Does Drawing A Giant Galactic Space Dick On A Public Bridge Count As a Demonstration?

The Moscow art group The Members of War (aka Voina) have already become infamous for faking gay bashings at local malls and depicting Russia’s federal museum director in an orgy at a national art event. But their latest action — completed early in the morning on Che Guevara’s birthday — really delivered a big “fuck you” to Russian authorities. In just 23 seconds, the group drew a 213-feet-tall, 89-feet-wide “giant galactic space dick” on the famous Foundry Bridge.

When the bridge rose as scheduled, the ginormous cock faced the windows of Federal Security Service building (basically the Russian equivalent of the CIA). Voina’s leader got arrested almost immediately and firefighters eventually blasted the paint off, but not before locals snapped a handful of photos. And while this “art protest” seems more like immature “graffiti vandalism” than anything else, subversion’s cool and huge cartoon penises are funny as balls.