Drag Queens Officially Banned From Gay Pride Event For Being “Offensive”

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The PC police have landed and this time they have their sights set on drag queens.

Organizers of Free Pride Glasgow, which bills itself as the “anti-commercialist” alternative to the main Glasgow Pride festival, just announced that drag queens are officially banned from performing at their event next month because they “offensive,” not “appropriate,” and may make some trans people feel “uncomfortable.”

In a statement, organizers said: “After much discussion, the trans and non binary caucus decided not to have drag acts perform at the event. This does not mean that people of any gender can’t wear what they want to the event, we simply won’t be having any self-described drag acts perform at our Free Pride Event on the 22nd August.”

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The statement continued: “The decision was taken by transgender individuals who were uncomfortable with having drag performances at the event. It was felt that it would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable.”

The organization went on to say drag queens make gender “into a joke” and that “transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

“This can particularly difficult for those who are not out and still present as the gender they were assigned at birth,” organizers said.

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In a response to the ban, Pride Glasgow released its own statement, calling the ban “wrong” and “going against what an inclusive event should be about.”

“Pride Glasgow believes that any community group should be given their place to flourish,” the statement said, “but that success should not be built on the negativity and ignorance towards other events, groups and like minded people and we are saddened to see that this is the direction that Free Pride has chosen to take.”

What do you think? Are drag queens transphobic? Should they be banned from Pride events? Sounds off in comments.