Evangelical Taxidermist Sues For Right To Hand Out Bibles At MN Pride Parade

Brian Johnson, an especially zealous evangelical who has made it his business to hand out bibles at Minnesota’s Twin Cities Pride Parade since 1995, is suing for the right to do so after parade organizers have cut him off.

Reports FOX News:

In recent years, the people behind the event, which draws as many as 300,000 people, have tried to oust him, first nixing his bid for a booth and then having him arrested in 2009.

Johnson, a taxidermist by trade and an evangelical by calling, sat out last year’s event for fear of arrest, according to his attorney. But the legal wrangling has continued behind the scenes, and this year parade organizers, at the suggestion of a federal judge, designated “free-speech zones” on the Pride Festival grounds, where people like Johnson could distribute literature the organizers wouldn’t otherwise approve.

Johnson and his attorney reject the policy, which is backed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Johnson believes he not only has God on his side, but the Constitution, too.

Can’t this crazed taxidermist just keep to his freaking Bible-approved zones? Some people.

“Johnson believes that the Bible is God’s word and sets out a plan of salvation for all people,” his attorney wrote in a 26-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court of Minnesota. “Johnson believes the Bible teaches that all people are sinners and therefore deserve God’s wrath, but anyone can receive salvation by believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.”

If he really thinks that all people are sinners, he ought to be stumping, on a regular basis, at other sinful public causes other than the gay pride parades. Such as: wet T-shirt contests, garage sales, Puerto Rican Day Parades, outdoor concerts, taxidermy conventions, etc.