Does Drawing A Giant Galactic Space Dick On A Public Bridge Count As a Demonstration?

The Moscow art group The Members of War (aka Voina) have already become infamous for faking gay bashings at local malls and depicting Russia’s federal museum director in an orgy at a national art event. But their latest action — completed early in the morning on Che Guevara’s birthday — really delivered a big “fuck you” to Russian authorities. In just 23 seconds, the group drew a 213-feet-tall, 89-feet-wide “giant galactic space dick” on the famous Foundry Bridge.

When the bridge rose as scheduled, the ginormous cock faced the windows of Federal Security Service building (basically the Russian equivalent of the CIA). Voina’s leader got arrested almost immediately and firefighters eventually blasted the paint off, but not before locals snapped a handful of photos. And while this “art protest” seems more like immature “graffiti vandalism” than anything else, subversion’s cool and huge cartoon penises are funny as balls.

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  • jamison

    with the angling of this bridge a middle finger would have also sufficed.

  • Tallskin

    Hah Hah, I heartily approve!

    Too much fucking respectability in the contemporary gay movement!

    We need more filth. MORE COCKS.

    Why don’t you American gay activists spray paint giant COCKS on the buildings/homes of homophobes??

    Fred Phelps’ home/church for example?

    The side of the fucking Pentagon!

  • reason

    Nothing more then juvenile, it only reinforce the stereotype of gays as nothing more than sex craved moral bankrupt deviants. They did the Moscow bigots a favor, and likely pissed of everyone else; the eight year old girl chimes “what is that mommy.”

  • Tallskin

    Oh fuck off REASON! for god’s sake! You prude. Oh dear, mustn;t let the poor straights think gays have sex. Or, in this case, get fucking angry!

    What is this nonsensical notion that fucking kids have to be ‘protected’ from life?? It’s fucking christian and it’s bollocks. Other cultures have not had this ridiculous notion of keeping kids from seeing cocks, and cunts and adults fucking.

    Kids are not innocent. They’re evil little fucks who bully, who torture small animals, tearing the wings of insects.

    All the more strength to the moscow queers. Good on them.

  • Layla

    Galactic Space Dick is my new favourite term.

  • Justin_Activist

    GetEqual has gone international. Praise the Lord. Or Lords, sorry.

    Get in the streets and start demanding or drawing large penises. When women burned their bras – they won. Activism works. Burn your underwear. Make noise. Irritate and activate support for our cause. Force people to accept us and we own them.

    We will be in charge soon. After HRC runs out of money. Pray for us.

  • reason

    @Tallskin: Wow, must have hit a raw nerve. It is vandalism, it’s disgusting, and someone is going to have to waste there time cleaning it up. Having sex is fine, but I don’t want anyone forcing their escapades into my face. How would you feel if your were bombarded with old granny sex? Maybe I am an old man in a young persons body or instilled with some sort of strange Texas values, it just doesn’t make any since to me. Scrawling obscenities all of the library desk, pissing all over the bathroom, and defacing public property. Why? It shows a blatant disrespect for your neighbor that has to look at it or clean it up. Is a little bit of respect and civility to much to ask for, that is why I get all Nancy Drew over it. People need to show respect if they are going to demand it.

  • Tallskin

    Reason, you’re an idiot. And yes, you did hit a nerve! I’ve had it with muppet queens like you who think that by being oh-so-fucking respectable that the “straights” will not hit us as hard next time!

    Doll, you can crawl on your fucking belly and plead to be liked. But they won’t like you anymore. So, you may as well gain some fucking self-respect and spit back at the bastards. At least get off your fucking belly and fight back!

    And just who said anything about pissing on the bathroom floor? Moron

    I quite specifically said Deface with giant cocks the houses of our enemies which in the US would be the Fred Phelps church/home! Would you think that is bad behaviour? Cos I don’t. Ooo, not respectable! You mustn’t offend Mr Phelps!

    And the Pentagon? Which generals, as far as I understand it, are currently arguing that open gays should be thrown out of the armed forces. But I suppose since you’re busy crawling on your belly, you’re not likely to be open!

    I assume you do understand the Russian context and why this giant cock was sprayed on the bridge and the significance of where it faced?? Don’t tell me you’re not such an ignoramus that you don’t know! Because in the context of Putin’s fascist russia I find such guerilla grafiti very amusing and I support it.

    Now get up off your belly.

  • counterpoll

    @reason: @Tallskin:

    When people with your fancy degrees debate, you use words that I don’t always understand. What I’m hearing is that swearing now replaces proper vocabulary. Is this now chic, à la mode, proper, or acceptable.

    Have we stopped studying Bukharin and Alinsky in the schools?

    My friend, when we were in college, had a can of spray paint and was busy spraying grafitti on the window of a food bank [because she was a vegan and the food bank gave products containing eggs, cheese or meat to hungry people]. I knew deep down she was wrong for doing so, so I grabbed the spray-can from her and used it to make her shoes neon orange. That made me both a performance artist and a reactionary!

    Fast forward 17 years: she is now an optometrist, volunteers at a centre for battered women, and occasionally eats range-fed poultry.

    Get the point?

  • reason

    Just take a deep breath and read the post again, it seems pretty clear what I am saying but I will reiterate it for you. People that are disrespectful to public property are immature and annoying. If you have ever been to a university library you are likely to see fa* scrawled on something, go to a public bathroom piss all over the place, ride into town and see graffiti sprayed on things. Straight people are likely responsible for the majority of it which gets to my point, I don’t care who is doing it gay or straight it is stupid. When one of my straight friends threw their trash on the floor at the theater, I told them to pick it up, it is just common decency.

    Putin is not going to be out on that bridge scrubbing that mess off, it is going to be everyday people gays included wasting their time and societies tax dollars. Putin and Medvedev are living their lives like kings, and I would recommend that the gays over there find ways to improve their lives. Putting that dick on the bridge does absolutely nothing to advance anything.

    Being respectable is not about the magnitude of the next blow, it is about having respect for yourself. As for pleading to be liked, the majority of my friends approached me to become friends, my straight male and female friends love me and I love them to.

    Spraying something on Fred Phelps compound is going to do what? He will probably have some of his lackeys clean it up then use it as a talking point to raise more money at his church. Why burn the time on something utterly worthless? If your going to sue him in court go for it; vandalizing his house just plays into his hand and opens you up to monetary liability or fatal harm. I have guns at my house, I reckon Phelps has some at his and unlike me would likely be overjoyed to use them to do harm.

    Judging by the tone of your post and the ad hominem attacks I guess I must be on your enemies list as well. What ever the case I am not holding it against you.

  • Kenji

    This is so funny! I will add it to the collection on my site – please add others if you come across any

  • declanto

    Don’t tell me size doesn’t count!

  • declanto

    @counterpoll: About “getting the point”…whuh? Are you sugesting we go spraypaint the Voina dayglow orange? To make them do what exactly? When? Do we really get to fast forward 17 years? HUH???

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