ESPN Apologizes For Anti-Gay Commentary After Jason Collins’ Coming Out

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 2.54.45 PMThe internet exploded yesterday with overwhelming support for Jason Collins, the NBA player that came out in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. The announcement made him the first openly gay athlete in a major American team sport, and probably the first gay dude to get a congratulatory “coming out” call from Barack Obama.

Seeing an opportunity to stir up some unnecessary shit, ESPN invited anti-gay staff reporter Chris Broussard to weigh in with some religious commentary on Outside the Lines yesterday afternoon.

According to Broussard, you cannot “live an openly homosexual lifestyle [or have] pre-marital sex between heterosexuals…the Bible says that’s a sin.” He continued, “I believe that’s an open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ.”

ESPN was quick to issue an apology on behalf of Broussard on Monday night:

“We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement.”

Still, no apology from Broussard.

Should ESPN force their reporters to apologize for insensitive comments made on national television (as they’ve done in the past), or protect Broussard’s not-so-kosher opinion?

Either way, they should definitely think about getting him into some public speaking classes.

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  • livefierce

    An open rebellion against God? No, just against your narrow, close-minded point of view. Looking forward to never hearing from you again.

  • MikeE

    His job is to report, not to editorialize.
    He should keep his christian shit at home, where it belongs.

  • lab

    “an open rebellion against god” is a “respectful discussion”…wow maybe CNN’s editors should start doing the job they are paid for

  • Ottoman

    The Bible says I can beat my slaves. As long as I don’t kill them.

  • tardis

    Lets not be hating on him for his views. They’re bigoted as hell, but this is part of opening a discussion. This issue isn’t real to some people. All their understanding comes from thoughts and feelings that manifest into bigoted notions that they assume are fact. It all changes, as we’ve seen time and time again, when the word gay gets a face attached to the issue.

  • DivotMan

    He was on espn in an earlier SportsCenter segment before he made those comments. In that interview, he said Jason Collins wasn’t any good as a player anyway. I could already sense his dislike for Collins before these remarks later in the day. ESPN knew he would say something insensitive because he has a history of this type of bigotry before.

  • hf2hvit

    Crucify him upside down on an ant hill while a 5 gallon sugar water enema dribbles out of his ass

  • miagoodguy

    He has nothing to apologize for. It is his religious belief and he is entitled to it. Now you can call him out on it, but if you had to apologize every time your belief/opinion offended someone, you’d be doing nothing with your life but apologizing.

  • dugout

    Why did he apologize? Isn’t he supposed to be a mighty Christian father figure working on Dominionism for the NBA? He’s supposed to martyr himself so he can tour megachurches for “straight pride”. I mean right? He’s got something underhanded coming up. Good thing it’s just meaningless xtian bible apologism from now on.

    If it’s this clear how the far right in many denominations jacked the left using this crap theology around the time of Reagan, (*cough* vatican what? cough*)does anyone wonder if they’re gonna go home and actually read a bible and kick out the Sophist American Christian losers? Sometimes I get pissed watching neighbors stumble around getting taken advantage of, but then who listens to a homo?


  • Jayson

    I’d love to meet this GOD that everyone is so quick to speak on behalf of!

  • Kieran

    If he wants to preach the Bible on TV let him start by throwing stones at people who are divorced, adulterers, people who have sex outside marriage, people who gossip, people who judge others, and people who commit abominations by eating ham and lobster.

  • singforfood

    At least he called out the hypocritical straight people while he was at it.

  • balehead

    This guy probably likes a good hole stretchin….major gayface by the way!

  • balehead

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this guy….Everybody at the gym was actually laughing at this guy on the tv…and it’s a pretty straight gym!….

  • Charli Girl

    Although you ARE probably right,SOME OF US ARE JUST SICK AND TIRED OF BEING PASSIVE!!!!
    Enough already!!!These fools ARE losing and just need to STFU!!!!!

  • Charli Girl

    All the bigots were on the band wagon UNTIL he called them out TOO!!
    That guys funny…he stepped in it when he said that about premarital sex…bigots didn’t like that one…

  • Taliaferro

    Prior to the Civil War, the Bible was used to justify slavery. This individual would have been considered property and would never have dared speak out against anyone or any thing. Futhermore, what he was doing was not reporting, it was acting as a pundit – and an ignorant and intolerant one at that. ESPN made a mistake in allowing him to broadcast hate speech – which is what it was, and they apologized. If they really want to rectify matters, they can tell him to do so as well or never be broadcast again. It is 2013, people. Marriage Equality exists in several states and protection of our rights in more, and until we all stand up and say, “Enough!” cretins such as this will defame us.

  • 2eo

    Why is it that every good, moral and intelligent person is sent to hell, I can’t wait to get there myself if it exists [it doesn’t] imagine the awesome dinner parties and conversations with all the good and smart people from history.

    Considering the people who’ve crusaded for christianity to get into heaven I’d rather have cancer until the end of time than pay a visit to that sickening white shitfortress.

  • Olivia

    Oh, I have little doubt that you’ll eventually get your wish.

  • Scott Rose

    Here’s how to think about this; if a Muslim basketball player went on the TV and said that Allah has damned the United States, what would happen? There is no religious test to be in the NBA; there are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, atheist et cetera players. For Broussard to voice heterosupremacist theocRAT bigotry as though it were at all relevant to anything except to insulting a gay player who had just come out, is nonsense. There is no such thing as a “respectful discussion” of whether gays should be viewed as inferior. Call ESPN and tell them that this has left a bitter taste in your mouth about their brand:


    Like many others you to can get fucked! Chris Broussard. No one in my family 8 in all will ever buy your fucking ESPN magazine!. Shove it up your fucking ass. AdamHomo

  • Ogre Magi

    This is exactly what you should expect from Christians

  • doug105

    @dugout: ESPN was quick to issue an apology on behalf of Broussard on Monday night:

    Still, no apology from Broussard.

  • Dionte

    @Jayson: You never had an imaginary friend?

  • jvp3299

    This guy did not apologize and he stands by his comments. ESPN apologized. Again for all those who accept his comments. If he had said the same about women, blacks, Hispanics, etc. we would not be having this conversation. The same bible verses that say Homos are going to hell says that if you wear clothes of mixed fabric, you should be stoned. You must sell your daughter for a fair price. If a woman prays with her head uncovered, she is an abomination. Etc. The same bible says judge not because you will be judged. The bible says so many contradictory things. Christians just pick and chose what they think is the truth… If the show is an editorial, then he has done nothing wrong in voicing his opinion. If it is news, than he has not place voicing his opinion.

  • DonW

    I’m uneasy about how quickly we come down on people who express anti-gay views and try to get them fired or shut down. We are playing right into the Christians-as-victims complex that homophobes love to claim.

    Unless they are inciting violence, let them speak their piece, engage and correct them when possible, demand fair time for a response, and let them hang themselves with how ridiculous they sound. Trying to shut them up is only going to harden their resolve and make them martyrs.

    A side note to Queerty: if you think the Internet “exploded with overwhelming support” for Collins, you might try looking at the vile reader comments on the ESPN site, for example. But once again, I’m in favor of responding to ignorant posts, with patience and reason, rather than getting moderators to delete them (unless they are truly offensive). We won’t change the minds of the worst bigots, but there are still a lot of fence-sitters who are open to being convinced.

  • BlogZilla

    No one should give a hooty-tooty flying fuck what the bible says. The bible was written by men over a couple of millenia ago. And we are supposed to believe that during all that time nothing has gotten lost in translation?? Yeah, whatever

    The bible also says I can have slaves and kill them, or make heinous offerings of sacrifice.

    I hate these psychotic Christians, such as this dweeb spoutin’ his ignorance and bigotry

    Straight people can and DO have just as nasty sex as gay people do. And all I have to do is walk down the street and count the plethora of straight couples co-habiting. Marriage is not for everyone and is a big mistake for many.

    How sad it is the year 2013 and people in the USA are still shocked if someone is homo. (Rolls eyes) It’s ridiculous and embarrassing.

  • cooper12

    Is this the same bible and God that says it is OK to beat your slave as long as you don’t kill it! Love how these bible thumbing nut bags pick and chose that they want to believe it.

  • Roger

    ESPN: I will no longer watch anything that Broussard is involved with. I encourage other people to do the same.

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