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Dharun Ravi’s Anonymous Friends Defend Him Against Lifelong Reputation Of Being A Scumbag

And here come Dharun Ravi’s friends to defend him against allegations he’s an utter dipshit asshole!

“No one knows [what really happened],” says one person “close to” Ravi, but who doesn’t want to go on the record with Rutgers’ student paper The Daily Targum. Adds another: “He’s a good guy who made a poor decision.”

You see, Ravi didn’t really want to hurt Tyler Clementi, who jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge following his roommate Ravi aiming a webcam at him. He was just, uh, curious. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Students said Clementi asked his roommate Ravi to leave the room so that he could have time alone with a guest on the evening of Sept. 19. A strange, older male later arrived at the room, they said. Ravi went to Wei’s room, where he used a computer to access footage of the room from his webcam, they said.

Ravi had no intention of witnessing any kind of intimate encounter between the two, but rather wanted to see if anything unusual was taking place inside his room, as he was not familiar with Clementi’s guest, they said. “He just wanted to see what was going on,” a student said. Upon seeing what was taking place inside the room, Ravi immediately closed the window on the screen, the student said.

A similar series of events took place on the evening of Sept. 21, and Ravi then stayed in another friend’s room for the night, a student said. No footage of either encounter was recorded or broadcast, students said. “[Ravi] had no intention to violate Tyler in any way,” a student said.

And he totally didn’t have a problem with gays, one former classmate says of Ravi.

Friends described Ravi as an outgoing Ping-Pong player and Frisbee enthusiast who enjoyed a good prank. “I think he’s a good person,” said Michael Zhuang, 17, a neighbor and former classmate. “I don’t think he’s a homophobe. It would’ve been no different if it was a girl in the room.”

And it was only a matter of time before Clementi’s death was blamed on … The Gays! Enter Vox Day: “It is obvious that Clementi didn’t kill himself simply because his actions were made public; as a musician, no doubt he had been filmed before and some of those films may have even been put online. He killed himself because he could not live with the shame of knowing that everyone would be aware of his submission to what he apparently believed to be evil desires. While giving in to our desire for evil is something that we all do from time to time, it is also true that some desires happen to be more shameful or humiliating than others. For example, a man’s desire for his neighbor’s wife is sinful, but few consider it to be as appalling as his desire for his neighbor’s child.”