Ex-Gay Activist Uses Dating Site To Recruit Young Gays

03a96fbd-31f7-7dc3-ec1b-37e6e5d3cc59QUEERTY REPORTS– One of our tipsters alerted us to one of the creepier proselytizing efforts we’ve seen by the ex-gay community. Lambert Dolphin, a 76-year old ex-gay writer and geophysicist who has written academic papers that aim to scientifically prove Biblical claims, signs on to gay dating site D-List on a nearly daily basis, where he’s been emailing and befriending young gay guys in an attempt to get them to reconsider their sexuality. Describing himself as a “Freewheeling follower of Jesus Christ”, Dolphin’s profile makes numerous references to his religious beliefs that on the surface appear innocuous, but a closer investigation reveals an ulterior motive.

Eric (not his real name) is a regular D-List user and received a message from Dolphin earlier this year:

“It was a kind of harmless, completely random message along the lines of “Just wanted to let you know that I’d be here for you if you ever needed support.” A lot of the same things he has on profile—stuff about how he won’t judge and he’ll just offer support. But then if you go to his official site, you can see that he’s done tons of writing on ex-gay counseling.

I wrote back and kind of tried to get him to speak on that but he kind of ignored me in a way and just kept saying, “I’d be here for you to support you,” talking about God, etc. But then I mentioned the explicitly ex-gay writings on his web site, saying that I’d rather him not message me ever again because after reading those things, it’s clear that he had an agenda.”

The site in question, Lambert Dolphin’s Library, is a treasure trove of ex-gay articles and doctrines. On a page called “Jesus and the Homosexual,” Lambert has clippings of over two decades’ worth of ex-gay material, with a special focus on stories about gay “boys”; the very kind of young men that Dolphin appears to be targeting on D-List. Articles have titles like “The Limitations Of Homosexual Love” and “Emotional Longing in Men.” One article says:

“Boys who fail to identify with and bond with a father-figure feel uncertain of what it means to me a man–from a very early age. They often inferior to, and alienated from, other boys their own age. Accompanying this is a strong sense of envy: “I wish I were as handsome and well built as so-and-so.” Crushes with other guys may develop signaling that a deep unmet need exists in the boy who has never felt really loved and affirmed by a father. It is as if a deficiency existed in the boy’s reservoir of masculine self-esteem and he is forever seeking the lost part of himself in other males… It is wrong at this stage to label such boys as gay. They are predisposed towards becoming homosexuals, but they aren’t there yet.

Since the basic problem–the inner most need–is for affirmation from members of the same sex–for “same-sex bonding”–the situation can be radically changed by special attention from an uncle, a scout leader, school teacher, youth leader or caring male friend. Or better still, if the father who was never really “there” for his son takes radical steps to build a strong friendship with an alienated son, healing can begin…

The cure for homosexuality is not merely abstinence from sexual activity that displeases God. Becoming whole means being loved and filled with Jesus the Lord as one’s true and faithful Lover. Anything short of this is spiritual–if not literal–adultery and infidelity.”

picture-34And on D-List, it seems that Dolphin has decided to give that “special attention” to young men. Dolphin’s profile has 324 friends, most of them under the age of 24. Eric, who is 23, says Dolphin’s advances left him “terrified”, saying:

“It was bizarre to me that he thought he could get away with it, so terrifying he was talking to young kids, maybe kids even just out of the closet—absolutely terrible and sad. It was like he had a template of things to say.

My friend knows much more about ex gay organizations than I do, so he was helping me try and word things appropriately to get him to answer things without tiptoeing around what he was trying to do. But he kept on tip-toeing—which was terrifying because we were reading his writings at the same time. It scares me that he thinks people wouldn’t see that. The other poor guys he’s talking to might not have any idea. You’d be amazed. He was just very “I just want to support you, just want to help you out.”

I can imagine many young people, having just come out, still trying to reconcile their faith, listening to him where he quite possibly later would start saying “you need to be celibate”, like he says on his web site.”

Eric eventually confronted Dolphin and asked if he was an ex-gay:

“He ignored the direct question asking him if he was “ex-gay” but denied being associated with Exodus or anything like that, though we never even insinuated that directly. But he did allude to that he “was” gay. And had struggled with that in his life. He said things like, “I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen a lot.”

Queerty tried to reach Dolphin for this article, but have not heard back. Eric wrote D-List administrators about his concerns, but received no reply. While there’s nothing illegal about using a gay dating site to proselytize, the extreme age difference between Dolphin and the young gay men he approaches, along with duplicitous way he disguises his ex-gay motivations for reaching out to them, sends shudders down our spine. What about you?

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  • Tallskin

    ////the extreme age difference between Dolphin and the young gay men he approaches, along with duplicitous way he disguises his ex-gay motivations for reaching out to them, sends shudders down our spine. What about you?

    *****It’s creepy.

    But he’s a fucking christian and christians are creepy.

    ////While there’s nothing illegal about using a gay dating site to proselytize,

    *****It should be illegal. Just like parents indoctrinating little kids with sky pixie nonsense, filling their innocent heads with notions of guilt blah blah, should have social services called in.

    If a parent were indoctrinating kids’ heads with nazi or racist propaganda you’d want the kids protected and snatched away to safety, so why not with christian/islamic or jewish religious bollocks? What’s the difference?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    First off, he seems to be living vicariously therough these young men. Ex-gays always want to know EVERY detail of a gay man’s personal life, especially our sexual adventures. Perhaps an older, bitter man who never had the opportunities we younger gays have today and is resentful of that? Also,this:

    “I wish I were as handsome and well built as so-and-so.”

    I know lot’s of straight men who think like that. Does that make them secretly gay?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    There certainly does seem to be an unhealthy preoccupation with children on behalf of male members of the church.

    It speaks tomes.

  • Olive Yurdich

    Oh, please. This hack is praying for the second coming of Jesus, and hoping it is all over his chest and face.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Age of consent at the Vatican: 12 years old.

    Given the number of priests caught playing with children and the huge sum of money the Roman Catholic Church is paying out for those heinous crimes, the Roman Catholic Church apparently believes that their laws supercede those of all other nations.

  • Alexa

    And yet, if a gay went to an ex-gay dating site (do they exist?) and offered support as he does, the site would remove him in a second and scream bloody murder. Why doesn’t D-List do something about him?

  • ChristopherM


    Does anyone actually do that? Because frankly, it isn’t a bad idea.

  • Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    @tallskin What sickens me is how quickly you and other commenters jump at the chance to use this post to degrade and abuse people of faith. Can’t we agree that this guy is a douchecock without bashing religious beliefs as a whole? Or without making facile and shrill Nazi comparisons?


  • Tallskin

    Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    ///////Can’t we agree that this guy is a douchecock without bashing religious beliefs as a whole?

    ****Nope. His douchbagness is intimately connected to his being “a person of faith” cos his homophobia (in fact all homophobia originates) from religion.

  • radg

    this whole, gay men weren’t loved by their father is the biggest BULLSHIT i’ve ever heard. My father was probably over loving, very nice and always had a good relationship (minus the teen years) and guess what? I’m still gay!

  • HomoWithNoJob

    It’s scary to what extent these people will go to infiltrate the gay community so they “can help you escape from the bondage of homosexuality.”

  • ChristopherM


    I think that is a vast oversimplification of homophobia, but that is beside the point. I don’t believe in sky fairies any more than you do, but there are reasonable people on our side who do. There’s really no reason to drive them away just because you don’t share their beliefs.

  • Tallskin

    ChristopherM – Can you honestly say that you don’t find christians creepy?

    there is something very odd about them.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Japhy – have you tried to contact D-List about getting this puke delisted?

  • Aaron

    “Boys who fail to identify with and bond with a father-figure feel uncertain of what it means to me a man–from a very early age. They often inferior to, and alienated from, other boys their own age.”

    Yeah. Bullshit. I get a long great with my father. The female parent, not so much. My sexuality was never an issue with my dad either and my closest friends have always for some weird reason been straight guys. I was never felt alienated from my dad or my peers.

    “Eric wrote D-List administrators about his concerns, but received no reply.”

    No suprise there. When I had a profile on that site, I emailed the adminstrators as well, serveral times, and never once received a reply. So, good luck!

  • ChristopherM


    Considering that most of my family is Christian, yes, I can say that. Now, there are pockets of them I find creepy, like the tongues-talking faith-healing people, or the mega-church people who live entirely within their church community so they don’t have to be around anyone with opinions different than theirs. But your average every-day mainstream religious folks? Not so much.

  • kevin (not that one)

    @Tallskin: Tallskin has some issues with people who are Christian, whether they are pro or anti-gay. Every time there’s a post that mentions Christianity, he’s the first to jump in and condemn it with the same doom and gloom and fire and brimstone that matches the best street preacher.

    I often find people like Tallskin merely the opposite side of the same coin that religious fundamentalists belong to. Both see the Christian religious tradition as being black and white with no room in the middle. They are merely two polar extremes, when the reality is that most of us don’t fit on an extreme. Extremes are always simplistic explanations for the mysteries of life.

    Extreme rhetoric from both sides puts gay and gay-supportive Christians in an uneasy position. On one side they are condemned by the anti-gay Church for not being Christian because they’re gay (or “homosexualists”), and on the other they are condemned by some gay atheists for being Christian.

    But I would say to both sides that this world and reality we live in is a wide-open, mysterious, and diverse place – more so than often our minds can comprehend. I think when you adopt the notion that “this is how the world absolutely is and that’s all there is to say” you really cheat yourself from experiencing as much of the world as you possibly can before you leave this existence. For me, life is too short to draw a line in the sand and say that there isn’t any room to move (as far as keeping your mind open to the deeper questions and meanings of life).

    People who demand all or nothing often get nothing.

  • BombasticMo

    Did anyone else notice that the first comment on his profile was a video of a dude jerking it?

    A) May want to put a NSFW disclaimer as the video auto-played for me (while at home, mind you). I watched it while waiting on hold for my bank and found it to be the most pleasant hold I’d had in a while.

    But B) Not very ex-gay….

  • Zack

    Hmm… I thought we were the ones doing the “recruiting”?

  • Michael vdB

    What is the slogan????

    “10% is not enough! Recruit! Recruit!”


  • James

    @kevin (not that one):

    The old faggot Charlie M. is much worse. Blinded by his anger, that one.

  • Pete

    This guy has friend requested and sent me messages on DList numerous times. If you ignore him enough times, he’ll stop.

  • Edward

    He has been DListed from DList

  • Scott

    “Ex-gays always want to know EVERY detail of a gay man’s personal life, especially our sexual adventures.”


    When I was pushed into “ex-gay therapy” a decade or so ago, that’s PRECISELY all the “ex-gay doctor” wanted to know: how many partners I’ve had (when I was just recently “out”), and he wanted details of what all I had done sexually.

    And that’s all he focused on.

    Needless to say, I was through with them after only a couple weeks! LOL

  • NG

    Isn’t it something that we learn of the true nature of ex-gays from an infotainment website?

  • SammySeattle

    @radg: Funny how that works. My two brothers are both straight and married artist-musicians who hate sports (We have that part in common). We were all close to our father and mother. Dad and I bonded over automotive interests, the other two didn’t care about cars at all. The gay brother is the one who they come to when their cars need repairs. It’s interesting that these types want all of us, gay and straight, to fit into their little boxes. But does anyone?

  • Rob W.

    Oh my god, I was friends with that guy! Haha, I just thought he was some crazy gay Christian. I never bothered to read like more than two lines of his random ass messages and posts on my profile.

  • Mark


    “Nope. His douchbagness is intimately connected to his being “a person of faith” cos his homophobia (in fact all homophobia originates) from religion.”

    100% correct. His creepiness stems directly out of his tribal Jewish Bronze Age sky god cum (!) Christian savior father’s religion.

    There is no way to separate the man from the religious nonsense. People of faith on this site are simply not aware of the horrible history connected with their ‘religion.’

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Not that blinded that I can’t see what a bunch of bullshit religion really is.

    I figured that out by the time I was five years old. I don’t know how old you are, but if you are still dragging that baggage around, heaven help ya.

    Regarding your comment “The old faggot Charlie M.”

    Was that something the good Father taught you in Sunday school?

    Gotta love that Christian love.

  • James

    I’m not a Christian, dumb fuck. In fact, I’m an atheist. But I don’t care if someone’s a Christian when that person uses those beliefs for actual good instead of evil. Or ESPECIALLY when that person is an ally.

    You may have figured out Jesus isn’t real, but you seem to have skipped a lot of other lessons.

  • Dan

    I think what Dolphin is doing should be called out. He isn’t just advocating a religion; he’s potentially harming young people, who could end up depressed or even suicidal over futile efforts to suppress feelings that are natural for them.

    Having said that, I think it is equally harmful to generalize from him to all Christians or to all faiths. Many religious groups, including several Christian denominations, are strong supporters of LGBT rights. It was in the Metropolitan Community Church that Canadian progress toward marriage equality was initiated. If not for MCC, same-sex marriage might still be illegal in Canada.

    In the U.S., the United Church of Christ has broadcast ads that directly and clearly take on antigay discrimination. Progressive ministers are refusing to marry any couple until they can legally marry same-sex couples. Coalitions of ministers have repeatedly circulated petitions for LGBT rights, and it’s largely because of faith groups like Soulforce and Christian authors like Countryman, Helminiak, Chapman, and John Boswell that the once dominant quasi-biblical case against gay people is crumbling. To me, it doesn’t make sense to be prejudiced against our allies.

    There’s really no basis for generalizing as negative the entire history of any faith. Most people who try to paint Christian history as entirely violent or intolerant cite the Crusades and the Inquisitions, but both of these are tied specifically to the Roman Catholic church. Even this church was more tolerant toward homosexuality than secular society until the beginning of the 13th century, when the church took over the inquisitions from secular authorities. Similarly, it was the clergy who argued against the witch trials of Salem which may have resulted in the conviction and death of many lesbians.

    As I see it, avoiding prejudice on the basis of religion isn’t just a logical, knowledgeable thing to do. It’s important to the cause of LGBT rights. We’re winning in the court of public opinion mainly because most people believe that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. Thus, if people think we’re as prejudiced and discriminatory as our opponents, we lose or at least obscure the one biggest argument in our favor. And again, we inaccurately tar our opponents and our defenders with the same brush.

  • Nick

    I see a lot of negative comments about Lambert, but what you dont realize is he is a wonderful, caring, humble and very thoughtful man. I have known him for years, and he let me crash on his couch when I got kicked out of my parents house, gave me food and clothes when I was broke, and was always ready to pray and learn about the Bible with me. If you only knew who you were criticizing you would be very ashamed. But I have done all of this myself in other instances, so I cannot point the finger! He also is not homophobic, because that would mean he is afraid of you or hates you. Lambert follows the saying ‘love the sinner, hate the sin.’ because thats what were called to do!

    To the person who claimed Jesus isnt real…do you mean historically? because that is a foolish comment, as even atheist historians will agree he existed as a man, just as Alexander the Great or Napoleon existed. If you mean whether or not he was the son of God, then you are questioning the validity of his claims-at which point we should agree he was either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. I would be more than happy to discuss this in great detail with anyone interested.
    Lets also remember there are not one, but 4 gospels we can cross reference for validity and historicity purposes. As G.K. Chesterson says, “the only good argument against Christianity are Christians.” I understand where non-believers come from in this respect, as I have come across many judgmental, arrogant and dogmatic self proclaimed Christians. But be careful not to judge the doctrine by its believers-by nature we are all fallen (history proves this in spades) and this is why we need Christ! Reluctance to this is normal and usually for moral purposes, or that of pride. To admit the divinity of Christ is to admit we screwed up and need his help. If we are intellectually and morally honest with ourselves, meaning we are skeptical, scientific, logical and tough minded, we will be lead to Christ.
    Thank you for your time.

  • John Smith


    Looks like we have Christians on Queerty, too.

  • Nick

    my friend Lambert showed me the thread that was started on this thing about him, thought id clear his good name. It should be known one of my best friends is about as straight as Harvey Milk. which I saw a few days ago and really liked.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Nick: You do realize, I hope, that a personal testimonial about how this “wonderful, caring, humble and very thoughtful man” helped you in no way clears his name. It certainly doesn’t change the content of his site. That whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” line? Bullshit, plain and simple. It erroneously implies that a person’s sexuality is not an inherent condition, but is merely a behavior. As much as you’d like to think otherwise…it’s homophobic, or at least heterosexist.

    And really, do you think that having a “gay” friend buys you any street cred here in Queerville? I have a “straight” friend…does that sound any more ludicrous than your statement?

    Bottom line, your mission here is a failure so far. Put a little more meat on those brittle, birdy bones you’d pretend make an argument if you want anyone to take you seriously. Right now, you’re just a punchline without a setup.

  • kevin (not that one)

    @Nick: “Lets also remember there are not one, but 4 gospels we can cross reference for validity and historicity purposes.”

    The Gospel of John was likely written in the 2nd century by the early church and reflects their theology about Christianity. As such, it’s not really a good document to understand the historical Jesus. So, as an account of the life of Jesus, it’s a work of fiction. But as an account of what some members of the early church believed in, it’s real. The Gospel of Mark is perhaps the best source if you’re looking for the authentic gospel of Jesus (excluding the later inserted texts regarding the resurrection at the end of Mark). Most serious scholars look at the 3 synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) when they piece together the authentic teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Dan

    @Nick: My question is, does this longtime friend of yours encourage gay people to try to give up their sexual orientation? That’s a path that leads to depression and sometimes suicide, and there’s nothing wonderful, caring, humble, or thoughtful about it. The only way you can clear his name is to show that he isn’t doing that.

    I agree with VernonVanderbilt: it’s homophobic to argue that homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuality is an attribute of all gay people, so saying it’s wrong is an example of devaluing an entire group of people. That’s prejudice.

    People who claim to be Christian shouldn’t encourage an ex-gay agenda or promote homophobia, because Christians are supposed to do good, not evil.

  • Phoenix (Ex-Straight)

    He counsels young gay men? I’ll bet he loves counseling young, gullible gay men. I’ll bet he loves to have them on their knees…in prayer, of course.


    @Mark: “People of faith on this site are simply not aware of the horrible history connected with their ‘religion.'” Short version: just like any organization that’s been around for any length of time, no one in it has been perfect (well, except that one guy) and the worst have often been best at keeping control. Which doesn’t relate at all to whether it’s basically TRUE or not.

  • getreal

    @Nick: Nick I am a christian so I’m not trying to target you for your beliefs but this man’s conduct is highly questionable and it makes one wonder what he may be doing that we don’t know about. If he was just looking to share his views with gay men why does he only seem to be targeting young men. If he is such a kind man why is he using a gay dating site to manipulate young men into questioning their identities that is not kind. As far as love the sinner hate the sin I absolutely agree, but I am sick and tired of homophobic people twisting it’s meaning to target LGBT people. Being born gay or lesbian or transgender is not a sin so it is patronizing to use it in the context of sexual identity. Presume to point fingers and decide whose very existence is a sin and if you want to bring up Jesus why don’t you check yourself and start acting Jesus-like. He never said a damn thing about homosexuality being wrong and it was important i feel sure he would have mentioned it. Wake up dude if you are judging gays and lesbians for the way GOD made them you are the sinner!

  • danaco50

    I can’t believe this man is still up to his old habits. My best friend and some of his friends were victims of Mr. Dolphin’s teaching the bible, and then eventualy molesting them. My friend said that he would take in young male homeless guys, give them a roof over their head, and then take advantage of them. Why no one has ever brought charges against Lambert Dolphin just baffles me.

  • getreal

    @danaco50: Maybe you should encourage him to report it. Usually with sexual abuse cases once 1 person reports it other people come out of the wood work.

  • Bill Perdue

    While there’s nothing illegal about using a gay dating site to proselytize dating services or sites like Queerty it’s still disgusting.

    Here’s an example from a straight christian male (?) who pretends to be otherwise to avoid complete dismissal as he (?) attacks gay men. I’m not a Christian, dumb fuck. In fact, I’m an atheist. But I don’t care if someone’s a Christian when that person uses those beliefs for actual good instead of evil. Or ESPECIALLY when that person is an ally. He’s defending a christer who accuses gay men of being members of NAMBLA and then screams bloody murder when we object to such blatant bigotry. “Allies” are trade unions, the NAACP, MALDEF and similar groups. Not self proclaimed individuals.

    As for those who think christers are allies, they should understand that with few exceptions, they’re summertime soldiers, fickle and unpredictable. How can it be otherwise with people whose ‘beliefs’ are based on superstition instead of science and rationality. When the going gets tough so do they. A case in point is the early support of some German clerics for the gay rights movement. They were our friends until the Nazi’s showed up and then, with a couple of dozen courageous exceptions all the priests and pastors put on their armbands, bellowed Seig Heil and supported Hitler’s holocaust and mass murder of gays just as they done in all the centuries since they’d become christers.

    John Smith says Looks like we have Christians on Queerty, too. I agree and most are harmless enough but there are one or two who use multiple screen names to do what Dobson and Robertson do best, call us faggots and child abusers and then whine that we’re persecuting them!

    As to the story itself, if you wonder if straight (?) christers can get any worse, the answer is always yes. They’re depraved bigots for the most part and, with few exceptions, unreliable friends. I’m speaking of the cults themselves, because some individual cultists reject christer hate programming to one extent or another.

    ChristopherM, when you say I don’t believe in sky fairies any more than you do, but there are reasonable people on our side who do. There’s really no reason to drive them away just because you don’t share their beliefs. you’re just trying to silence and censor the legitimate outrage of GLBT people against superstition and bigotry. If we make fun of them that’s to be expected. After all people who count angels on the head of a pin or who think The Exorcist is a documentary are in great need of ridicule. And since our mockery feeds their highly developed martyr complex, even though they snivel about it, its win-win. On a more serious note if we call them degenerate bigots (because most of them are) that’s a precise, if damning, political description. When they come trolling on gay sites they’d better be prepared to be laughed at and dismissed.

    If they can’t stand the heat they ought to get out of our kitchen.

  • getreal


  • Bill Perdue

    Maybe this will wake you up. @getreal: It’s a sample of your bigotry and the usual christer baggage you bring to these discussions. .

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 6:34 am getreal This guy looks underage. I’m not a pedophile and I find it creepy when people are attracted to guys who look like children.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 7:27 am • tavdy79
    @getreal: strictly speaking, paedophilia only applies to pre-pubescents; for pubescents the term is pederasty.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 7:41 am • getreal
    @tavdy79: Thanks for letting me know. I’m not a pederast and I like men that look like adults.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 7:54 am No. 7 • tallskin
    I like the look of him. He’s really cute.
    I don’t think he looks underage at all. He is over 16 and able to decide with whom he wants to sleep.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 7:54 am No. 8 • getreal
    @tallskin: Thanks for the rationalization (gee I wonder who is a MBLA member on this thread). Wait you hypocrite I thought you hated filthy pixies. LOL

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:00 am • No. 9 • tallskin
    getreal, what is MBLA???

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:08 am • @Reply • [Flag?] No. 10 • getreal
    Man boy love association

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:11 am • @Reply • [Flag?] No. 11 • Dubwise @getreal: I think you mean NAMBLA.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:17 am No. 12 • tallskin
    Getreal, I find that slur unbelievably offensive

    I expect you to apologise at once

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:17 am • @Reply • [Flag?] No. 13 • getreal @Dubwise: Thank you, yes NAMBLA. LOL To the fundamentalist I learned the slur from you and it never fails to crack me up.

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:20 am • @Reply • [Flag?] No. 14 • tallskin

    BUT I guess you reveal yourself in your true colours by your insult, because like all religious nutjobs you are not actually a very nice person, despite the veneer of Holierthanthou superciliousness.

    My buddhist friends inform me that the point, for them, of being being buddhists, is that it helps them to become nicer and better people

    What is your rationale for being a sky-pixie worshipper? Just so that it makes you an even creepier and slimier trail of anal mucus, along with the rest of your sexually repressed brethren?

    Posted: Feb 3, 2009 at 8:27 am • No. 15 • getreal
    @tallskin: Oh you funny fundamentalists. The only thing funnier than a christian fundamentalist is a an atheist fundamentalist. I think your post speaks for itself the person chasing 16 year olds, obsessed with imaginary wood creatures that live in the sky, and anal mucus is the nutjob. But we all appreciate your wacky rants you are such a comedian! Keep up the good work!

  • getreal

    Well I notice you cut out the part where he said the age of consent should be 16 and talked about anal mucus. Why not just post the whole thread? Because it did not go down that way. Post the thread and anyone here will see it was someone talking about sex with UNDERAGE people. Thats illegal bill

  • getreal

    Here is the post it was a Morning Goods post of a 17 year old guy as anyone can read 10 other posters voiced their discomfort by how old he was and how young he looked. Bill perdue has complained about ti for over a month. I don’t think it is controversial to say it is creepy for older men to salivate over underage people. Anyone who has any doubt of how full of shit Bill Perdue is reading this thread and see how normal if a little silly the thread was. And google the guys name and see what a baby he looks like That is why 80% of the other posters agreed.

  • getreal

    My question is why a month later are you so mad about a post about an underage guy? Why does it bother you sooo much that a group of posters think it is wrong to sleep with underage guys. You defend it like it is your hobby or something. LOL It especially strange since anyone here can find at least 20 posts of you railing against pedophile priests. So what it’s only wrong when priests do it? Creepy. As usual you and your the other name you post under Charles Mueller dominate these posts with your drivel say something different for once.

  • Bill Perdue

    @getreal: Gosh is nothing sacred anymore. Do all christers lies as much as you. Getreal?

    The age of consent, which is the deciding legal factor, is 16 in most European countries and in many American states. This guy is over 16. It wouldn’t be illegal to have sex with him in many states or most of the EU.

    Do you see what I’m driving at? Of course you don’t. You’re not commenting on the law; you’re merely dragging your fanatical christer baggage into the discussion. (The law is lowest in Vatican City, at 12, where your fellow christers rape children with impunity.)

    The photos don’t show the young man engaged in sex, in the nude or even with a hard on. And that’s why Queerty could publish them in the first place. That would be illegal in the US if he’s under 18, but lacking that there’s nothing illegal about them and your squeamish, narrow-minded christer attitude about sex between men doesn’t change that.

    You ask “Why does it bother you sooo much that a group of posters think it is wrong to sleep with underage guys.’ Why do you think that’s true?

    Youand no one else said tallskin was a member of NAMBLA, a sexual predator and abuser of children. To repeat, you’re the only bigot in that thread, the only one dragging their tired christer intolerance into our site.

    You should try to get a job with FOF, where garbage like accusing gay men of being pedophiles is more accepted than at Queerty.

  • getreal

    @Bill Perdue: As usual you call people liars if they disagree with you it’s humorous. It is not a lie it is against the law for an adult to have sex with an underage teenager. The age of consent varies but in many place 17 is illegal. You are so quick to preach hatred you have nothing else to offer. Nothing but your christian obsession and your obsession with pedophilia which you constantly bring up. Weird. Red Flag. Red Flag.

  • Bill Perdue

    The editors at Queerty have my permission, without publishing it, to trace and compare my IP and Charles’ and see if they identical or not and if we’re from the same city or not.

    If it turns out they’re not perhaps you’d better invest in some lithium or whatever it is they prescribe for paranoids. You say everyone here hates you and that’s becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • getreal

    @Bill Perdue: They won’t because you are insignificant no one here cares about you. You are just a weirdo who posts the same thing over and over and over. You don’t matter.

  • getreal

    @Bill Perdue: “You say everyone here hates you and that’s becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy”

    I never wrote that as usual you just fabricate things not that it is a popularity contest but most people on here hate you if mutliple posts are to be believed. I’m done with this convo time for bed. Go back to crying about the evil christians instead of fighting for equality.

  • Bill Perdue

    @getreal: I understand. It must be exhausting getting shot down as often as you do. But I would’ve expected you’d be use to it now.

  • getreal

    @Bill Perdue: It must be exhausting writing 1000 word posts that no one reads just scans past briefly shaking their heads thinking kooky old guy. For once stick to the subject matter of the article. Does it always have to be the Bill Perdue/Charles Mueller show? It’s desperate.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Actually I think you and Anderson are barking up the wrong tree there.
    I seriously doubt that Bill and Charles are the same person. Their ideas and styles of writing are far too different. Not saying it’s impossible, but if it is it’s a good hoax.

    On the issue, I should read a bit more about this fellow before I speak more,
    though the comment about Jesus as one’s true and faithful lover sounds like he has revised the canon a bit.
    Generally I take a dim view of this sort of prosletyzing. I ‘m not a big fan of people showing up at my door unannounced with the odd notion that I have never seen a copy of the Watchtower or heard of the LDS Church before.
    This kind of activity is even more underhanded, given the purpose of the website.

  • Tallskin

    Getreal, you ask -“My question is why a month later are you so mad about a post about an underage guy? Why does it bother you sooo much that a group of posters think it is wrong to sleep with underage guys”

    Creep, when you accused me of being a pedophile I didn’t know you were straight. I thought I was having an argument with a fucked up christian gay man.

    But now I do know you’re straight I find it beyond unbelievable (to say the least) for a fucking straight to have come onto a gay blog and call a gay man a pedophile, because that gay man says he finds a pic of a 16 year old lad cute.

    And what is even more unbelievable is the fact that this same straight man continues coming onto that same gay site to pass comments willy nilly based on his primitive, iron age, skypixie based morality.

    Personally speaking, I don’t think you have the right to come on here and pass comments about anything. There are hundreds of thousands of straight skypixie blogs you should stick to.

    As for your dubious argument you hurled at Bill P that because about 80% of the posters agreed with you therefore this justifies your accusation aimed at me, well, are these other posters part of your extended family, from the outreach department of your church? I am not sure if any of them are fucking gay!

    And anyway, even if this 80% were to be gay, so what? As Bill Maher points out in his wonderfully amusing comedy documentary “Religulous”, so what if a billion people on the planet believe in absurd things that doesn’t make their views right. It simply means we have a Billion fucking idiots walking around.

    If a majority of any group are insane that doesn’t mean the sensible minority should agree with them and become insane as well.


  • ChristopherM

    @Bill Perdue:

    Oh come on, Mary! I wasn’t silencing anyone, and you fucking know it. I was attempting to nicely say what I will now rephrase for you since you clearly, as usual, don’t get it: when there are people who support us, you might not want to be such an asshole to them lest they take their votes elsewhere. You’re free to be an asshole, of course, but it isn’t silencing when someone calls you on it.

    You really are no different that the zombies who only socialize with their church, do business with people in their church, and home school their children so they won’t be exposed to people not in their church.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Okay, I worked my way through it.

    Nick, you may be right about him being a nice guy in person, and he’s entitled to his opinion (though I strongly disagree with his position on sexual orientation and religion).

    What I really don’t like is his method of prosletyzing, the fact that he is targeting young people who are prey to influence, and worst of all the fact that he doesn’t come clean with his motives when he is asked directly.

    If his message is really an honest one why is ashamed of it and stooping to such slimy tactics?

    And again, I am sorry to read all the blanket anti-religious rhetoric; it really is a red herring that distracts from getting at what this fellow is really doing.

  • Wayne Besen

    It seems he should go and preach to people his own age. May we suggest SAGE


    Preaching to young guys…we know what this is about….What a creep.

  • Nick

    to danaco50
    your eronious claims that Dr Dolphin has molested anybody shows only how broken you must be inside. To the other fellow commenting on my ‘bare-bones’ argument, I was not attempting to write a full dissertation on the Christian faith, which is why I included the statement ‘I would be more than happy to discuss this on a more personal basis through email.’
    Lambert is not preying on anybody here, and it would benefit everybody to stop over dramatizing what has been done. Pushing anybody to suicide is the exact opposite of what he was doing, quite the contrary actually. Me having a gay friend should give me some credence in ‘queerville’ because it shows I am not a gay basher or a hater by any means. Straight folks are not the ones who have been historically marginalized, so a gay dude having a straight friend does not carry the same weight in this respect. you should realize this if you are a logical thinker.

    to this guy:
    No. 63 · Wayne Besen
    It seems he should go and preach to people his own age. May we suggest SAGE
    Preaching to young guys…we know what this is about….What a creep.

    you know what this is about? clearly not unless your answer is Jesus. If we can agree that he was perfect as another guy mentioned, then we are getting somewhere.
    peace love and respect to everybody on this thread

  • Charles J. Mueller


    There is not one shred of tangible evidence that the man ever walked the face of the earth.

    He is a fable, just like Peter Rabbit and Santa Claus.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Nick: My point regarding your lack of an argument had nothing to do with your religion, and everything to do with your defense of the ex-gay snake oil salesman.

    I will reiterate: the fact that you have only had good experiences with this dangerous primitive in no way disproves the fact that he is a soul predator. If he is promoting the “ex-gay” myth, then yes, he does bear responsibility for the suicides that have resulted from those types of programs. And it’s not like there aren’t all sorts of tastily telling details here. This obsession with the younger, male members of our community, the creation of an account on a gay dating site under sketchy pretenses…and that’s not even to mention some of the content on his personal website. This subhuman doesn’t operate the way a true “ally” would. He is a conniving interloper who preys on those he sees as being the weakest in our herd, hoping to swell the ranks of the homicidal movement he endorses.

    Also, again, I will state that having a “gay” friend in no way makes you an ally. It doesn’t even prove that you’re not a basher, hater, or ‘phobe. Rick Warren would claim to have “gay” friends as well. That’s doesn’t make him any less a bigot. If you endorse Lambert Dolphin’s predatory methods, or the “ex-gay” movement, then you are not a friend of our people. Period. and if you’re not a true ally, then your words carry as much weight as a sigh.

    Overdramatizing? If you look into the reality of the “ex-gay” movement and the heinous acts it has perpetrated against us, the lies it has bandied about and the hatred it has sown, then you would realize that, if anything, we are not dramatic enough about it. This isn’t a bunch of hysterical queens getting in a tizzy over a minor slight. This is a massive community who is upset and angry because, in this more enlightened age, we are still forced to deal with the fact that underhanded, self-serving, evil groups and people are still able to convince weaker-willed people that there is something fundamentally wrong with them as human beings.

    Lambert Dolphin is a predator, plain and simple. Your personal experiences do not change that. If you actually stop and give it some thought, you’d realize that you obviously have nothing to fear from the likes of him, because you’re straight. You’re not his target. If you really want to see the truth of the issue, you’ll step out of your safe-zone and start trying to see it from the point of view of a community that has been repeatedly victimized by people like him. Until you are able to do that, don’t presume to tell us you know better than we do who our enemies are.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Wayne Besen: SAGE? They’d tar and feather him if he showed up at a meeting.

  • Bill Perdue

    @ChristopherM: It’s not only our right to condemn and scoff at the cults it’s our obligation.

    They are the enemy, a howling wind of bigotry and violence straight out of the Dark Ages. Even in our own communities some people don’t now the history of the matter or realize the implication of that; they are the enemy.

    If there are GLBT friendly individuals in cults and even LGBT ‘friendly” cults they’re just going to have to get used to the fact our culture developed in defiance of and as a defense against the christers bigoted madness. We’re too far along the path of understanding the role of the cults in our oppression to turn back now.

    Most cultists I know can deal with it and still support us. It’s very much like the Irish who tell the English “Forget, never. Forgive, maybe later, but not now.” If they can deal with that why can’t you?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Bill Perdue:

    Getreal @Bill Perdue: As usual you call people liars if they disagree with you it’s humorous. It is not a lie it is against the law for an adult to have sex with an underage teenager. The age of consent varies but in many place 17 is illegal. You are so quick to preach hatred you have nothing else to offer. Nothing but your christian obsession and your obsession with pedophilia which you constantly bring up. Weird. Red Flag. Red Flag.

    In almost every single post of Getreal’s, with very few exceptions, she turns everything around. Another poster, on another thread stated this so much better than I could. I changed some of the words to fit the situation, but, basically, this is what he said:

    “But I know how this game goes. You call me a pedophile and then I try to defend myself and that just proves that I am one by virtue of my reference to it with comments like “Why do you keep defending yourself if it’s not true?”

    It’s simply a variation on the “Do you beat your wife often” game to which one becomes guilty, no matter whether you say yes or no, you still come out looking like a wife-beater.

    Getreal:”The age of consent varies but in many place 17 is illegal”

    Doh. She knows what she know, Bill. Don confuse her with the facts. She’s already made up her mind. She is as obviously hung-up about queer sex as the fundies and Mormons, or this wouldn’t be sticking in her craw.

    And just like all the other Christer’s, she constantly lets us know how much she is doing for “us”, the queers, who show her no respect, have no tolerence for relision and are ingrates on top of it all. She is not getting the power and the glory she seeks, and it is pissing her off no end. Hence her attacks on gays.

    She must love it up there on that cross. Most martyrs do.

    And with East coming up, we can expect some real heavy Christer preaching from Sister Getreal.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Wayne Besen:

    Hello Wayne.

    Nice to see you on these threads. And thank you for the care package you sent me. It was most thoughtful of you.

    Hope all is going well with you. Any more wonderful full-page ads like the SLC Times one, we hope? That was a gem. ;-)

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “As usual you and your the other name you post under Charles Mueller dominate these posts with your drivel say something different for once.”

    And speaking of Pinochio, Miss Thing, your nose just grew another inch. You are a disingenuous liar who grasps at straws when you have nothing left with which to defend yourself.

    Like Bill Perdue, Japhy has my permission as well to check ISPs which is a very simple matter. Not that this would make any difference to you, however, because people like you and Anderson who put lies out there, will never retract them, much less apologize and just simply go on repeating them until every believes it, just like the Christers have been doing for the past 2,000 years.

    They have been telling lies for so long, that even they now believe their own lies.

    You need help, Miss Thing. You need it bad. I
    d advise you to seek it out. Nothing a few years of therapy and some meds couldn’t take care.

    Who knows? You might even become a productive member of the human race instead of having to resort to living your sad life as a faghag.

  • getreal

    @Nick: You have a right to your opinion but I just don’t agree if this man is such a good person he should be open and honest with people. A gay dating site is place where gay people go to date (unlike queerty which is a website anyone is welcome on regardless of sexual orientation) it is inappropriate and frankly underhanded for this man to use it to target men and makes them feel ashamed or confused about their identity. This is a man who is ex-gay which is ridiculous so he doesn’t have the courage to be himself and he is trying to help people into the same confusion. And why is this elderly man only interested in “helping” the young guys if it was altruistic wouldn’t he be trying to help everyone?Seems like he is meddling in the lives of young newly out vulnerable people trying to spread his own confusion.Not kind, realistic, or christian.

  • getreal

    Oh For anyone who lives in california and wants to help repeal prop 8 there are kick-off meetings all over the state go to COURAGE CAMPAIGN website. ALL ARE WELCOME. We are building across the board coalitions. It’s been fun gotta go. Toodles!!!!!!

  • Bill Perdue

    @ChristopherM: Lose you anger at being justly criticized and consider that the number of people leaving the cults is swelling. http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/religion/2009/03/13/leaving-religion-behind-a-portrait-of-nonreligious-america.html

    That’s due to the clerical rapist scandals rocking the catholic cult, the growth of organized GLBT communities despite the continuing plague and vicious attacks by christers and islamists on equality, and the revulsion many people have for the Bush Administrations abetting cult interference in government, a development Obama is escalating even further with billions for ‘faith based’ bribes.

    If anything we should ramp up our analysis and mockery of the cults to help propel even more people away from them.

    We should demand that Congress regularly open it’s sessions with atheist homilies and that atheist/humanist chaplains be installed in all military units, hospitals, colleges and schools and everywhere federal monies are expended.

    We should demand that all cult tax exemptions and ‘faith based’ bribes be ended. And then raise the topic of back taxes.

    We should demand that cult schools that teach that we’re sinners be closed as viper’s nests of bigotry.

    We should demand the extradition from Vatican City of rapists and those who abetted them, starting with the former cardinal archbishop of Boston, Bernard Law and the cardinal archbishop of LA, Roger M. Mahony. Law fled to the Vatican and Mahoney is brazenly staying put on the assumption that nothing will be done to him for permitting rapists to flee to Mexico.

    Now is not the time to placate them, now is the time to demand redress and to regularly demonstrate at catholic, mormon and southern baptist venues.

    And we should ask why prosecutors are protecting Lambert Dolphin.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Typo: And with East coming up, should read And with Easter coming up…

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @Nick: I realize using the term “broken” is how you evangelicals view the external world we live in and internal world that makes up who we are – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, morals, ethnics, and spirituality.

    “Broken” is certainly a simplistic buzz word that gets thrown around a lot, but it is mostly used when anti-gay evangelicals speak about gay people. This viewpoint is entirely subjective and not rooted at all in the Gospels. In fact, it’s completely modern.

    But more so, it implies that being gay is a character defect and if only we healed our hearts we could become whole. And of course…Jesus is the fixer. Two schools of anti-gay thought in Christianity have different solutions to fixing “broken” men and women: one tries to pray the “broken” person into heterosexuality (this is usually the Catholic/Evangelical viewpoint) and one tries to ask the “broken” person to live a chaste life (this is the mainline, but still anti-gay, Protestant viewpoint).

    Using the term “broken” is highly offensive, subjective, and arrogant – from any viewpoint. It shows a lack of empathy with the person you’re speaking to, which certainly describes most evangelicals. When we look at at what Jesus calls the “sum of the law and the prophets”, of the two commandments he mention is one that calls us to “do unto others as we’d have them do unto us”. Or basically, to have empathy with your brothers and sisters who share this planet with you.

    Using negative and callous (aka hard heartedness) terminology such as this, from my interpretation of the Golden Rule, is antithetical to the message of Jesus. The term “hard heartedness” or having a “hard heart” comes up many, many times – both in the Old and New Testament. It is always a synonym of evil.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Gay Goi Ga, in other words.


  • Bill Perdue

    @ChristopherM: First your typically liberal knee jerk censorship of people who don’t sit on the fence, and now, because you don’t have a coherent thought in you head, you mask it with drivel.

    How very liberal and Obamabotic of you.

  • anderson cooper is my future husband

    It’s the liberals who support gay marriage you dipshit all those Mccain voters think you and I perverts going to hell. I agree with you ChristopherM Bill Perdue is batshit crazy.

  • n1spirit

    @kevin (not that one): Well said, Kevin. I’ve always found it to be a little disturbing when members of the gay community (and yes, I am gay) stoop to the same levels as the FAR right. I was raised in the church (Assemblies of God) and while I still have to endure some of the “we only want to know we’ll all be together in heaven” comments from some in my family I do know that they love me. Do comments such as that bother me? Sure but not so much that I have to go on a rampage and say, “all Christians” this and all Christians that… Sometimes it is more difficult for those who were brought up in different eras to move past the rhetoric they were exposed to in the church for so many years. This does not make every one of them bad people; it just means that we have to practice a little bit of patience, tolerance and understanding (the same things we are asking of our detractors). If NEITHER side is willing to do this, even the least little bit – then there is no hope that progress on this front will ever be made.

    By the way, even though I am gay I still identify as a Christian, though my beliefs do vary somewhat from those held by [perhaps] many in my own family. I wonder if Tallskin believes that makes me a fanatic? I just think everyone should be a little more careful of stereotyping others. As a gay man I no more appreciate being stereotyped by a conservative who despises me for “one small part” of that which makes me [me] than I do a liberal or gay counterpart who would find fault with me for believing in God and identifying as a Christian. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone (and since we have all fallen short in one way or another I really fail to see where a rock fight is justified).

    Again, thank you for your comments, Kevin. They were much appreciated.

  • Bill Perdue

    @anderson cooper is my future husband: They voted against same sex marriage (which is how we term it, as opposed to the ‘gay marriage’ formulation used by straight, christer trolls like you) in pretty large numbers in California. What probably saved us was the unions, NAACP and MALDEF.

    Haven’t you forgotton something? Don’t you want to accuse any gay men of child abuse?. Isn’t that your speciality, what you’re infamous for? You christer trolls are all alike.

  • Tallskin

    nIspirit “By the way, even though I am gay I still identify as a Christian, though my beliefs do vary somewhat from those held by [perhaps] many in my own family. I wonder if Tallskin believes that makes me a fanatic?”

    Nope, not a fanatic! Why do you skypixie worshippers take on this “Oh, I am SO hurt” act when anyone says believing in an invisible friend is, er, mad?

    So, No, you are not a fanatic, just, er, Mad.

    Thing is I really don’t understand why christians / muslims/ jews et al think they have the right to demand that I respect them and their ludicrous beliefs.

    I don’t respect you.

    We can work together, if we have to, but don’t expect my respect.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    And by the same token, what respect do the sky-pixie worshippers show to gays, agnostics and atheists?

    They are intolerant of us, do not respect us, condemn us, threaten us with hellfire and brimstone and vote our rights away.

    And for this, we are supposed to respect them?

    In a pig’s ass.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Tallskin: I don’t think nIspirit was putting on any kind of act at all. It seemed to me to be a reasonable explanation of someone who is gay and involved in a religion that is not so tolerant.

    You say you can work together with religious people if you have to.

    Congratulations, that’s a breakthrough in my opinion. The only thing that I have been arguing for in this ongoing religious discussion is to acknowledge that some people are religious and we have to deal with them as human beings. Respect would be nice, but I suppose that might be too much to ask for from some.

    But could you at least dial down the rhetoric a bit? Not trying to stomp on your right to free speech, but it gets a bit annoying to have every issue turned into a rant against religion and an excuse to quote Hitchens ad nauseum. You guys are tired of all the Christians on here? (and I am not one. BTW, and I have written a fair bit about the destructive things churches do). Maybe if there wasn’t so much intolerance and false accusations on here some of us wouldn’t feel compelled to defend people’s right to free thought.

    And I think the “rationalists” on here have their own blind spot in thinking their own values are devoid of faith, non-logical thinking and discrimination.

    Anyway, carry on.

  • Bill Perdue

    @strumpetwindsock: Strumpet we’re not going to jump back a century or two to make life more comfy for ‘believers’ or for armchair right centrists like you.

    Religious beliefs are straight out of the Dark Ages and haven’t changed much since then. They’re irrational and it’s untruthful to claim other wise. The truth is that we don’t want people like that or their defenders to feel at ease. Your comfort is not our concern, mounting a political fight against cult bigots is. We shouldn’t ‘tone down the rhetoric’ as you so quaintly describe opposition to life in religious closets, we should ramp it up.

    This is the 21st century and GLBT folks, especially those who face oppression in their family life because of christer or islamist bigotry all have to get out of the religious closet and into the fight for GLBT equality.

    As for you Strumpet, I’m wondering when you’ll get the guts to tone up your rhetoric long enough to denounce bigots who say that gay men are pederasts. Is that too much to expect from someone who unfailingly defends the ‘rights’ of bigots. Or are we wrong to think that false accusations of pederasty and pedophilia by straight christers are bigotry.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Thanks Bill…

    A perfect example of false accusation and illogical thinking.

    Your running spat with Anderson and getreal has nothing to do with my argument that we should respect the rights of others to believe. The future of Christendom does not hang on the opinions of two people. Am I also supposed to take a position on whether they should drink coke or pepsi before they fall in line with your ideals?

    Furthermore your notions about fight to the death with believers and your political solutions have no basis in the real world, past or present. You have spoken about the economic crisis driving the electorate to the left. Do you imagine that you are the only ones hoping to take advantage of that crisis?

    You’ve just lost a big vote down there and there is a great deal of real work to be done right now. This is no time for fatalism or speculative fiction.

    And your black-and-white analysis of believers ignores two very important facts – that a great number of them support us, and as nIspirit and others have pointed out, a great number of them ARE us.

  • strumpetwindsock

    …and as I said about Dolphin I strongly disagree with his beliefs, but that is not the issue here. He can believe whatever he wants.

    The problem is his stalking impressionable young people, and the deceptive way he goes about it. I would speak against someone using those slimy tactics even if (and especially if) he were promoting something I agreed with.

  • Bill Perdue

    @strumpetwindsock: The question was do you feel even an iota of solidarity with gay men falsely accused of child abuse by straight christers. Do you have the courage to stand up to that disgusting bigotry? Or is that too uncomfortable for you?

    Your answers are as clear as they’re shameful.

    No one is surprised in the least.

  • Tallskin

    I have been thinking about Getreal and his abuse of me as a PEDOPHILE and the more I think about it the more outraged I feel.

    To spell this out.

    A straight man comes onto a gay blog and accuses a gay man of being a pedophile.

    This is what the oppressors of gays have been calling us for, well god knows how long. It is incredibly offensive.

    I assumed that we were all gay whilst we were debating that issue of the 16 year old boy’s pic.

    Now I know that GETREAL is straight – I feel like I would feel if a straight came into a gay club and started abusing me. A space that I thought was safe is not safe.

    It would be like me, as a white middle class englishman going to a black civil rights blog site and calling someone on there a “nigger” or saying that “blacks are genetically inferior to whites” – YES, that is the level of offence.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Tallskin: getreal is female, just so you know.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @strumpetwindsock: A lot of this hostility often appears reactionary, instead of righteous.

    It’s pretty much common sense to see that when someone spends their time knocking others’ beliefs, sexuality, culture, or ethnicity that it’s because they aren’t secure in their own.

    Homophobes are often gay themselves. And people who often knock religion the hardest often have the most personal issues with it stemming from early childhood.

    Religion for me has always been a personal choice and I was an atheist between the ages of 20 and 35. I’ve chosen to believe what I do on my own terms and I don’t have any scars from my previous experiences as both a believer and non-believer. In fact, atheism was for me a necessary component to understanding more about what I truly believe, and that past experience still influences how I go about understanding the universe as someone who now believes in God. I’m thankful for atheism/agnosticism and feel it’s a very worthy belief system, even if it’s not the one I still subscribe to.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @Tallskin: “It would be like me, as a white middle class englishman going to a black civil rights blog site and calling someone on there a “nigger” or saying that “blacks are genetically inferior to whites” – YES, that is the level of offence.”

    There’s no need to go there.

    Really. There’s not.

    Please tone down the hyperbole. It’s not helping you make your point.

  • Tallskin

    Kevin, I disagree totally

    It is THAT level of offence for a straight to call a gay man a pedophile

    What the fuck are straights doing on a gay site anyway???

  • n1spirit

    I’ve moved on to other blogs. Tallskin, if you care to read my response to you it’s posted on my own blog at (http://www.n1spirit/com/blog). For some strange reason I couldn’t get it to post here – and I attempted to do so on three different occasions.

  • Tallskin

    Kevin, I assume you are gay?

    Are you?

    If you are gay, why do you not find it offensive for a straight man to come onto a gay site and start using at us the terminology of our oppressors???

  • Brianna


    “What the fuck are straights doing on a gay site anyway???”

    Are you kidding me? Gay-friendly straight people aren’t welcome here? You gonna tell me I can’t be on queerty cause I’m not a gay man, too?


  • n1spirit

    Brianna, just ignore Tallskin. He’s just a bitter little man who wants to thrash out at anyone and anybody who will give him the time of day. Normally I hesitate to say this but he’s simply not worth the energy. If we all abided by his narrow-minded view of the world and where we should be, we’d all be in separate camps and progress would NEVER be made.

  • getreal

    For the record yes I am a female and no I have never been in any way homophobic. Why am I here? Well I find the issue of equality the most important issue currently facing this country. I am currently working on the repeal prop 8 campaign so a site that highlights the state of anti-gay legislation all over the country with great articles and daily posts of cute boys is a no brainer must read for me.

    When I worked in the pro-choice movement there were some women who were very aggressive with men working in the movement saying “You don’t have a uterus you don’t deserve to be here” “Why are you here why do you care about this issue” I disagreed then I disagree now. In matters of social justice EVERYONE deserves a seat at the table who wants to contribute. There were white people who got on buses and went south during the civil rights movement because it was the right thing to do PERIOD the civil rights movement of the 60’s did not just belong to blacks it belonged to every American who saw the inequities in our system and said “this is not okay i do not agree with this i will work to change this”.

    If someone people want to characterize straight people working for gay equality as pathetic faghags(someone recently posted that) that has much more to say about them than the reality of people working for social justice. There are many people from different movments the labor movement, the feminist movement and the moveon.org movement who are making the 2nd class citizenship of LGBT a priority because it is simply the right thing to do. Twenty years from now when God willing homophobia is a thing of the past and everyone has the right to marriage and equal protection under the law I want to look back and know that i stood up for what was right. If that seems strange to some people who cares.

    As far as the pedophile argument it is bullshit anyone who reads the thread will see it is bullshit. Over a month ago a morning goods guy looked suspiciously young and several people commenting on liking men not boys a poster pointed out that his bio said he was 17. I said gross underage guys should be off-limits(i don’t think that is a particularly controversial point of view) When another posted went on a rant about how Americans were small minded and the age of consent should be 16 (ew just my opinion I don’t understand a normal well adjusted adult wanting to sleep with a 16 year old just my opinion) I joking said with a big LOL well we know who the members of NAMBLA are it was clearly said as a tongue in cheek joke but as most of us see reading this thread there are some people here with no sense of humor who feed on faux outrage like a baby feeds on mothers milk.

    The person the comment was posted instead of taking it as a joke demanded an apology this is a person who often refers to certain groups of people as FILTHY.

    Certain people with an agenda to run off allies be they straight, christian, or those who accept diversity in the gay rights fight have seized on this and tried to change the facts of what happened as if straight people have deluged the site to call gay men pedophiles. No one called anyone a pedophile a group of people discussed the fact that they felt a bit uncomfortable with a grown man championing the age of consent being lowered to 16 in this country apparently in some places it already is.

    The bogus pedophile comment accusations are just a smoke screen for the fact that certain people feel that allies should be treated with suspicion and aggression. It doesn’t intimidate me or change the fact that for social justice reason straight people have joined this fight and more and more continue to they aren’t joining it because they are damaged or faghags(most straight people i meet in this movement are married with kids) but because it is time for things in this country to change.

    I would think people on this site attacking allies and LGBT with different points of view would be better served attacking the opposition but I guess in every movement there are always going to be people who would rather encouraged infighting to constructive action.

    My personal ethnic and religious history compels me to confront and fight injustice where I see it. If some people through their own warped world view cannot understand that it doesn’t really matter to me I have to like everyone else follow my conscience.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @Tallskin: For the record, I am a gay man – but that to me is not a pre-requisite to have an opinion on the subject of gay rights or even to post on this blog. I welcome comments from anyone who can respectfully and civilly state their opinion on this blog – and I think you might agree that stuff posted on this blog can’t always be taken so seriously.

    No one should willy-nilly throw around serious accusations that are meant to demonize someone. As LGBTs, we know the pain of being on the receiving end of such demonization. Personal attacks are just in bad taste and do nothing to further the conversation we’re having here. Bad taste has its place on this blog, but please limit it to making silly wise cracks about people (ie, celebrities, politicians, anti-gay preachers/priests, etc.) who are fair game and not at the other commenters. And for the record, assume that on the internet there’s no such thing as a “gay safe space”. I’d rather have our straight friends posting comments here and occasionally getting out of hand with the hyperbole, just like we do, than feeling like they can’t participate in the discussion.

    It’s tempting to take someone’s bait when they make outlandish statements, but if someone writes something that is patently absurd – I advise you to write them off and just not enter a discussion with them. Or better yet, humor often deflates a bad situation. If you find that they are stalking you from thread to thread and harassing you (it happens – I post other places where that’s been the case), then bring it up to the editor or better yet, expose them to the community here.

    But please remember that a harsh word stirs up anger. And though all of this interaction takes place through cyberspace, we can sometimes carry our little flame wars out into the real world when those strong feelings (abused emotions, anger, etc.) stay with us when we get up from our seats.

    I too am guilty of taking the bait, generalizing, and writing from the perspective of winning an argument that in my mind I’ve already won. We should all remember to take a deep breath and think about what we’ve said before we hit “submit”.

    Choose your words and battles carefully.

  • Brianna


    I think your blog post/comment is right on the mark – especially the part about sounding like our own oppressors. I see a lot of similar generalizations on sites like FreeRepublic, for instance. They’ll post about a particular incident like domestic abuse within a same-sex relationship and make comments about how self-destructive we are, how our families are broken [insert sweeping generalization here] What’s the difference between that and generalizations about Christians?

    Attacking gay/gay-friendly Christians is especially counter productive. Why alienate people who are helping the movement? What about groups like SoulForce? They are a Christian group and are doing a lot of good.

    Speaking of SoulForce…I just read that the founder is on Amazing Race with his son. Wtf? I didn’t know that. I kinda wanna watch it now.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Having myself been called a pedophile on numerous occasions on Queerty, I can tell you, first hand, that gay-friendly straight people do not come on a gay site and start calling gays pedophiles.

    That is a total misnomer. There is absolutely nothing gay-friendly about a person who insists on their right to free speech, at the expense of a marginalized group of people. And to those would accuse me of making an anology in defense of myself, I say screw it. A straight or gay person coming onto this site, is as reprehensible as going onto a black site and calling someone the “N” word. If one derogatory term is totally unacceptable, why should the other derogatory be acceptable? More cherry-picking.

    If I find it offensive being called a pedophile, when there is no substance of fact to back-up that charge as Anderson, a supposedly gay man, has seen fit to do to me on numerous occasions, it stands to reason that I would find it even more offensive to be called one by a straight person. Why should that be so difficult for anyone to understand, I ask?

    Are we to be informed as gays, among other rights that we are denied, that we also are not entitled self-respect and that if we try to defend myself from a infamous charge, have it pointed out to us that by objecting, we are simply proving our guilt? That’s just out and out mind-fucking, of the worst kind.

    Interestingly, it is the very same people who direct their deprecating remarks toward gays, on a gay site of they themselves are a guest, who pay the heaviest lip service to the concept of having a safe place to post for themselves, but not for those to whom this site has been dedicated. And, it is these very same people who are going out of their way to have people with whom they disagree banned from this site.

    How about I attend church next Sunday morning and in the midst of the service, stand up and take verbal issue with the sermon being delivered to the congregation? And, after stirring up the ire of the other worshippers, angrily demand that the pastor or priest be removed fro the church because my rights to free speech are not being observed and justify that demand by stating that the church is not providing me with a safe space in which to make my comments?

    Adding insult to injury, I find it incredibly mind-boggling and infuriating that there are gay posters on this site who look the other way while these sort of verbal attacks go on with an attitude of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. By failing to speak up, they are giving such abuses tacit approval.

    But most offensive of all, are those gay people, more often than not religious, who support the verbal abusers and admonish the victims of it with sermons to be nice, show more respect, be tolerant and turn the other cheek. Talk about throwing salt in the wound.

    The thing is, I could come up with a whole litany of words I would like to call gay people pedophiles and feel totally justified in doing so. As an atheist, however, I do not need a higher power or organization to monitor my speech or actions. I am perfectly capable of realizing, and on my own, no less, that doing so makes me just as horrible as those who sling their insults are me.

    That does not mean, however, that I need to take such abuse without speaking up and defending myself. And if that is too insulting and offensive to those who believe they have the right to call others names, then they are the very ones who should not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “Brianna, just ignore Tallskin. He’s just a bitter little man”

    Spoken just like a christer.

    A fine example of turning the other cheek, loving the sinner, yada, yada, yada.

    Absolutely amazing how your type show your real colors at the drop of a hat.

    Ageist much, do you?

  • Charles J. Mueller


    1) A straight or gay person coming onto this site should read; A straight or gay person coming onto this site calling others pedophiles or other defaming comments…

    2) I would like to call gay people pedophiles should read; I would like to call gay or straight people who insist on calling others pedophiles or other derogatory names…

  • n1spirit

    @Charles J. Mueller: I’ve never claimed to have mastered the art of turning the other cheek and have said as much in my own blog. As for being described as a “christer” that’s rather laughable considering that you really know nothing about me and the only point I’ve attempted to make in here is that we, as gay men, shouldn’t stoop to the levels of our detractors by stereotyping others. Hell, what is really ludicrous is that you and Tallskin have done it to one of your own (ME dumbass!) Whatever… act like a d@ck if you must. My ex was the same way; is your real name Greg Brensinger?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Kevin (not that one):

    “Choose your words and battles carefully.”

    Sorry. That sounds too much like “Take your lumps and like it, faggot.”

    Both are unacceptable jargon to the victim of such slights. We are not willing to accept that position from the religious right, why should we accept it from our own?

    Anytime anyone chooses to call me a derogatory name, I am going to say “Put ’em up…or shut up”.

    And no one, especially a fellow gay, christer or not, is going to tell me me how I should act and behave and how much shit I must take before I can speak back in defense.

    My father didn’t raise me to be a ass-kissing, self-effacing, coward, but to each his own.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “we, as gay men, shouldn’t stoop to the levels of our detractors by stereotyping others”

    Thank you. You have just illustrated my point. That’s precisely the whine coming from the religious camp…after they fucked us up the ass with no lube, without a kiss…and took our civil-rights away from us.

    “Brianna, just ignore Tallskin. He’s just a bitter little man who wants to thrash out at anyone and anybody who will give him the time of day. Normally I hesitate to say this but he’s simply not worth the energy.

    You goody-goody, two-shoers are all the same. It’s okay when you do the trashing, but it’s not okay when it’s done back to you.

    You reap what you sow, buddy. A plate of honey attracts more bees than a plate of vinegar.

    If you and the religious right want to be treated with respect, then start by showing showing a little respect yourself.

    What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

  • n1spirit

    @Charles J. Mueller: “And no one, especially a fellow gay, christer or not, is going to tell me me how I should act and behave and how much shit I must take before I can speak back in defense.”

    That is the point! It wasn’t that you chose to speak ‘back in defense’ — the stereotyping in this thread was not initiated by persons of faith but rather by one or two people who purposefully took the first shot, expressing sentiments which suggested that ANYONE who even believes in a higher power “MUST” be against gay men and women. Just as with some of the fundamentalists I have argued some of these issues with before, Tallskin and yourself chose to just start shoving words in my mouth rather than read my comments for WHAT THEY ARE. (And you wonder why some people rail against you and Tallskin. It isn’t that you’re gay. As I said, I too am gay but I’m embarassed by the way you conduct yourself in front of others. You act like a teenage child who is upset moreso by the fact that someone has called you on your sh#t.)

  • getreal

    @n1spirit: I have learned in my time on Queerty that there are some people who will always see agenda’s and offenses no matter what you do. I have learned to not try to reason with unreasonable people they only see it as an affront. All we can really do is try to bring something constructive to the table. We are all the sum total of our experiences for good or ill and often someone who has been much sinned against in their life sees most people as tormentors or potential tormentors it’s rarely personal. It becomes quickly apparent on these threads who wants to contribute dialogue on subjects of gay liberation/equality and who wants to infight and drone on and on about real or imagined slights. I’m learning to simply not read the posts of people who are contributing nothing to the dialogue but anger and divisiveness it only drags you away from the issues and into arguments that go nowhere. I appreciate the points you made please don’t stop adding to the dialogue or let people who want to derail intelligent interactions with childish squabbling.

  • getreal

    @n1spirit: i forgot to add – stop you.

  • Charles J. Mueller



    You’re an embarrassment to me as well. So There!

    “Stop me”?

    On what authority and with whose backing? A higher power? Your church? The thought police? What? What?

    That’s what people like you are all about, aren’t you? Stopping those who disagree with your points of view.

    If you can’t bain wash them, destroy them and ask God to send their souls straight to hell for all eternity.

    That’ll learn ’em!

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Preach on!

  • getreal

    @n1spirit: Clearly I was saying don’t let negative people stop you from contributing.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Spew. Spew. Spew.

  • n1spirit

    @getreal: Thank you; I appreciate it and inasmuch as Mueller’s latest comments are concerned it would probably just piss him off to know that I read his post of 11:51 pm and just laughed. (I can just picture his face turning a bright shade of red with steam just roiling out of his ears. Quite the scene really. ;-)

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Bill Perdue:
    Sorry for the delay in responding; I was on a 600 km road trip today.

    Bill I’m not taking the bait on that one. That’s not what we’re discussing here. I haven’t read the original thread, and frankly I have no idea if your accusations are truthful or not. All I do know is that you and Charles use that issue to try to shut down a lot of discussions and evade questions here, whether the issue is at all relevant or not.

    Now I wrote nothing about getreal or accusations of pedophilia, imagined or not. I wrote about working with others who do not share your beliefs. You want to talk about that? Fine, but I won’t let you lead me down a blind alley.

    You’ll notice that I directly addressed your comment to me; you completely ignored my points, as you often do.

  • Tallskin

    folks, I am over here in England and it is your fight in the US about gay marriage and Prop 8. So, you have to choose your own allies and fight the battles your way.

    But I do have to ask, Do you really want people to fight with you, so called ‘straight allies’ who use the language of our oppressors against us on our blogs?

    Especially those who really don’t seem to have a clue about why they’re being offensive or who don’t give a fuck if they do.

    How long before mass meetings about Prop 8 are full of jeering straights mocking camp gays or butch lesbians?

  • Scott

    “Dr Dolphin”


    Not only does THIS sound funny, but I have to ask: “why do all christians feel the need to put ‘Dr’ in front of their names? 99% of them have never even been to college.

    Any person using the “Dr” thing without having a doctorate should be imprisoned. I don’t want to go to a clinic for a cold, and walk out missing an arm. That’s false advertising of intelligence and knowledge.

  • getreal

    @Tallskin: I’m not going to bother addressing you again. You are wrong period. You regularly come on this site call people filthy and stupid. For you to demand an apology and play the martyr for not receiving one is hypocritical. You are only here to stir the pot and insult certain groups of people you feel are “unworthy”. You have no more right to be here than anyone else and your fear and suspicion of people different from you is apparent for anyone to see. So stop imaging all these hypothetical scenarios where allies could possibly attack you and concentrate on the opposition who actually ARE attacking you. I’m starting to think that certain people on here just work through their anger at homophobic people on allies. It’s counter-productive and wrong. I’m starting to see as another poster mentioned that the whole pedophile accusation card is what some people do when they want to divert attention away from the topic. I see it as a smoke screen to try to intimidate and scare of people you feel uncomfortable with. And since no one ever actually called you a pedophile this whole”language of the oppressors” is bullsh*t. I would call the one routinely telling people where they belong and where they don’t and who based on their background is filthy and stupid is someone using the language of oppressors. Why don’t you try expending all that negative energy toward the opposition instead of running down imagined slights. As there are many people on these threads you have called filthy or stupid perhaps if you treated people respectfully people would treat you with respect.If you have to call people filthy and stupid why not call the people trying to take your rights away not the people fighting for equality.

  • Bill Perdue

    @getreal:, aka, getsevenwithgaymen is as usual a loud and persistent liar if a ham-fisted one.

    Accusing someone of child abuse is not a joke. And of course you won’t apologize for it because then you’d be admitting it.

    Expect this conversation to be resumed every time your christer prejudices lead you to falsely accuse one of us of child abuse and every time you drag your christer aversion to sex between men into the conversation.

    And please don’t play the victim. We aren’t trying to drive you out. You’re the perfect foil. Your christer politics are so raw, so laden with Victorian garbage that it’s easy to shoot them down.

  • getreal

    People rarely get angry if they are confident in what they are doing. Anger comes more easily in moments of confusion- The Dali Lama

    If someone cannot make a contribution to the dialogue without insulting specific people or groups of people they don’t have much to contribute. I notice some people don’t seem to actually HAVE any opinions all they do is criticize other people’s points of view with no sign of actually having one themselves. If you can’t make a post based on your own points of view and political opinions without constantly referring to other people’s “flawed” points of view you probably don’t have a very defined sense of self.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Bill Perdue: Bill, she said nothing about underage sex in this thread before you jumped in and started making accusations.

    Going by the bold declaration in your last post does this mean if nobody brings the issue up you will STFU about it?
    Of course I know the answer, and I am sure I will get some attitude for pointing it out.

  • getreal

    @strumpetwindsock: I always appreciate your rational respectful posts. I have also noticed that Bill uses the false accusations of pedophile calling as a smoke screen. It never happened and anyone who reads the thread sees it’s false. It is an intimidation tactic nothing more meant to scare off allies and gay christians and like most intimidation tactics once brought to light it loses much of it’s punch. People have a right to their opinions even Bill. There are people here who prefer to infight and attack allies these are impotent gestures and don’t actually intimidate anyone. I’m going to battle the foes of equality not people on the same side of the issue whatever their differences may be be they racial, religious, or sexual.I think it is important that posters on this site not let a few people use these threads for self-aggrandizement and as basic diaries of their kooky vendettas and obsessions. This site is Queerty.com not Billperdue.com and Charlesmueller.com I challenge myself and other poster to just ignore people who post controversial, attacks just to get attention and to draw attention away from issues of gay rights and onto themselves. If people want to tantrum and pick another reason everyday to be personally angry at another poster let them but let’s not let them take anymore time away from the important fight for equality and the increasing number of people all over the world who are making the fight for equality for all a priority.

  • getreal

    @strumpetwindsock: But I do love the way you call Bill and charles on their bullsh*t without every losing your cool we could all learn from you on the patience front.

  • Tallskin


    I feel sorry for you, to be honest

  • n1spirit

    At the risk of giving Bill yet another opportunity ‘not’ to STFU about this I just have to say… I MUST have missed something somewhere along this thread. I have looked (several times now) and cannot find where getreal ever accused anyone of pedophilia here in the thread. I’m certain I’ll get the “well, you must be stupid, ignorant or blind” response to this from those throwing the tantrums, not to mention the accusations but there it is.

  • getreal

    @Tallskin: Well we agree on something I pity you as well.

  • kevin (not that one)

    “Hate crime cases involving anti-gay sentiment shot up in Santa Clara County last year, a striking increase that a leading prosecutor attributes to controversy over Proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on gay marriage.

    Anti-gay incidents accounted for more than half of hate-crime cases last year — 56 percent — a big jump from only 15 percent in 2007. There were 14 anti-gay cases out of 25 hate-crime cases in 2008, compared with only 3 out of 20 in 2007.”


    Just thought you all would like a reminder about why we’re here.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    From: http://www.queerty.com/morning…..-20090203/

    No. 8 · getreal

    @tallskin: Thanks for the rationalization (gee I wonder who is a MBLA member on this thread). Wait you hypocrite I thought you hated filthy pixies. LOL

    This is the unmistakable signature of Getreal. Innuendo. Insinuation. Aspersion. An overtone. An artful, indirect, often derogatory hint. She doesn’t come right out and use the word pedophile, per se, she just hints at it and if anyone dares to accuse her of calling anyone a pedophile, she can do her self-righteous little christian dance and go “Oh, but I never said that.

    OK. But, consider this. NAMBLA is the acronym for the North American Man Boy Love Association.

    That title cannot be more explicit and descriptive. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out. So, if Getreal is not trying to accuse anyone of being a pedophile, then what other reason would Getreal have for throwing it into the mix, I ask?

    She may not have actually mouthed the word pedophile, but is there any doubt about the direction she is headed in with her comment on that thread, which she was stupid enough to post in the first place, and now stupidly sends us back to for the purpose of re-reading it?

    Sorry, girlfriend. Guilty as charged.

    Charlatan. Cheat. Cretin and master character assassi…and so very christian of you, as well.

    You suck, lady.

  • getreal

    I have learned in my time on Queerty that there are some people who will always see agenda’s and offenses no matter what you do. I have learned to not try to reason with unreasonable people they only see it as an affront. All we can really do is try to bring something constructive to the table. We are all the sum total of our experiences for good or ill and often someone who has been much sinned against in their life sees most people as tormentors or potential tormentors it’s rarely personal. It becomes quickly apparent on these threads who wants to contribute dialogue on subjects of gay liberation/equality and who wants to infight and drone on and on about real or imagined slights. I’m learning to simply not read the posts of people who are contributing nothing to the dialogue but anger and divisiveness it only drags you away from the issues and into arguments that go nowhere. I appreciate the points you made please don’t stop adding to the dialogue or let people who want to derail intelligent interactions with childish squabbling stop you from expressing yourself freely on this site.

  • Brianna

    Ugh, that page. Is there perhaps a lesbian version of queerty out there that shows shirtless women that you could direct me too? If not, someone should get right on that!

    I don’t see the problem with the pictures. The guy is 18 now and obviously wasn’t forced into doing the photo shoot.

  • getreal

    @Brianna: It really was not a big deal if you read the thread just some people discussing the pics some thought the guy was hot a lot thought he looked too young. A poster came on the thread with you Americans need to be sorted out the age of consent should be 16 it was a normal conversation thread that a few people are using to try to stir up controversy anything but actually talking about equality there are people who are here to fight they are lonely they need attention and will do ANYTHING to take the focus off issues and onto themselves. Read the tread and you will see for your self. If you wonder why I did not apologize when I was making a joke I have read that guy daily post to people he has never met that htey are stupid and dirty and anyone can see it was in jest hence the LOL.


  • getreal

    @Brianna: Oh and my friends swears by Flisted the main contributor is a bi gal so it’s lots of pics of pretty girls but it can also be incredibly funny too.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Stop with the bullshit and stop avoiding the issue.

    Did you, or did you not make that statement, you disingenuous liar?

  • getreal

    So for those in the cheap seats I never called anyone a pedophile I just didn’t and i’m not going to address desperate needy people who have so little going on in their own lives that they manufacture slights just to capture my attention. It doesn’t impress anyone it just makes you seem like a sad confused angry person concocting drama because YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    Charles, Getreal said nothing about the issue at all before Bill started in on her on this thread. As a matter of you made the first reference to underage sex here.

    I can do nothing to stop you from ranting, but the fact is it’s annoying to see you, Bill and Tallskin constantly using threads for your harrassment campaign even though it is usually completely off-topic.

    Furthermore it is ridiculous and insulting for Bill to try to demonize me and others simply because we refuse to be part of your game. I was talking about a completely different issue and he tried to pull that shit on me

    You have some sort of problem with getreal? I think most of us are aware of that already. Do you think by shutting down thread after thread with this you are going to drive her out of here and win people over to your side? You might be sorely mistaken. If I were her it would make me even more determined to stay.

  • getreal

    @strumpetwindsock: Thank you. Their attacks only me make me more resolute I don’t respond to bullying. The irony is the rants and attacks turn people against them and make them look like troublemakers disrupting the site.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: From Queerty’s comments guidelines:

    Comment threads are not the place to exhibit grade school playground behavior. That means adherence to simple rules, such as not calling each other names, throwing profanity at other readers, or calling them idiots (particularly if you can’t back it up). It’s also not a place to say “Queerty sucks,” because while that may be true, you really shouldn’t be wasting your time visiting, let alone posting on, a site that sucks. You will be removed for such juvenile behavior.

    We reserve the right to permanently ban any user for any reason — but almost certainly, we won’t. Only if you’re a total jerkoff will we even consider banning you, though repeat offenses certainly won’t help your case. You may be banned without warning, and your attempt to be reinstated will likely fall on deaf ears … because you are an asshole. Follow the rules above and you’ll be all set.


    Judging from your comments directed at Getreal, you are getting dangerously close to being banned. I’d advise you to take a breather and think before you hit “submit”. Your commentary would be missed if you let anger and personal attacks get the better of you.

    I really would hate for Queerty to have to ban someone, but you need to just let this go. I am not seeing the same animosity and/or personal attacks such as “you suck” coming from other posters.

    Think about it.

  • Brianna


    Soooo not what I was hoping for. :P Plenty of T&A but it’s all celebrity talk – no political discussions in the mix.

  • Brianna

    ANYWAY, I wonder how many other “ex-gays” are on dating sites in general. Must be a few.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    I have no argument with you. I never did. And, I certainly do not wish to have with you now.

    You need to know, however, that this brouhaha was going on long before you started commenting on these threads. You are not aware of all the hateful thing Getreal has said to a number of over the past few months. All you have seen is her denials of things she alludes to, which is just as much a sin, as actually saying the word themselves.

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    Charles, Getreal said nothing about the issue at all before Bill started in on her on this thread. As a matter of you made the first reference to underage sex here.

    An absolute mistruth. Obviously you never any of the postings made by Anderson in which he called me a pedophile, not just on one occasion, but on several. It was NOT I who made the first reference, which is the story that both Getreal and Anderson are in collusion over, it was Anderson.

    Now, you may think it is perfectly alright to call people names, defame their character and then deliberately lie about it when they are called on it, but I don’t. And I see no good reason why I should just sit back and take it on the chin like a good sport.

    Queerty was a safe spave in which to blog, until miss contessa and her cohorts decided to hijack these threads and make life a living hell for everyone else and I for one, am sick and tired of having people quote the commenting rules to me, when I have never called anyone a racist, a pedophile or blackend anyone character in the manner that these two cretins have.

    Getreal and a couple of other christers on these thread have been doing everything in their power to get me banned because they hate my sorry atheist ass.

    Well, that is just too bad. Just as they insist on their right to come into these threads and lay their religious garbage on us, we have the right to say how we feel about it.

    So, I would suggest that you bow out, because this is not between you and me. It’s between Getreal and me.

    Now you may thing it is perfectly alright for people to come behind

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Correction: Delete the last sentence which is a replication.

  • getreal

    @Kevin (not that one): @strumpetwindsock: You cannot reason with some people they always need to be in a vendetta with someone. The person who they fixate on will become a bigger than life dragon that they can pour all their energy and time into. As anyone who read the thread that got Charles so angry it is usually something that they have made up in their head. Everyone who reads that thread sees it does not warrant this kind of behavior but I have seen certain people on this site fixate on undesirables and invent reasons to drive them off. I think this man works himself into such a frenzy he actually believe I’m this evil empress ruining his life. If that is what he needs to get out of bed in the morning so be it. One gets the impression that this site may be his own outlet for human interaction. Maybe that is why he feels the need to repeatedly invented nemeses

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Kevin (not that one):

    There is nothing to think about.

    And you are not in a position to threaten me with being banned from this site.

    So you think about that.

  • getreal

    I say without a shred of malice I feel bad for him it is just sad I watched this guy pick fights with people for months before it was my turn. There are some deeply unhappy people out there.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Sweetheart, it’s about time you came to the realization that I am not the only one on these threads who have had it with you.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • n1spirit

    I’m inclined to take this thread off “subscribe” — also, if this is any indication of what goes on in most of the threads here on Queerty… It’s really quite pathetic.

    I’ve looked at the thread over on Morning Goods (Colter Johnson) and I can see where things may have gone wrong. Yes, the subject of pedophilia was brought up but it “appears” to me that getreal, though clearly uncomfortable with the idea of men being attracted to one who appears underage (and yes, I saw the resulting ‘discussion’ – if we want to call it that – regarding the age of consent being lowered, etc.) … anyway, it appears that her comments WERE made only in jest.

    That said, yes, I understand where some might become offended if it’s remotely suggested that, once again, all gays are pedophiles. I’ve had to fight that damned argument on more than one occasion and it gets really, really old (especially when studies have shown that most pedophiles actually identify as heterosexuals). Regardless…

    I’ve a pretty strong opinion on the subject of pedophilia and while I can appreciate a cute eighteen or nineteen year old I feel underage children should be protected. That a group such as NAMBLA even exists is both sickening and infuriating (to me) – but that’s MY opinion and I understand everyone has a right to his or her own. (Just stay the fuck away from my nephew – and for that matter, my eighteen year old gay cousin. That is, if you want to keep your C&B’s intact.)

    It is clear that Tallskin, Bill Perdue and Charles Mueller have a personal vendetta against getreal. Hell, the three of you don’t even like gay men who aren’t atheists themselves, choosing instead to scratch and gnash out at anyone who doesn’t fit into your definition of what is “acceptable.” You hate that there are people who would throw you into a stereotype yet you are quick to stereotype others. You remind me of some of the screeching queens I’ve known over the years here in Dallas who simply MUST be at the center of attention … and as I said earlier, it’s quite pathetic. (And yes, I’m entitled to use the phrase “queen” since I’m a forty-six year old queer who has seen and experienced more than his own fair share of prejudice in my young {cough} lifetime. Hell, I’ve even had to tolerate the likes of that son of a bitch, Fred Phelps, as he and his bigoted clan picketed outside of my church – as well as DURING the funeral services of a friend’s brother who had died of complications of AIDS fifteen years ago. If I could refrain from not running THAT s.o.b. down with my own car that day I’m certain I can stomach the petty acts of drama the three of you are certain to respond with in response to calling you on your bullshit.)

    If in fact the three of you ARE gay you do everyone who truly has a vested interest in civil rights for GLBT persons a disservice. Your actions appear to do more harm than they do good, when you seemingly attempt to drive a wedge between those of us who are gay and anyone who is not. I’ve said my piece; I’m certain you will respond with something impertinent so go right ahead. (I’ll probably just ignore further rants at this point though.)

  • getreal

    @Kevin (not that one): See you posted a kind trying to be helpful message he saw it as a threat. It’s pathological. There will always be people who see a hand outstretched in friendship as a hand outstretched in anger and you can’t reason with people who think that way. Someone once posted “clutch the pearls” to be funny and this guy went off and said they were threatening to strangle him. He is just a scared confused guy who will see any normal exchange as an attack if you don’t compliment him agree with everything he says and let him rambling on and on.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “(Just stay the fuck away from my nephew – and for that matter, my eighteen year old gay cousin. That is, if you want to keep your C&B’s intact.)”

    Is that a threat?

    You’ve gone over the line and you’ve been flagged, buddy.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Charles, I would prefer not to fight with you either, though we would have plenty of fodder for it.

    Perhaps I did not say it clearly enough – what I meant was that she did not bring up your dispute on this thread. Bill was the first one who brought it here.

    I have pretty much left you all to it on this pedophilia issue, since I did not read the original thread, though you and I have had words about what I felt were personal attacks against getreal on other issues.

    But for the second time now Bill has tried to ambush me personally with the issue, claiming that I was supporting these alleged accusations of pedophilia simply because I was arguing for tolerance of others’ beliefs. Sorry, but that made it my business.

    Had we not been in the middle of talking about it when you dropped in I may have said nothing to you at all. But the fact is it was on the table.

    You may notice I used a different tone with you than I did with Bill. I’m just telling you that I think bringing up this issue over and over again is disruptive and I think it may work against you rather than accomplishing your goal.

    But feel free; as I said, I cannot stop you.

  • getreal

    @n1spirit: Thanks for the great post it is hard to reason with the unreasonable. Clearly you were not threatening anyone he is a scared man who sees everyone as a threat. I truly hope you are not going to have to deal with false accusations now. That is their form of intimidation.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @getreal: But Getreal…this is not a criticism…but I wonder if you aren’t just feeding in to this a little bit. I realize that you are also defending yourself and that you have perfectly good reason to. But when the guy goes ballistic and appears to be beyond all reason, that should be a kind of a red flag to ignore him.

    But what do I know? You may be purposely giving some of these guys just enough rope to hang themselves…and Charles seems pretty close to doing that.

    Anyway, the best response when someone gives you the evil eye is to smile.

    Take it from the queens: elbow-elbow, wrist-wrist, touch pearls (ah strangulation!), blow a kiss!

    Take care, “Christer”! LOL!

  • n1spirit

    @Charles J. Mueller: Typical behavior. Take something which obviously cannot be construed as a threat unless you “knew” my family (which I seriously doubt you do) and go screaming, “foul!” Get over yourself. You obviously could not reasonably respond to anything else in that comment so you chose the one line you thought you could twist to suit your purposes. From what I have seen on here even if I am banned it will not be a great loss. However, if the powers that be take everything into consideration (the context of what we were discussing) I’m not all that worried. If the powers that be cannot see through your nonsense than I won’t miss the place.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    This thread is useless now. Unsubscribed.

  • Charles J. Mueller


  • getreal

    @Kevin (not that one): The tone of positivity on this site is reassuring even though some people want to fight there are always people who will put it all in perspective. as we have seen in the last batch of posts

  • getreal

    Congrats Charles you killed another thread.

  • Brianna


    You are not helping.

  • Telly_Smitts


    Same here! My parents have been married for 35 years, are still in love and very much a part of my life. It just kills me for any one to try and generalize anything. They also knew I was gay looong before I “came out”!

  • getreal

    @Brianna: You are probably right it has just been a month of this. I was very patient with it for weeks. This is nothing it got so bad the site actually intervened. You are right though I should not feed into it if I know someone is looking for negativity why give it to them.

  • Niles

    Everyone has an agenda. He has every right to pursue it. So what?

  • Randy

    @Tallskin: Actually, it’s not illegal to teach children racism or anti-Semitism in the US… we have these little things called “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion.”

  • PSA

    There’s no one who can convince me that a “straight” man has ANY reason to be trolling around on sites designed for gay men unless he’s either working an agenda or, MOST PROBABLY, is a man with “homosexual tendencies”. I know plenty of enlightened straight men who would agree with me that they don’t want gay sex thrown in their throats–just as much as I’m NOT going to be going to a straight dating site because I don’t enjoy looking at women’s breasts or their other sexual organs. One person said this guy was “creepy” and I agree with him. It’s just as creepy as a grown man standing out in front of the schoolyard trolling for children. The reason our “creepy” indicators go off for this man is the same reason that our “creepy” indicators go off for the man hanging around the schoolyard–it’s weird and we all KNOW it is.

    I did MY time in the Christian world and there’s no reason a “Bible believing” Christian would want to be here, it goes against everything they stand for. Mr. Lambert is an attention whore. He’s worse than the bitchiest draq queen!

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