Every Glitter-bombing From Now On Should Include A Ski-Lift

Ever since the failed glitter-bombing of rabidly homophobic GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Minnesota gay activists have been trying to pull off the perfect sparkle shower on a deserving anti-gay target. This weekend they finally succeeded.

While the more recent Minnesota glitter bombings have involved barbarians and a Marcus Bachmann look-alike, this weekend activists used the Minnesota State Fair skylift to shower unicorn sugar upon Minnesota for Marriage (M4M), an organizer behind the state’s proposed constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Apparently the (un)fair organizers allowed M4M to have a booth while denying the pro-LGBT Minnesotans United for All Families a booth as well. So while a judicious aerial glitter-bombing is always welcome, we hope the ground forces start pressuring the State Fair to allow equality supporters in the fairgrounds as well.