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Elena Kagan’s Friends Out Her. As Straight

Friends of Elena Kagan, on the record, insisting she is straight? That should put the story to bed! Especially when those friends are Eliot Spitzer.

“I did not go out with her, but other guys did,” says the former New York governor. “I don’t think it is my place to say more.” But wait, there’s more!

“I’ve known her for most of her adult life and I know she’s straight,” said Sarah Walzer, Kagan’s roommate in law school and a close friend since then. “She dated men when we were in law school, we talked about men — who in our class was cute, who she would like to date, all of those things. She definitely dated when she was in D.C. after law school, when she was in Chicago – and she just didn’t find the right person.”

Walzer, half amused and half appalled to be discussing her friend’s sexual orientation, agreed to be interviewed after Kagan’s supporters decided they should tactfully put an end to the rumor, which White House officials had already tried to squelch in background interviews with reporters. She said she decided to talk to POLITICO because the discussion of Kagan’s personal life has become a “distraction.”

But you know what they say: Whatever experimenting one does at Harvard, stays at Harvard.

So how come Kagan didn’t end up in a serious relationship? It wasn’t that she’s too dykey. It’s that she’s too smart.

Walzer recalled “discussion about who she might be interested in – the usual girl talk stuff– talk about how to get his attention.”

This was “less along the lines of how to wear your hair,” Walzer said, than how to avoid intimidating men with an intellect and confidence that weren’t always seen as attractive traits. “It’s an ongoing challenge for very smart women – there are not very many men who would choose women who are smarter than they are,” said Walzer .

And yet, so many always do.

[Politico; photo via WSJ, which had no idea a photo of Kagan playing softball would push a rumor]