Earl Nixes Gay Nups At Castle

The States aren’t the only gay marriage battleground. Britain’s Earl of Devon is getting reamed by gays after refusing to lease his historic castle for a gay wedding…

The 18th Earl, the master of Powderham Castle which is one of the oldest family houses in England, refused a request from two men to conduct their marriage ceremony behind his battlements.

Lord Devon, whose family motto is Floret Virtus Vulnerata which translates roughly as “Virtue Flourishes (although) Wounded”, said: “I am a Christian and therefore it [homosexuality] is objectionable to my Christian religion.”

And, for his refusal, the anti-gay Lord can not hold any civil ceremonies on his grounds. Taken together, these moves will cost him more than just a popularity contest. Not only will the Earl miss out on about £200,000 in revenue, but now the treasury may look into revoking his inheritance tax exemption, which is contingent on the castle being open to the public.

Boy, being righteous sure can get costly!