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Did Seton Hall Kick Jesse Cruz Out Of His Dorm Because He’s A Gay?

Jesse Cruz, a junior public relations major at Seton Hall in New Jersey, wants the school to pay up for allegedly forcing him out of his dorm room because his roommate had a problem with his gayness. Except Jesse is back in his original room, after a two week stint sleeping on a friend’s floor while this whole mess played out. Ugh, must we sue over everything?

As Jesse tells it, his roommate requested a room change, as all students are permitted, and on “Room Change Day” a switch was made — but rather than relocating the roommate, it was Jesse who was booted. And not another room, but to another dorm. That wasn’t cool, insists Jesse (and his attorney), who say it’s because of his sexual orientation that he got shafted, The Record reports.

Cruz, 20, said he then told school officials he was happy with his initial room and that he believed he had been moved because of his sexual orientation. He said he then received a letter from the school giving him the option to either move into a triple room or switch to a room “with a Chinese roommate.” Cruz said he did not take the other options. “I didn’t think it was fair that I was being moved because I was gay,” he said.

Cruz said he slept on the floor in a friend’s dorm room for more than two weeks while his attorney wrote a letter to the school asking that Cruz be allowed to move back to his first room. Katherine Suga, a lawyer representing Seton Hall, replied to Arnold on Sept. 29, saying Cruz had not been moved from his room. “The University has never taken any action against Mr. Cruz based on his sexual preference,” Suga wrote. Cruz said he moved back to his dorm — with a different roommate — and has not had any problems since.

I’m not sure what evidence Jesse and his attorney have that any mistreatment was because of his sexual orientation. And it’s unclear whether Jesse can show that his roommate wanted to get rid of him because he’s gay. If there is evidence, pony it up buddy. But otherwise: It sucks what happened to you. But you slept on a buddy’s floor for two weeks; you weren’t out of house and home. You were mildly inconvenienced. If you’ve got a smoking gun showing Seton Hall — which does have its share of gay issues — discriminated against you because of your sexual orientation, show your cards. Otherwise, this country does not need another lawsuit.