Yuck It Up In NYC

Ellen and Hill Hanging Out!

Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres got an escort through New York this morning after filming the season premiere for season five of Ellen’s eponymous talk show. And they made quite an impression.

Even earlier in the day, Ms. D popped over to NBC’s Today to make a big announcement:

I’m going to run for president. This is my announcement I decided right now I’m going to run for president, and I stand for joy and laughter for all. If you’re not for joy and laughter, I’m not your girl.

Can you imagine if Ellen and Hillary ran together? The lesbians would go ape shit.

Meanwhile, Ellen also informed us that her next season will be dedicated to Merv Griffin. We’re sure the closeted game show guru’s thrilled to have a lesbian chat fest in his honor.


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  • ProfessorVP

    If Hillary Clinton got a handwritten letter from God Himself saying she could not win the election in 2008, she would still run. Democratic Party down the toilet? Who cares.

    This Marriage Expert says it’s only between a man and a woman. Yeah, and an intern, a lounge singer, a secretary, a former Miss USA, the server at Applebee’s, the cashier at Home Depot, ad finitum. I certainly won’t vote for a Republican, but I’ll drink my own piss before I vote for this fraud with the widest stance since Larry Craig.

  • WWH

    Hillary looks preggers.

  • hisurfer

    I think they make a hot couple.

    Hillary as President, Ellen as First Lady? That would make me oh so very happy.

  • blackiemiko

    she doesn’t look pregnant you buffon.

  • WWH

    Buffoon (note spelling)?? Way to end my week! HA!

  • Mr. B

    Heh, yeah, they are kind of adorable together. I love how they stand out from all the New York dark suits in this photo. It’s like they have their own soundtrack.

  • WWH

    She also looks like she’s praying (as if!)

  • blackiemiko

    haha so I spelled buffoon wrong. Sorry, long day. I must credit Hillary on her lightening up and getting away from those awful pastel colored pantsuits. She looks really nice.

  • afrolito

    I heart Hillary, and think she’ll make a good president.

  • ProfessorVP

    This harridan is 1) against same-sex marriage, 2) still FOR the Defense of Marriage Act, 3) for an indefinite military presense in Iraq. How do I know this? Because she said it.

    But enough of that nonsense. The important thing is her wardrobe is too Spring-like so close to Labor day, and her wide belt calls attention to her tum-tum.

    (And some folks think gay men are silly and frivolous!)

  • kellygrrrl

    so were they at an ugly shirt contest?
    Looks like Hillary just won.
    It’s a close call, though

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