Should We Ban Drag Queens From Pride Because They’re Misogynist And Transphobic?

Drag queens – homosexuals dressed as women – and drag kings, women dressed as men, performing as stereotypical crossdressers promote, foster and reinforce the belief among the audience that any bloke in a frock must be a homosexual.

The council needs to prevent anything that reinforces out-of-date stereotyping.

If these people are allowed to perform in the town in the Pride, they must have a prominent sign stating ‘We are homosexual men – not transexuals.’

– 64-year-old trans-woman Rose White in a letter asking Calderdale’s Pride festival to ban drag acts or publish a disclaimer about them. Pride organizer Matt Gosridge responded: “We wouldn’t ever want to attempt to restrict or control in any way the people that attend the event. Calderdale Pride is all about inclusivity and freedom of expression.”