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DOSSIER: Illinois’ Gay Marriage Law a Ploy? … Delays By ELCA? … Straight Muslim’s Gay Movie Gig

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.


• When Illinois State Senator Heather Steans introduced same-sex marriage legislation, we all cheered. But was it just a political ploy?

• Mario Lopez’s birthday cake has a shirtless picture of Mario Lopez on it.

This is a very long-winded (from N+1, of course) conversation that tangles the women’s movement and abortion rights with the gay movement and marriage rights. And somehow, it all gels, but it’s a lot to get through.

• Maine’s lawyers team up to fight anti-gay misinformation.

• Are Lutheran bishops delaying the implementation of new clergy rules concerning “practicing homosexuals”?

• Russia has four months to explain why it keeps banning gay pride.

• What do Andrew Sullivan and Westboro’s Fred Phelps have in common? Conspiracy theories about why Obama is talking to the gays.


• Did the Gay Games select Cleveland precisely because it’s not such a progressive place?

• Actor Said Mohamed, an Somali refugee and a Muslim, is delighted about his new movie role: a gay Somalian.

Guess who’s partycrashing HRC’s dinner?

• The American Family Association claims 500,000 people have signed on to its Boycott Pepsi (because Pepsi loves the gays) petition, which launched in January.

Anderson Cooper, Shep Smith, and now Brian Kilmeade hit the bear beat.

• Britain’s conservative Tories threw their first-ever gay pride party last night, where “Conservative cocktails” were served. Hah!

• If you’re heading to the National Equality March this weekend, you better know your D.C. gays.

• The Washington Blade is celebrating 40 years of not closing down.

• Lt. Dan Choi hits up the University of Utah.

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