DirecTV’s Sunday Football Ad Features Gay Sports Fan Couple

directv-football-gay-coupleNow that the Dallas Cowboys have officially signed Michael Sam to their practice squad, it’s time for the NFL to start publicly welcoming its gay fans into the fold.

Shocking, we know. But  gay sports fans are apparently not an urban myth.

To help get things started, DirecTV aired an adorable commercial featuring a gay couple caught in the throes of a heated football rivalry. The ad, unannounced before it aired during Thursday night’s NFL Kickoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, has been met with an awesome surge of approval online.

“Chris and I have a friendly rivalry,” Dude 1 says in the ad below. “Giants – Cowboys, you know the deal. Sure, we still argue sometimes. But we’re just like any couple, really.”

Kudos, DirecTV. Your next challenge: Deal with the inevitable haters in an even more creative way.