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Everyone’s laughing at Nikki Haley over her Twitter meltdown about delayed popcorn delivery

Nikki Haley would like to speak to a manager.

The Former UN ambassador found herself trending on Twitter last night after she pulled a Karen and complained about not one but two missed delivery dates on her popcorn order.

Ok @PopcornFactory two messed up birthday orders missed delivery dates with no explanation,” the former Governor of South Carolina tweeted. “First time I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Second one tells me not to buy from you again. #DisappointedNephew”

That’s right, y’all.

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, over 160,000 Americans are dead, the economy is in shambles, the US Postal Service is under attack, Russia is once again meddling in the election, and Nikki Haley is whining about popcorn.

Thankfully, the rest of Twitter was quick to remind her of how ridiculous she was being.

Then there were those who responded directly to Haley’s tweet…