Did Obama Share His Marriage-Equality Message With GMA’s Robin Roberts Because She’s Gay?

Robin RobertsGiven the momentousness of yesterday’s news, we’ve been parsing every word of President Obama’s statement on marriage equality. One thing that didn’t come to mind right away, though, was looking at who he was talking to: Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.

Why Roberts, who’s not usually the go-to girl for heavy-duty political issues? Why not Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams or (snicker) Anderson Cooper?

Did Obama think his message would be better received by a friendly morning-show personality? If so, why not chat with George Stephanopoulos? At least he has the gravitas (or had, anyway).

The L.A. Times suggests it’s because Roberts is a familiar face for the Obamas:

Roberts has had a series of exclusives with Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, that began on the night of his inauguration. With the occasional intrusion of policy matters, most of the interviews have been light and nonconfrontational.

But could it also be because she’s basically out as a lesbian among friends and colleagues? There’s an entire thread on dedicated to it. One commenter writes:

I have been watching Robin for years, just love that woman! She is too fabulous….she’s my kind of butch girl, beautiful, strong and all woman.

I have seen traces of her personal life, here and there. One time when they were showing each anchors dressing space, I saw an 8×10 pic on Robin’s desk of a beautiful white woman, obviously her partner.

Another time, when they showed her receiving chemo and her girl was there with her, I am sure it was the same girl. On that show, Diane Sawyer was visiting Robin to let her know that she loved and supported her; it was so obvious that Diane knows and loves her friend Robin and her partner.

Another time, Robin was at dinner with a bunch of her friends and they were so obviously all lesbians- we know what we look like when all we join our friends out for dinner….a table full of beautiful women, not a male in sight!

Regardless of her orientation, nabbing that interview was a major coup for the accomplished broadcaster. Hopefully some of President Obama’s frankness will rub off on her.