"Girls" Works It Down Under

Drag Queens Take, Rule Sydney!

The ladies were out in full force at last night’s Drag Industry Variety Awards in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1991, the annual event honors the “unsung” heroes of the drag community, like this bitch, Tina Fanning. You better recognize!

Now, we’ve seen some decked out drag queens in our day, but ain’t nothing compared to the Aussies. These bitches get in…to..it! Check out some more of the divas, after the jump. And, yes, we’ve included a list of their – er- imaginative monikers.

Penny Deuce, Michelle La More and Bonnie, Miss Im A Star, Polly Petrie, Veronica Wylde, Beverley Buttercup and Marcia Monterey, Shirley Legs Diamond and Cameron, Cindy Pastel, Benita Devito, Cursed and Damned, Candy Box, Vanity Faire, Penny Dee, Miss Tiffany, Moored Boat, Claire De Lune, Carmen Get It, Charisma Belle, Vendor Machine, Chelsea Bunn, Penny Tration.