Ellen DeGeneres, Evidently, Thinks She Can Dance

It wasn’t the most difficult choreography, but there was the now-former American Idol judge on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance as the show crowned its winner. What’s funny is, no matter who wins this show, none of their talent will ever make them more famous than whatever it is that Ellen does at the beginning of her shows. [via]

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    Ellen I love you, but step away from the reality showse.. :p

    PS: First Billy Bell got jetted from the show because middle America could not bring itself to vote for a Gay dancer who chose not to hide who he was………and last nite Kent lost to Lauren…….*Boo Hiss*

  • Jeffree

    As much as I appreciate Ellen and all she has done for the GLB world, the woman can’t dance. She’s enthusiastic, but she’s awkward. Her arms, hip & legs are not moving to the same tune.

    As we say where I’m from “Bless her for trying” (we actually skip that final “g”).

    In the early days of her show the first four minutes of the show were always taken up with her prancing through the crowd. She has seen fit to get that down to a couple minutes at most.

    Ellen needs to focus on what she does best: Talk, interview, advocate. She doesn’t need more than one show.

    @ Plays Well: Fancy seeing you at a gin joint like this in such a backwater town! // I hope u & yours are keeping well. “Don’t be a stranger” — lol

  • boo radley


    Honestly, Lauren is a more talented dancer, and she definitely deserved to win. Kent is very good, as well, but he just couldn’t pull off ballroom and hip hop the way Lauren could.

    That being said, the one who really deserved to win was Alex Wong. Damn was he good.

  • Shade

    She was faboo… stop hating y’all.


    @boo radley: Boo….you may be right but I am crushin’ pretty severly on Kent, maybe its clouding my judgement…….. Agree, I would have really liked a final three of Kent, Billy, and Alex. I would say Alex can’t get a break on that show but that would be kinda sorta wrong…….(2 seasons 2 injuries) :p

    @Jeffree: J……we keep cyberstrollin’ ova to Queerty Street at different times lately.. :(

  • Sarah

    …I am aroused.

  • Mark in NJ

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Billy Bell failed to live up to his expectations and didn’t really bring it. He didn’t commit to the competition. Each week is like being in the bottom of the ninth of the world series and if the docs say you are ok, you HAVE TO GO IN. Especially since the routine he skipped, the stepping number, was a real break out moment for Kent.

    Lauren was definitely the best dancer the night of the final. She is a gay man’s fantasy. A woman who can dance like a woman, or a man. I couldn’t decide whether I’d rather be her doing that routine with Pasha or Pasha doing that routine with her.

    As for middle America, they probably think all contemporary male dancers are gay

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