Democrats Expected To Officially Back Gay Marriage In Today’s Platform

While the Republican Party openly snubbed marriage equality in its platform last week, the Dems are expected to formally endorse it in theirs today, making the Democrats the first major political party to do so.

A draft of the party’s platform included language supporting not only gay marriage but the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which would protect LGBT people from being discriminated against or fired due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Though this would be a watershed moment in politics, someone’s gotta rain on the gay parade, like Prop 8 proponent, Frank Schubert, who feels the Democratic Party “is basically telling voters in places like North Carolina and Florida that they’re a bunch of bigots.”

Not every voter, Mr. Schue…just the bigots.

Supporting marriage equality in their platform does not actually guarantee that the Democratic Party would do so in real life since the platform is just used as a jumping-off point and, later, as proof of all the things a party said it would do but has blatantly failed to.

Still, though, get it in writing while ya can.