Everyone’s crushing on “map daddy” Steve Kornacki

MSNBC Screenshot

Many anxious Americans glued to their TV sets awaiting Election 2020 news will no doubt recognize the bespectacled face of MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki, the numbers-crunching nerd monitoring electoral results for the network. In fact, Kornacki’s near-constant coverage of the election this week his made him into something of an ironic sex symbol, earning the nicknames “map daddy” and “Korsnacki” from thirsty viewers.

Twitter users began to voice their lust for the openly-gay Korancki as the analyst seemed to keep working the tension-filled election week without a break.

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The @SteveKornacki thirst has begun,” tweeted user Jessica Valenti, along with a video of a woman claiming she’s been “seducted [sic]” by him.

“I deadass have a crush on this 41 year old, openly gay, nerdy, election statistics guy on MSNBC,” said user @caylinbach.

“Just saw someone refer to Steve Kornacki as ‘Kornacki the Snacki’ and folks now is not the time to be election horny,” noted user Max Burns.

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