Language of lqqks

Don’t speak Thai? You’ll still catch every beat of this insane “Drag Race: Thailand” preview

Boil Drag Race down to its essence and stuck to the bottom of your pot will be toots, boots, subtle shade, not-so-subtle shade, and the pit crew, begging to be taken off the stove. Which you should do because it’s kind of a cruel scenario.

Which is to say, even if you don’t speak a word of Thai, this preview for RuPaul’s Drag Race Thailand should make perfect sense if you’re fluent in Drag Race.

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We’re still looking forward to a version with subtitles, but this will certainly do for now:

Drag Race

Oh My God… ???????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????? ???????? 15 ???????? 2 ???? ??? #LINETV ??? #DragRaceTH Debut Season ?????????

Posted by Drag Race Thailand on Friday, February 2, 2018