Did Smear Cost Lesbian Primary Election?

Kansas-based Democrat Gail Finney’s not into her party’s ideological big tent. Or at least not if it’s going to cost her an election.

Early this week, as the state was preparing to go to the primary polls, Finney surrogate Dr. Peggy Elliott launched a mail and phone campaign smearing Finney rival Inga Taylor, pictured, who could have become the state’s first lesbian, black lawmaker.

The call said, in part:

Inga Taylor considers it an honor that if elected, she will be the 1st openly gay African American Legislator in the United States. If you will go to the [gay group] Victory Fund website, you will see that they are excited about the same and working strategically to ensure that this candidate wins the election on tomorrow evening. Who would she be representing? Those that fund her from the east coast or 84th District? Is this what we want to be known for in Kansas? In Wichita?

Recipients answered a resounding “no” and gave the primary to Finney.

Victory Fund, which helps raise funds for homo-politicos, asked Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius to denounce Finney’s tactics and as her to step down as vice-chair of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party. Sibelius did not respond in time.