Class act

Ellen trolls handsome English teacher who trolled his class (in the gayest possible way)

You almost definitely remember Joe Dombrowski, the openly gay teacher in Royal Oak, Michigan who decided to treat his class to an early April Fool’s Day gag.

During an impromptu spelling quiz, Dombrowski included completely made-up words, taken in part from RuPaul‘s Drag Race.

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Case in point: “Ro-laska-tox,” which left the class collectively scratching their heads, especially after he used it in a sentence:

“Ro-laska-tox were surprised when Jinkx took the crown. If you didn’t get the hypens, I’m sorry — you did not get the word.”

Once his pupils were sufficiently mystified, he revealed it was all a delicious game; a romp; an April Fool’s gag.

Well, Ellen was clearly quite tickled by all this mischief, so she invited him onto her show to give him a taste of his own medicine: a spelling bee and a few scurrilous surprises.

Take a look: