English Evangelicals Come Out Against Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams faced fresh – and familiar – criticism over the American Episcopal’s gay restraint. Williams, who’s the spiritual leader of the international Anglican communion, refuses to come out against the American branch’s decision.

Following in the footsteps of anti-gay Nigerian archbishop Peter Akinola, The Church of England’s Evangelicals said they’ll boycott next year’s Lambeth Conference, an invite only meeting describes as the “mind of the communion”:

The Archbishop of Canterbury faced further pressure over gay priests yesterday when the Church of England’s largest conservative grouping urged English bishops to boycott next year’s Lambeth Conference over the issue.

The Church of England Evangelical Council, which represents up to a quarter of the Church’s clergy, told Dr Rowan Williams that the liberal American bishops had torn the worldwide Church “almost beyond repair”.

The Council, whose president is the Bishop of Lewes, the Rt Rev Wallace Benn, said it supported those English bishops who are already intending to avoid the ten-yearly gathering of Anglican bishops if the liberal Americans attend.

The Bishop of Rochester also said he’ll boycott if Williams doesn’t take a harsher stand against the gays.