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The Dark Side of Love

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This 1985 Italian film tells the story of a businesswoman who tries in vain to dodge her hot brother’s incestuous advances. Girl, we’d have problems too if our sibling was that hot. Several queer characters round out the twisted plot.



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  • MikeE

    I FAR preferred “Mirror, Mirror” over SWatH. It was very funny, and very inventive.

    And the worst part is, I was VERY much looking forward to SWatH. It was one of my “must see” films for 2012. What a let-down.

    SWatH took itself so seriously that it was impossible to forget you were watching a film.

    Hemsworth was, as usual, his gorgeous hunky self, but given absolutely nothing to work with he came across as just an extra chewing on scenery.

    Kristen Stewart was INCREDIBLY bad in this film. She clearly demonstrated that her vacant stare, her lip-chewing, her wooden delivery, are all part and parcel of her “acting talent”. She proved, without a doubt, that “Twilight” was no accident. She’s an awful actress.

    Sam Claflin, as the love-struck prince (or duke, or whatever title they gave him) had some great scenes, in particular this film’s take on the poisoned apple scene. But again, poorly used overall.

    And while everyone is raving about Charleze Theron’s performance, well, when you’re surrounded by lackluster performances of epic magnitude like Stewart’s, well, it’s easy to shine. She’s given lots of great scenery to chew on, which she proceeds to devour with gusto. But grand-standing in an already outrageous role is not, in my opinion, a sign of great acting skill.

    This film could have, and probably should have, been re-titled as “Ravena: the Wicked Stepmother” and had the script changed to make it REALLY all about her. It would have been far more interesting. As it is, we get hints and coy suggestions, about WHY Ravena is the way she is, with no real resolution to that aspect of the story.

    Also, the scriptwriters felt the need to include some oblique references and inferences that there was some sort of love triangle between Bella, the Huntsman and the Prince… and they did nothing with it. Maybe she’s just too much into sparkly vampires and half-naked werepuppies? Oh right! She’s into married directors.

    I know my review is harsh.
    But this film had SO much promise, and I was so disappointed to have KStew prove, undeniably, that she is a pathetic actress, that I just cannot recommend it.

    The trailer shows you some of what promised to be some AWESOME visuals… but the trailer showed you ALL of those scenes. honestly, there’s nothing else in the movie. It’s all dull and lackluster. It comes across like some low budget historical drama.

  • Cam

    I would have gone to see Huntsman, because I thought Kristen Stewart may have been a vacant slack jawed character in “Twilight” becauase maybe it was written that way or the director wanted it that way.

    I saw a different movie on HBO with her…..and she was exactly the same.

    My question is this…..she is a fairly attractive woman, but not stunningly so, and she isn’t talented….so how is she getting all these parts? Is she somebody’s girlfriend or does she have a wealthy grandmother who is a large stockholder in a studio or something?!?!

  • Pix

    Your review was harsh but fair. My sentiments are the same, down to really looking forward to this movie and being so disappointed for the same reasons.

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