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  • Mark Walsh

    Fox itself is the most consistently idiotic insult to Journalism in existence anywhere-anyone who watches the rightwing scum produced by Murdock for more than 5minutes a month has to be braindead! The fact that Fox produced it precludes the validity of anything. If you need to vomit for some reason watch Fox.

  • Gay as life

    And Gibson is a “Christian.” Such Christ-like behavior, mocking someone’s death.

  • brandon08

    The anger I have towards this man. And that damned Fred Phelps. I am a gay and a Christian man. I am mad as hell right now. The things that are done in the name of Christ are apalling. Notice I sweared here twice. Will anyone picket my funeral, a la Phelps, or condemn me because I had a glass of wine. These people use homosexuality as their starting point and omit looking at their own sin. If they take the Bible literal, they will be in hell for drinking as well as if the uttered a swear word.
    I will never understand how anyone calls themself Christian and acts in hatred. I will pray for Heath and pray for these damned fools who have no knowledge of true grace. Phelps is leading his flock again to protest that Heath does not have the right to have a funeral. What is it going to take to stop this man and the mindset he is instilling in these people.
    Christ would be not ashamed as Christ is all love, but disappointed I would think.

  • gay as life

    At least Phelps is just some cultist nutjob that no one takes seriously. Gibson has a national forum from which to spew his bile.

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