you. The “lie based” war has never seen a draft and never will see a draft. We have an all volunteer military (and the world’s best at that). Would you rather Mittens get into office so that we can go to war with Iran. Its on the Republican agenda, and it will happen. War with Iran = World War III since China and Russia are in full support of Iran, but the Republicans do not care, and you are throwing your vote away, so obviously you must back Romney.

    Its a choice to be in the unemployment line. It took me four weeks to get out of the unemployment line and to find a job that allowed me to pay my bills. It was a four week program, and the place I work is CONSTANTLY hiring other people that completed the same program and pays well enough to survive. To live the grand life, that is not happening, but to survive sure.

  • tdx3fan

    After rant:

    I really do agree that the Democrats adding gay marriage officially to their platform is equivalent to disregarding votes in the vast majority of the country. The great majority of the states are still dominated by Christian zealots that will see this as a personal assault. In order to control the National office you need to have elected officials that are not from New York and Massachusetts, and this will make that harder to achieve not easier.

  • brent

    I’m suspicious of the democratic platform. It would still mean the issue of marriage is decided at the state level which means nothing has changed.The article also suggests that voters who have a problem with it are bigots. If that is the case the democrats do have a problem. African-americans and hispanics are bigots. To keep them happy the democrats will have to offer them more free stuff.

  • Cam

    @brent: said…
    “African-americans and hispanics are bigots.”

    Funny, I must have missed the section of the crowd that showed all the African Americans and Hispanics at the GOP convention.

    As for this article, isn’t it amazing that one of the two major parties in this country officially ads a plank for our civil rights and all we get is some ranting about a third party?

    Also, get ready for the Log Cabiners to go on TV with their phony outrage and try to invent a reason as to why this is a bad thing.

    Plainly stated. A major political party now has our complete civil rights as an addition to their platform. Just thought I’d mention that this is a good thing.

  • brent

    @Cam: You misunderstood my remark. I was referring to the article above. The writer said, not every voter Mr. Schu…just the bigots” correct me if i’m wrong but i interrupted his remark as voters being opposed to gay marriage. I made the point that if you define a bigot by being opposed to gay marriage then the democrats have a problem. Because under that definition of bigotry blacks and hispanics would be considered bigots.

  • tdx3fan

    @brent: No reason to race bait. The vast majority of the STATES (not the people as a whole) are still very anti-gay and will still go with the party that is anti-gay. There are very, very many white people in these states that are purely bigoted, and they will vote against gay rights every time. Trying to blame the blacks and Hispanics for gay people not having rights is like trying to blame and ant for not moving a mountain. Put the blame where the blame belongs…it rests squarely on the back of the white community that makes up around 75% or so of the voting public.

  • brent

    @tdx3fan: No reason to race bait then why did you do it, by by blaming whites? I thought democrats are always telling us that whites are so to be in the minority, but you seem to say the opposite. I wish you guys would get you’re facts right. If whites become the minority you won’t be able to blame them as much.If we shouldn’t scapegoat minorities you would agree it would be wrong to blame mormons for prop. 8. I know you are going to say they financed prop. 8, but if black churches had financed prop. 8 are we to believe that liberals would have protested them. My facts show me that in North Carolina blacks voted 65% for the ban and whites voted 59% for the ban. On prop. 8 according to exit polls 70% of blacks and 49% of whites voted for it.

  • Aman Datta

    I know plenty of gay Democrats in office but they’re unable to reveal for fear of being ostracized by their peers. But are they really interested in advancement, or large segments of eligible votes?

  • brent

    @Aman Datta: I’m curious what you mean when you said they are really interested, who are they? And who are the democrats afraid of coming out, are they in congress or some other office?

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