Doctor Prescribes Heterosexuality

Bible Stethoscope

Going to a doctor’s office can be a pretty stressful experience. Though we don’t really mind standing naked in a cold room while a strange man examines our genitals, we can so do without the pap smears and needle pokes. But what if you go in with a bout of bronchitis and come out with an armload of anti-gay pamphlets?

That’s just what happened to Florida lesbian Jamie Beller. Her doc sent her some lovely Bible literature with such delightful verses as “Sodom and Gomorrah . . . suffer the punishment of eternal fire.”

Like any normal person, Beller went back to bitch out her doc and his staff (twice!), only to find out the man hands out more homo-hating brochures than he does medical prescriptions.

So what does the good old doctor have to say about all of this?

“I really value the doctor-patient relationship.”

Just not if you’re some big fag.

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