dr.a.g.: The Ultimate Drag Queen Coffee Table Photo Book

Dr.A.G the book 3D Cover

Actor and author Christopher Logan launched the ‘dr.a.g.’ book last year, but the project stalled when his original publisher fell into bankruptcy. Logan believed in the project, garnered a loan, and kept the existing distribution contracts. The dr.a.g. book relaunches in major bookstores in Canada and the U.S this Summer.

The ‘Bookthefilm Edition’ features all the glam of the original, with an additional 20 pages of new faces and photos. Everyone from Frank Marino, Chad Michaels and Joey Arias to Courtney Act, Yara Sofia and Jim Bailey grace the book. Additionally, several portraits from noteworthy drag queen photographers are included in this book, including Magnus Hastings, Austin Young and more. It’s truly a celebration. A positive and uplifting book on the art and diversity of drag.

Logan is bringing back the glamour with photography books. In a world when the printed word is easily downloaded, the book that survives is the photo book. “You just cannot experience the vibrancy of these photographs online. They are meant for the printed page,” says Logan.

Following ‘dr.a.g.,’ will be the second in the series next Spring: ‘Burlesque.’ “It’s usually Ladies first”, says Logan. “This time we let the men take the lead, but the women are definitely going to give them a run for their money.”

Bookthefilm is bringing glamour to the table and publishing books that do what coffee table books are meant to: Start Conversation.

To be a part of the conversation, check out the glamour of ‘dr.a.g.’ at your local bookstore or order direct at www.bookthefilm.com.

DRAG HERSTORY LESSON: For those of you who may be unaware, the word drag is in fact an acronym that stand for “dress as girl,” which was used by Shakespeare when only men were allowed to perform in stage productions.

Here are some preview images from the book, provided to us exclusively by Christopher Logan, the creative director behind the book:

Dr.A.G the book Larry Edwards Dr.A.G the book Morgan McMichaels Dr.A.G the book Dixie Longate Dr.A.G the book Chad Michaels Dr.A.G the book Raja Dr.A.G the book Courtney Act

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