Michael Sam To Sign With Dallas Cowboys: “I’m Happy Where I’m At Now”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.31.38 AMTwo days after his release from the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam will get a second chance at becoming the NFL’s first openly gay player with a team in the heart of the Bible Belt — the Dallas Cowboys.

The Daily Mail reports that Sam flew in to Dallas yesterday and will take a physical for the Cowboys today. If he passes, a source indicates that he will most likely be signed to the team’s practice squad.

Experts including Outsports founder Cyd Zeigler agreed earlier this week that Sam being cut from the Rams was most likely due to homophobia in the NFL. After ESPN’s salacious report about Sam’s showering habits, it became clear early on that the sporting world wasn’t ready to drop the whole “gay” issue.

Speaking with NFL AM, Ziegler said: “I think that it was going so well for a few weeks in the preseason, we were just talking about Michael Sam the football player then all of a sudden last week it was a big reminder of the power of him being gay in the locker room and how much people want to talk about that.”

But the haters aren’t fazing Sam in the slightest, thank god. When the DM caught up with him at the airport yesterday, he said: “None of that matters, I’m excited to be to be joining Dallas, I just want to play football, it’s great to be heading back to my home state. It’s been a roller coaster this past week but I’m happy where I’m at now. I’m just looking forward to being a Cowboy, my focus is on making the team.”

Earlier this week, Sam tweeted some inspirational thoughts on his upcoming journey:

The same day, Sam’s boyfriend Vito Cammisano also tweeted a photo of the happy couple looking optimistic:

Best of luck to you, Michael!

Photo: Twitter

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  • TinoTurner

    Homophobia? Or was it the universal agreement that he was good but not THAT good?

  • TriForceKid1013

    @TinoTurner: That’s exactly what it was he not that good yet but he has to be on a team or else it’s discrimination.

  • money718

    Michael Sam gets to play with Big D…..Congrats! Haha

  • MarionPaige

    What does he see in that Vito? He’s had more than enough time to quietly ditch that thang. Sam has to know by now that there is a whole gang of whores just waiting for the minute Vito is high profile enough for them to sell nudes and sex tapes with him in it.

  • Milk

    I guess he needs to bleach his skin then. Not sure what else can he be discriminate upon. He can’t play because he is gay, black or a boyfriend you jealous of. Some of you behave exactly like the wing nuts that keep coming up with excuses that he’s just not good enough.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @Milk: First thing the people saying he can’t play aren’t the one making excuses it’s the people who assume he should be playing because he made some plays in the preseason against some back ups. Tell me one other person where they use preseason stats as a reason for them to be playing without the disclaimer “But it’s only preseason so let’s not get carried away”. If you check the last post about him being cut you will clearly see in the majority of my posts that I lay out why he was cut and not picked up right away. I’m not a “hater” or a wing nut as you put it and I have been in a relationship for close to 11 years now so not upset about that either. I’m also not jealous of a marginal talent who is only having stories written about him because he’s gay and got cut but not because he is an elite talent who is gay can play and got cut big difference. I’m actually happy he got signed so now if he’s cut again or doesn’t have a hall of fame career like all you blind supporters seems to think he will have based on some preseason games I want to see what you all come up with next. But I will say this if he does become a starter and turn into an elite talent it will be because he improves on his game like I and others have said he needs to do.

  • throwslikeagirl

    Wonderful news. He grew up nearby. He must be very happy about this.

  • Snapper59

    I hope people don’t have the idea they will tune into watch the Dallas games and see him. The coach said this morning basically “quit asking me about him, he’s not even on the team roster”. I’m glad he’s happy but he’s on the practice squad. But think of it as going through rehearsals with a star and you’re just there to read the other part.

  • Saint Law

    @TriForceKid1013: Did anyone read that?

  • xzall

    Please stop trotting out he only made plays against back ups since that’s what all the other players who were signed did. They ALL played against back ups which was apparently good enough for most teams.

    He doesn’t need to have a hall of fame career. He just needs to be treated fairly.

    He played well in the preseason so please stop acting like Cowboys is doing some kind of charity. Dallas is in desperate need of defensive help. Because of this he’s bound to see some playing time.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @Saint Law: Don’t care it they did or not honestly but I appreciate you taking time out to mention me.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @xzall: Wait aren’t you the one who said the league was making the Cowboys do this. If a lot of other players who made teams made plays against back up and were cut just like he was how was he not treated fairly. He wasn’t the only person who made plays in the preseason who was cut and not signed to a practice squad seems like he was treated just like them.

  • xzall

    @TriForceKid1013: I think I’ve repeatedly stated this; all the players who made plays like he did, having at least 2 sacs, got signed or with a practice team. When he was in danger of not getting to at least a practice team he was not be treated like all those other players based on the plays he made. There were also several quotes from team officials, who never questioned his ability like you’ve been doing, who think he was a good player, but who said they didn’t want all the publicity.

    The Cowboys needed defense help just like 4 or 5 other teams. But at first they, just like all those other teams, were passing on him. But the team owner is not afraid of publicity put the pressure to look at him. You’ll notice that all reports say that past and present players were actually surveyed first to see how they’d feel if Michael Sam was on the team.

    That’s not normal no matter how you try to spin this. At least though, for Michael Sam’s sake, those players all said the right thing.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @xzall: Right and I stated repeatedly why he wasn’t signed right away but it doesn’t fit what your argument is so you just dismiss it.
    Please do me a favor and look at more than stats they don’t tell the whole story. He’s what’s considered a tweener meaning and a player who is undersized and is not a prototypical linebacker or lineman.
    Also while he has an excellent motor his pass rush skill outside of a nickel package leave a lot to be desired as he doesn’t have a variety of push rush moves outside of the bullrush. He struggles in coverage and therefore can’t stand up to play linebacker to cover tightends that also limits what teams can do with him.
    He also do not play special teams which is what most if not all defensive rookies are asked to do. It was all these factors that went into the decision to cut him and what made other teams hesitant to sign him.
    While you’re praising Dallas remember this with as bad as their defense was and with all the injuries they suffered and players they lost which lead to the amount of help they need they still only signed him to the PS which means what I was saying all along has to be considered he needs to improve before he gets a shot to start on Sundays.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @xzall: I’m welling to bet those other players fall into at least 2 of those categories I mentioned by either playing special teams or have various push rush moves to help them get to qb.

  • Kangol

    I’m glad a team picked him up, so I give props to Dallas for stepping up. I wish he were on the full squad, but this is a start. Congrats, Michael Sam!

  • MphsThomas

    He is just annoying, he and his b/f just crying all damn time like they just won the oscar. He acts like he is the “first” gay everything. As he can see now, can only ride that so far now either show em what you made of or move out of the way…..Now he will probably blame everything on homophobia or racism, well dude you asked for the limelight so enjoy it. Im a gay male and like most of the folks tuning in to you, we just don’t care if you are gay or not and dude you are not the spokes-person for all gay men.

  • ChiChi Man

    Wow. So much hate and jealousy here. Depressing.

    Let’s clear something up: nowhere has Michael Sam claimed to represent gay anything. He has said repeatedly that he came out to be honest about his sexual identity – nothing else. He was offered the Oprah special – which he accepted and then declined to avoid the publicity. As far as I can see, he has conducted himself like any other player in the NFL and should be treated as such.

    But how can any of you claim he’s been treated like every other player when it’s been reported that the Dallas coach called the other players to make sure they were okay with it. Do coaches usually consult the players when choosing players? Uh – no.

    I’m happy he’s signed to another team and hope he gets something of a fair shake in the future.

  • money718

    So, it has come out that the league was calling teams to encourage them to give Sam a shot. That’s not a bad thing.

  • Black Pegasus

    While I am really disappointed that Michael has been reduced to a practice squad position, I’m hopeful that he will soon be granted a Dallas Cowboys Jersey where as his promotion and endorsement deals can began. He still has a chance at a promising career, and I truly wish this young the best.

    And maybe with that $6,300 per week paycheck (and likely endorsements cash), he can buy himself and Vito some new porcelain veneers like the other football wives and their husbands :-)

  • pjm1

    Sam earned his spot on the Cowboys practice squad. Now, time will
    tell if he suits up on game day in the future — i think he will make the grade
    and if/when he does he will have earned that also.

    As for out gay players, I think we need to call on all former league MVPs and super bowl
    MVPs, who are also quarter backs with the Green Bay Packers and whose last name rhymes
    with dodgers, and say, “come out come out where ever you are”. Its about time that a
    rainbow Packer stepped off the conveyer belt and out of the closet.

  • Bob LaBlah

    With the type of macho ranting and raving that goes on in football locker rooms I do see how ALL teams are seeing Michael as more of a liability than an asset. There are problems a plenty that I just don’t think he thought about.

    Michael is a big guy, as are many of the players around him. What happens when a dumb ass hat (who can’t do a damn thing else in life but play football and walk around bragging about all the bitches he sacks) gets with a few more players after a loss and decide start fucking with him and Michael decided he ain’t having none of that shit? A big fight no doubt with injuries, lawsuits…….you name it.

    The NFL just had a situation where a player whom I have no doubt was gay complained about constantly being harrassed by another player and the team did nothing about it. It was revealed that the one who did the harassing was the type who talked constantly about women and damn near everything else a “football” man would do but got no response when he talked to this particular player and that’s what started it.

    With Michael having already told the world he was gay I could see people not wanting to shower…….I am sure you get the picture. Gay marriage not withstanding it is still better to keep people out of your personal life and don’t tell them things they simply do not need to know about you. Strait or gay it is not going to effect your performance if you are good at what you are doing. Tickets are sold because people want to see a good game. They really couldn’t care less about your off field affairs unless it is something that still is not overall accepted by society. And there is where the problem is in this case. He could have had a good career had he simply kept his mouth shut. With a multi-million dollar salary at stake I would have chose to shut up.

  • MarionPaige

    You do have to wonder when not hiding your gayness meant giving national tv interviews and launching PR campaigns “alerting” the world that you’re gay.

    Hopefully, Sam saw the NFL not as a career but as something to use to establish his personal brand. I keep remembering a documentary I saw long ago that “highlighted” what the real life “actual” NFL career turns out to be for most guys, with a whole lot of guys being injured for life and not having a lot of money from being in the NFL to fall back on.

    The documentary I saw may have been titled “Disposable Heroes: The Blood, Guts, and Tears Side of Football”

  • jasentylar

    @TriForceKid1013: First of all, no one is saying that he can’t play. He may not be JJ Watt good or Jadeveon Clowney good or even Demarcus Ware good, but he can help someone. You don’t become the Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year without having some skills. The fact that he wasn’t even allowed to try out for any other roster speaks VOLUMES about the rampant homophobia in the league. He had a horrible combine? Yes. He played exceptionally well against backups? Yes. There were worse players taken ahead of him in the draft that won’t get to play or have criminal charges pending against them and they get to be on a roster. Yet Michael doesn’t? Not even to try out for your team? Blatant homophobia. I am not saying that he deserves a spot, but give the man a chance. His play in the preseason and in the SEC says that he deserves a shot.

  • jasentylar

    @Bob LaBlah: Jonathan Martin does not identify as gay. His sexuality has nothing to do with the harassment scandal. What does is the fact that Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito are both fucking scatterbrains and peas in a pod. They both talked shit on each other. I’ve listened to the tapes. That situation was not about sexuality. It was about respect which was lacking from all individuals involved. Michael Sam and his shower habits..first, no one said that they didn’t want to shower with him (at least not publicly). The ESPN reporter stated that some players observed that he was waiting till after everyone else showered to take his and that he was doing this to keep them comfortable. If this is true, then Michael is perpetuating the exact stereotypes that he rails against. Either way, I am compelled to keep watching. Jackie Robinson was a first. So, is Michael. As a black gay male, I am determined to continue observing his journey.

  • money718

    Good grief. Of course there is homophobia in the NFL. Most of the players come from rural communities, typically in the South and Midwest, where religion is everything.

    So Michael Sam was defensive player of the year in the SEC, so what?? Do you know how many Heisman Trophy winners did not make in the NFL? College awards mean nothing. See Tim Tebow.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @jasentylar: Good for you. I stand by my personal opinion of the black player who complained about the other players harassment. Sometimes you just know who is “family” and who ain’t. Ever wonder about Tyler Perry?

    Again, I rest my case about that ass hat harasser and the person he harassed. We are ALL entitled to our opinions and you and I have expressed ours. Jonathan is what he is in my opinion as is the ass hat harasser.

  • lykeitiz

    @Bob LaBlah: Well……that’s how progress is made! You’re really a forward thinker: Closets for everyone!

  • Cam

    Two quick things,

    1. Every other College Defensive Player of the year went in the first or second round of the draft. Sam went in the 12th. Are you trying to tell me that in JUST that year, the defensive players were so terrible that even the best one goes 11 rounds later than all of the winners before him?

    2. Everybody saying he’s too slow. Funny he sacked the guy twice in the Browns game then isn’t it?

    Dallas needs defense, and becuase of Sam going late they are getting him for a bargain price. I’m thinking he will do well and I will be buying Sam’s Dallas Jersey.

  • money718

    @Cam: Sigh…I wish you people would learn how the NFL works, instead of making these idiotic comments.

  • Cam


    Funny how you can’t point out where my comment was wrong. So nice try. If it was REALLY wrong you would have had no difficulty. Since you can’t……….

  • TriForceKid1013

    @Cam: I’ll point out where you were wrong.
    1 he went in the 7th round.
    2 while he may have been CDPOTY he has a very limit skill set that would translate to the NFL for to come in right away and start.
    Read my previous post to see those reasons Im not typing them again.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @jasentylar: Spare me all that bs about not getting a tryout because of homophobia Im sick of hearing it. The dude has limited skills right now which is all I said. I never said he didn’t deserve a shot but I also don’t believe he needs one handed to him.
    Also can we put this SEC CDPOTY thing to rest by saying this that means nothing in the pros how many Hiesman winners(you know the award given for the best player in all of college football) come into the league and don’t play well or live up to expectations.

  • jd2222248

    This is good news, however, I am a Washington Redskins fan. But I will fight through it to support him. :-)

  • Dxley

    We’ve seen enough of this guy and his whore of a boyfriend.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @jasentylar: @Cam: How many of you people complaining actually watch football or do you only care because it’s a gay player so you feel you have to comment and blame the league.
    Yea Dallas does need help but again if he’s the STARTER they needed he’d be on the active roster now and not the practice squad even the coach said he needs to improve and get better before they call him up to the active roster.
    Look at those plays where he sacked the guy twice and watch the lack of effort by the offensive lineman. Dude can rush the passer but that’s all he can do RIGHT NOW. That’s the reason he was projected to go between the 3-5 rounds before coming out but you guys knew that because you were following him then right.
    If you knew how the draft and football works you’d know it’s a crap shoot where good players can fall to late rounds bad player get drafted high and you find those hidden gems in rounds you never expected.
    Look at A. Morris for the redskins 6 round pick and is the second leading rusher since he’s come into the league. Now look at Sam Bradford Hiesman winner and former number 1 overall pick can’t stay healthy and therefore can’t help his time.
    The NFL is and always will be a business first that’s why they always say it stand for Not For Long.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @jd2222248: Fellow skins fan here too HTTR lol

  • Cam

    @TriForceKid1013: said…

    “@Cam: I’ll point out where you were wrong.
    1 he went in the 7th round.
    2 while he may have been CDPOTY he has a very limit skill set that would translate to the NFL for to come in right away and start.
    Read my previous post to see those reasons Im not typing them again.

    You are absolutely right, it was the 7th round not 12th. I will own that. But what you left out is that BEFORE he came out predictions were that he would be drafted in the 3rd, possibly 4th round, AND previous winners of that award went in the 1st or 2nd round.

  • Cam

    @Dxley: said…

    “We’ve seen enough of this guy and his whore of a boyfriend.”

    Gee, what a shock, one of the defenders of the GOP on here attacks an openly gay athlete.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @Cam: Right but what I’m saying is don’t use just the award as a basis for your argument college awards mean very little when it comes to succeeding in the pros as I stated a couple posts up. You have to look at all the other variables of those players who were drafted how many played the same position while also having the same question marks surrounding their overall game. Also I didn’t leave that out the things about where he was projected it’s in my other post.

  • xzall

    He had a good preseason. Certainly good enough for a practice Squad.

    Players who played worse than him got picked up.

    Players who played worse and played against backs ups got picked.

    The NFL had to step in and remind some of these teams about their need for a player like Michael Sam.

    Before putting Michael Sam on their Practice Squad, the Cowboys actually surveyed players to see if it was ok. Now imagine if they had surveyed players before admitting the first black player, the first hispanic player, the first player before they got on a team.

    You’d have no problem calling that a sign of racism. But for some reason you can’t even admit there’s just a little homophobia going on here?

    If you can’t see that, then no matter how much you claim to be an expert on football, you certainly are a fool when it comes to reading situations and people.

    The NFL is not some utopia. You had one of their top coaches who came outright and said he wouldn’t sign Michael Sam because he’s gay. You had several coaches and scouts who under the cloak of anonymity balked said they wouldn’t take him, again because he’s gay. You had after his preseason, again anonymously, some team officials say they wouldn’t take him because he’d be a distraction, code word for gay.

    What had to happen was pressure had to be placed on the NFL to give Michael Sam a chance and the pressure worked. Good because all anyone wants is for him to be given a chance.

    This is not about showing Michael Sam is an elite player or a mediocre one. This is about showing other future players that they don’t have to hide who they are and to show existing gay players it’s ok to come out of the closet. That’s the bigger picture.

  • TriForceKid1013

    Yes there were players who played worse who got picked but you know what there were also players who played better at their positions that got cut also so you have to take that in account as well. Based on play alone if he was not out or was straight and got cut would anyone care as much?
    Did you think that maybe they polled the players to make sure that if they did bring him in that they were bringing him into a safe environment since some player are indeed homophobic and they may not want to be in the news for that part of the story.
    Even tho it may not look like it I want him to succeed because I hate having the stereotype surrounding us that we can’t play or even like sports because we’re gay. If that means him being cut and working on his all around game to improve so there are no questions and teams don’t have to be pressured to sign him that’s what I want. Do you know how many NFL stars got cut and were working regular jobs when they got a called back to a team(look up Kurt Warner). I don’t want teams to feel pressure to sign him I want them to feel pressure to pay him before he gets signed by another team because he’s that good.

  • Cam

    @TriForceKid1013: said…

    “@Cam: Right but what I’m saying is don’t use just the award as a basis for your argument college awards mean very little when it comes to succeeding in the pros as I stated a couple posts up. ”

    I didn’t, I stated that others who had won the award had gone in the first or second round, and people were predicting he would go in the 3rd round BEFORE he came out.

    I also pointed out that he sacked the guy in Cleveland twice.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @Cam: Again look at the plays he sacked him on look how the lineman who is supposed to be blocking him put up little to no effort. You or I could have sacked him on the play I’m talking about.
    Also I stated you can’t use that award and players who won it as measuring stick for him. Do you know the last time a lineman won the award 2007 and he was a nose tackle not a defensive end.
    Other then that there have only been 2 other lineman to win that award the past 11 years it not like there’s an overwhelming amount of linemen who won it and were top picks.
    That’s why the players who won that award have gone in the top 2 rounds. There was 3 dbs and 4 linebackers. Corners, safeties and linebackers will always trump lineman in a pass happy league because you need guys who can cover.

  • Merv

    I bet he’s hung like a horse. You just know that Vito has the sorest ass in town. He’s probably always saying “Not again. I haven’t recovered from last time.”

  • DarkZephyr

    @Merv: Maybe Vito is the top or they take turns. :D

  • jasentylar

    @money718: Tebow won a playoff game against the top rated defense in the league at the time. Can you find more than 10 quarterbacks in the league that can say that? Tebow got a chance..hell, he was on a roster. Michael Sam isn’t being allowed a chance to tryout. That is not fair.

  • jasentylar

    @TriForceKid1013: And what you’re missing is that the owners don’t feel pressure. They run this fucking league (See Indy Owner and that ridiculous fine or Redskins Dan Snyder for that matter). Even if they did feel pressure, let him try out for your team. He doesn’t have to make the cut. Just a chance or at least the appearance of equal opportunity.

  • jasentylar

    @TriForceKid1013: Lastly asshat, I’ve been a Steelers fan all my life and I watch football religiously. It doesn’t take a diehard fan of the game to see what is going on here. The Rams gave him a chance and he almost made the roster if not for being outperformed by someone that went undrafted. All of that is cool. All the man can do is ask for a chance, but the fact is that his preseason reel was pretty above average. Even though it was against backups, it was something to work with. The fact that NO team (Cowboys don’t count cause we all know why Jerry Jones does anything) looked at that and thought maybe he’d be worth something to us speaks volumes about the owners.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @jasentylar: Seriously it took you 3 days and asshat is the best you could come up with. Bottom line is dude isn’t half as good as everyone wants him to be and only care because he came out. No his preseason tape wasn’t above average people do that every year in the preseason and why not address all my points instead of cherrypicking the preseason stuff explain away him being undersized, weak, and slow. Explain away his combine. You can’t so you just say his preseason was good a lot of players had a good preseason and they are sitting at home. I know owners don’t feel pressure because they are the commissioners boss. Lastly do you know how many teams don’t look at people for whatever reason people get passed over all the time and as far was we know they are straight so spare me all that when are all you going realize he’s just not a great player and stop hiding behind homophobia. Even if it did play a small part in it if you stop listening to what the media says you’d see his play wasn’t that great and we really don’t need to be spending all this time talking about a practice player cause at the end of the day that’s all he is.

  • jasentylar

    @TriForceKid1013: You are completely lost. You must be. You make it sound like the combine is the be all indicator of how you will perform at the next level. It’s not. Tebow had a decent combine. So did Leinart. Not to mention superbowl mvp Malcolm Smith wasn’t even invited to the combine. The combine is OVERRATED. Now, my point is that having a bad combine is not the be all and end all of your career. He had three sacks in the preseason. All star Jason Pierre Paul had none. He said that it doesn’t matter. Not enough reps. Undersized? Mr. Paul is only a few inches taller than Mike and not that many pounds heavier. You make it sound like they got someone Russell Wilson’s size playing DE. So, asshat or asshole, whichever you prefer, when are you gonna get it through your head that this guy just might have something. I never said he was “GREAT” like you insinuated in your previous post. I simply stated that what he has done is worthy of getting a chance. Thats it. A chance.

  • TriForceKid1013

    @jasentylar: Dude you’re hilarious if you think Im an asshole or hat thats Ive been called worse but it shows just how classless you are since I never called anyone a name a was very civil. Last thing Im saying is the preseason is even more overrated than the combine what did he do against the first team hell did he even play against any of them. We all know Percy Harvin was the MVP of that superbowl or the defense as a whole so stop using google and actually use yours eyes. Im not even sure why I wasted my time replying to you again at all slow work day I guess.

  • jasentylar

    Now the preseason is overrated? LMAO. They gauge who will make the team by the preseason. Dude, you have no clue obviously as to what you’re talking about or how to debate for that matter.

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