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Don’t Judge Matt Bomer By His Book Cover

THE SHOT — Congratulations to White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, whose cover appearance on 2003’s The Rainbow Boys, by Alex Sanchez, lands him on the Huffington Post‘s list of “great books for gay teens.”

The actor appears as Jason Carrillo, one of the book’s three love triangle characters. (Thanks, Joe!)

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  • Cam

    If you are going to insinuate that he is gay, just come on out and say it. His ex boyfriend, when contacted by the blogs already said, yes they had had a releationship, he wouldn’t go into details and he wishes Matt all the best. So far Bomer hasn’t denyed being gay, but rather played the old “Oh, aren’t these questions silly” game.

  • Cam


    Whoops, shit, sorry Queerty, you have outed him before, I thought I was still on the webpage of a local newspaper. LOL Ignore previous comment.

  • Sam

    Queerty at it again – another stupid old news post. But alas, no matter how many negative q-posts on this man, won’t change the fact that he is incredibly talented, inteligent, charismatic, a wonderful role model, and always a class act, all on top of having one of THE hottest careers in hollywood right now. He’s on everyone producer’s must have list. Other actors should take note on his behavior and appeal, they could learn something.

  • Becca

    Same old tune queerty – looks like your masthead – “free of an agenda” is a farce.He’s gorgeous.

  • sgdLA

    Memo to queerty – his orientation is known to all so I don’t get all these repeated posts? And after all, in show biz, no publicity is bad publicity – so are you actally working for Matt? The buzz around him is enormous and all good. Would be fun to have some juicy speculation on some real bearded, closeted actors – the Zacks’, Latifa, Wil, Morrison, etc.

  • Scotty

    Dreamy and so charitable.Once again he is helping those in need; this time teens going through a tough period in life.This man is the best!

  • Pam

    What was he 15 when picture was taken? Guess he was born beautiful – love him.

  • dvd

    He’s a lot more gay acting in person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Ben

    @ dvd – Actually I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice and once could never tell his orientation unless one was hoping he was oriented a certain way.One thing for sure, wonderful human and twice as stunning in person.

  • Geoff

    @ dvd – aren’t we all.

  • merkin

    I dont care if Matt Bomer is gay or not, but its ridiculous to say he’s out or he’s a role model. I see him quoted in tabloids and magazines at the gym and he plays the pronoun game and dances around the subject–or glaringly omits he’s partnered with a child. That’s a pretty big omission if youre the subject of a profile.

  • Kirk

    Matt Bomer has worked hard for years to get where he is today. He is talented,handsome,dignified, respectful of others, and quite charitable to many including gay charities.He lives in a committed, long term relationship and has never lied nor ‘danced’ around questions.He simply and consistently responds that the he does not talk about his personal life.He is actually quite an excellent role model.We’d all be better off if more performers acted as he does rather than hawk their latest child, relationship (straight or gay), or orientation to sell books, records, and tickets.Nothing worse than a self absorbed actor who peddles their personal lives.More power to Mr. Bomer.

  • Ned

    Funny, I see he and his lovely fmaily out all the time, not sure why anyone would think it’s a secret.It’s interesting how folks that don’t know someone nor have a clue what it’s like to be in show business have so much advice for those that are, and even worse, publish their narrow thoughts on the interent.Maybe we should all live our own lives and respect others to live theirs.I’m sure all here don’t have model lives and certainly no one here has the current success that Matt enjoys.Sadly, success breeds jealousy and no better place for that than queerty where bitter queens with lots of free time reign.

  • Jeffree

    Coming out is a process, not an event.

    In my case: tell a couple friends, then Mom, then Pop, then my girlfriend (oops), then rest of the family.

    Then the circle widens: come out at school, at one of three jobs, the second job, still not the 3rd one.

    It gets wider all the time.

    I don’t know Matt’ reasons for not being “public” but based on what I’ve read, the people who most need to know learn first, the others later.

    Who knows what contracts he signed that may put restrictions on him. That happens. Lots of people are making money from his success, and they dont want their successful heartthrob actor to tank — or their own careers to get side lined. That’s the business.

    Doesn’t make it “right” but that may be how Hollyland works……

  • Rob

    Aside from his obvious talent and looks,Matt is a wonderful person.I cannot wait for him to achieve hollywood A-List status and become our first A-List out-actor.He is well on his way with his talent and class.And no, we currently do not have any.He will be the first and rightfully so.

  • randy

    I know the author of the book. He proudly showed me the proofs from cover that the publisher had just sent him. The publisher was very excited about doing a novel that focused on gay teens and written FOR gay teens. Until then, that hadn’t been done before.

    The publisher thought it important to have the faces of real people on the cover (why, I’ve forgotten, but if I recall correctly, it’s because they really wanted to personalize the characters.) They could have gone with a simple graphic, but they wanted real people.

    Trouble was, they had a very difficult time finding three young men who would pose for a gay teen novel. Back then, it was considered rather risky for your career even to pose for a book cover like this. On top of that, the three each had to personify the characters that they represented in the book. After extensive searching, they landed these three gents.

    So if that is Matt Bomer (and I hope it is), then he really stepped forward for a gig that probably didn’t pay all that much and entailed some degree of risk, even if only perceived as one. Kudos to him.

    The book became a surprise seller, and Alex has written several sequels at the publisher’s behest. Kudos to his literary agent who believed in the importance of the book, and the publisher for taking a real risk on an unknown author and an untested market.

  • Sexy Rexy

    He boring.

  • EdWoody

    I KNEW I knew him from somewhere.

  • Kev

    Look up perfection on the dictionary – there is a picture of Matt Bomer!

  • Jane

    @ #19 Kev – you got that right and perfection has a price.Everyone’s insecurities come out when met with someone of Matt’s looks, talent, good nature, and success.Why else would people make such stupid comments like ‘he’s boring’ or make personal demands of someone they have never met that is a delight when interviewed and lives a model life?Congrats on your success Matt – don’t lose your wonderful ways and turn hollywood on us, we like you the way you are.The negative outliers on queerty are just that, outliers.

  • lookyloo

    I don’t know why people think gay actors have to announce it in some ‘magazine cover’ kind of way. From what I gather, Matt lives his life openly.

  • PeterP

    @ #21 lookyloo – Agreed – usually it’s the desperate entertainers wth failing careers or peddling books/records or in need of reinvention.Obviously Matt is one of the hottest properties in the business right now and will be for a long time.I actually like the way he approaches it.Matt is totally out, proud, yet private.He doesn’t let it define him – I love that.Remember folks, being gay is ‘what’ we are physically, not ‘who’ we are.So many fall into that trap, some of my friends included.Besides, nothing worse than a preachy out person making demands of others.

  • Cam

    No. 13 · Ned
    Funny, I see he and his lovely fmaily out all the time, not sure why anyone would think it’s a secret.It’s interesting how folks that don’t know someone nor have a clue what it’s like to be in show business have so much advice for those that are, and even worse, publish their narrow thoughts on the interent.

    What an interesting way to defend the closet…..because we apparently don’t know what it’s like. yeah, you’re right, NOBODY on here knows what it’s like to be closeted in a less than supportive environment. (Eye role)

  • John K

    Why does anyone think Matt is in the closet – unless you live under a rock or something?Married to partner, kids, wedding ring, hollywood events/gay events/charities/gay charities.I assume to satisfy the queerty regular multi-commenters he needs to make some grandiose announcement to prove he’s out.Not necessary for his millions of fans including gay fans – we love the lovely Bomer just the way he is as someone mentioned above.Congrats on your success Matt, you deserve it; continue to ignore the ‘noise’ of lame sites like this.

  • Marcus


    If he lives so openly, then he should have no problem saying he’s raising three children. I know of no one who lives ‘openly’ and doesn’t let it be known they are raising THREE kids. THREE. But it’s his life and he can make his own decisions.


    So if he comes out, he’ll be seen as ‘preachy’?

  • Brad

    blah, blah, blah, blah – the usual queerty rants are so tiresome. he lives his life openly from what most reasonable people see, especially if you live in nyc or la and get out on the town. i guess to some small town folk it might appear otherwise. but franky, none of our opinions really matter as his life is his own business, not ours.

  • Cam

    I always get tired of whatever fans a celeb has trying to come in here and yelling at us that “So and so lives openly”. Oh please, actors have been playing that game for years. All of Rock Hudson’s close friends knew he was gay, just because somebody isn’t hiding a partner from their friends, doesn’t mean they are “Open” about it.

    Anyway, this discussion is now a moot point. If he wasn’t publicly out before today, he sure is now…

  • Pat

    @CAM – Matt’s been out for years. Wow you think that troll Perez is reliable news source – tragic. Perez is like the loser kid in school no one liked and always made fun of – now he has to get back at the beautiful people – again tragic.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Pat: If Matt has been out for years, why don’t we know more about his partner and kids?

  • Lance

    Name how many children and names of Matt Damon or any other actor other than those that shamelessly promote like Jolie/Cruise, etc. BTW – I have alife size picture of what sexy rexy looks like who spends all his time on queerty; likely not so sexy.

  • RickyRicardo

    @Kirk: He is a coward, plain and simple.

  • Deb

    Matt Bomer has something magical about him – sheer perfection.

  • Alexin212

    I’m a 24 year old out and proud gay man. I wish I had more gay role models like Matt compared to some of the pitiful ones that are in the news from time to time.Typical men here bitching on him jealous of his looks and success.They are the true cowards lobbing anonymous insults hiding behind their laptops.

  • Harry

    Queens and their need to label – lol.Matt is a model human being by any standard and quite refreshing cmopared to his hollywood contemporaries.

  • Cam

    @Pat: said..

    “No. 28 · Pat
    @CAM – Matt’s been out for years. Wow you think that troll Perez is reliable news source – tragic.”

    So you consider that being out is to hide your relationship, the fact that you have kids, to present the image that you are single and straight to the world?

    Apparently we have a different definition of the word “Out”.

  • Cam

    And sorry, but the little Hollywood trolls coming in here. Whatever the gay equivilant is to an Uncle are it.

  • one more time

    @John K: Matt is in the closet. Anderson is in the closet. Jodie is in the closet.

    Gays who hide their sexuality are not out.

  • Cliff LA

    Matt’s an amazing role model and human being.Most people here are clueless as to what he does for our gay community without expecting or given credit, but he prefers it that way.His detractors are such a minuscule minority, they really don’t matter – I don’t think there is an actor in the business that has garnered as much attention and fan base in such a short period of time as Matt, largely based on how he carries himself and acts which is class all the way.Everyone knows his true story and no one really cares – he will be the one to break the old hollywood rules, just give it a little time.

  • simple

    @Cliff LA: I believe you about Matt being a good man, but closeted actors aren’t gay role models.

    BTW, I understand why he isn’t out and I don’t blame him.

  • Cliff LA

    @simple – thanks good point, however, I didn’t specify ‘gay’ role model. He is a great ‘human’ role model. I don’t think Matt will ever let being gay define ‘who’ he is since, after all, it’s ‘what’ he is physically. As mentioned elsewhere, too many fall into that trap, a few of my friends included. Thankfully I avoided that pitfall as well.

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