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  • Pip

    Nancys looking rather gay about her new position as minority leader.

  • MickW

    You go girl!

  • MauraHennessey

    it was the Blue Dog conservative dems who lost seats; by and large the left of the party kept theirs. D’ye suppose that this might be telling the party where it is that rank and file Dems think that the party ought to be heading? To the left, perchance?

  • CJ

    As if her representing the Democrats was a good thing over the past year. I think that the election proved that she, Reid and Obama have little credibility with the voters. BAD MOVE for the democrats to keep Pelosi as the visible face.

  • jak


    No. Pelosi was a great leader of the House. Look over her support of progressive legislation. The ball was dropped in the Senate and the White House. Whether it was the Stimulus Bill or Health care reform, Pelosi was able to deliver solid legislation that was decimated in the Senate

    Pelosi takes a lot of hits because she is a woman.

    Why haven’t we heard this kind of criticism of Harry Reid??

  • Matt

    The Democrats are so Stupid… can they not read the writing on the wall… the rest of the contry thinks this cow is the most ignorant bitch to walk the face of the earth! OMG – she is going to kill any chance of te Democrats having a chance of getting any votes in 2012…. next election will be a Republican landslide.

    Pelosi is only happy when she distroys america. Progressive leadership BS! More like vote now and read what you voted vor on when yor get time later… STUPID all the way!!! They should of sent this cow to pasture!

  • Jim D

    @Matt: Matt, thanks for your enlightened opinions. Can you say misogynist?

  • gray hunt

    The best thing to happen for Republicans. NP was the most reviled women in the country before the election and she will not be changing that now. As minority leader she is handing over whats left of the dems in the house to the Republican/Tea Party in 2012 thanks Nancy…..Oh, no more govt.air planes for fun and boozing it up friends. Plenty time now for another face lifts, the `ol belly button must be just under your chin by now LOL

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