Did India De-Gayify Dustin Lance Black’s Oscar Speech?


The Oscars are supposedly seen by a billion people worldwide. Which is roughly India’s entire population, making that country the world’s largest democracy. Funny, ’cause we didn’t think democratic nations engaged in the type of censorship that brands gay people as too risque for TV.

“It is my understanding that Dustin Lance Black‘s acceptance speech was edited for the rebroadcast of the Oscars in India such that the mention of being gay was removed,” a Defamer source writes. “The actual broadcast began at 630a.m., so it’s aired in real time and also taped and rebroadcast later in the day. My source for the info saw both broadcasts of his acceptance speech, so there you are.”

Still unclear, however, is whether India’s censors edited Sean Penn’s speech, or if they canceled the entire Internet and blocked all Milk searches.

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  • tropSpice

    Although I am not a great supported of India’s stance on LGBT issues, in this case the government is probably not at fault.

    Apparently the edit was caused by the private cable channel Star TV, which is based in Hong Kong, and owned by (surprise!) Rupert Murdoch’s (right-wing) Newscorp. (Read this on Towleroad today.)

  • jonny

    “Funny, ’cause we didn’t think democratic nations engaged in the type of censorship that brands gay people as too risque for TV.”

    oh, really? was america a democracy a couple of decades ago when gays on tv were almost unheard of?

  • cruiser

    @jonny: Touche’ Game, Set, Match!

  • Zee

    I love DUSTIN!

  • blake

    I just read that this was not specific to India but all of Asia that received the Oscars via Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV.

  • donsnyc

    Please make your voice heard in Hawaii. The State Senate will soon decide regarding the bill giving civil rights to gay unions.

    Please contact their locals officials here:


    Also, please take the poll/survey here:


  • Sebbe

    @jonny – yeah I didn’t really get the connection between democracy and censorship. I’m not so sure they are necessarily intertwined.

  • RTM

    How can you blame the Government of India for the censorship, when the film Milk itself has been released in India (limited theatrical release, due to lack of audience)??


    The censorship was done by private TV channel Star. I accept that India has miles to go before we can see that India is accepting of homosexuality, but don’t blame Indian Government for something it isn’t responsible.

  • brightcove

    i don’t know who to blame but yes, I saw both the speeches and the repeat telecast had this speech totally deleted.

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