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  • gauty

    Wow, I may be biased because I’m already a fan, but Monsoon is a FLAWLESS BABE. DAMN. The other ladies all look good I must say, even Coco who I loathe, but the irony is that Jinkx blows all these scarecrows away with her GLAMOUR, while that was always the one critique she always got on the show. I feel so vindicated lol

  • tookietookie

    Roxxy – Impressive transformation.
    Honey – Best dress. Love it.
    Jinkx – Very pretty and cool gloves.

  • SamiJ

    Most of them look pretty fantastic. Even the ones I don’t like. The comparison is a little unfortunate for Serena ChaCha – that face is *busted*. I know she only lasted two episodes on Drag Race, but couldn’t she have learned *something* about makeup in that time?

  • Boricuaex

    Honestly, I’m not a hater but Roxxy Andrews does not look spectacular and it seems like she needs to go on a diet. I just don’t know why that outfit doesn’t work on her.

    Coco Montrese looks cute! Jinx, Raja, Alaska and Chad Michaels look f**kin’ AMAZING!! Jinx has that million dollar smile! I really peg her to win Drag Race!

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