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Exodus International Is Coming For Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Gay Kids. Yes, Really

Just because Exodus International is facing tough economic times, or showed a single glimmer of hope by dropping support of its own National Day Of Silence, doesn’t mean Alan Chambers & Co. are abandoning their mission to covert gays to straights. In its new world order for 2011, Exodus is mounting a new plan: target the young.

Its manifesto for the coming year is dubbed “Simplify, Amplify and Intensify.” That means refining its messaging (simplify), broaden its reach (amplify), and go balls to the wall (intensify). For your wee ones.

In an open letter to supporters, Exodus chief Chambers says, “In 2011 we will turn up the volume on our simplified message and begin providing increased and focused resources for individuals, families, schools and churches. For instance, the greatest area of need in our culture is outreach to young people. We will be changing the name of Exodus Youth to Exodus Student Ministries in order to encompass middle school thru college age students. We have listened to youth pastors, parents and especially students and we want to amplify our message in a way that they will best receive it: via web communication, YouTube, podcasts and short to the point booklets. We are also in the process of creating an App for iPhone users.”

Evidently taking a cue from the Manhattan Declaration, Exodus wants to make sure its using technology to reach its target audience. And nothing says “reach out and touch the kids” like a cool iPhone app, which will let grade schoolers dial in to Exodus’ brand of hating yourself with just a few taps and swipes.

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    Queerts: Please use this image for this vile scumbag in future posts, it shows what a total freak this scumbag actually is….

    PS: We all know their “conferences” are nothing more than excuses for them to hookup. Looks like they are seeking to become kiddie diddlers now…..


    Meant this image!! :p


  • Daez

    If Apple and YouTube actually roll over to this hate group and allow them to spread their message via their technology then I’m going to have to stop supporting them as companies. Since a great deal of their customers are gays and lesbians, I would think it would be the stupidest thing they could ever do.

  • Ray

    so basically they are trying to infiltrate the schools and convert our children.

  • Cam

    The thought of this creepy suppressed perv trying to gain access to youth in schools is shudder inducing.


    ………Maybe he got too into his costume of being a priest for haloween…………

  • Snownova

    @Ray: Isn’t that what they keep claiming we’re doing?

  • D.R.A.

    Piece of shit. What else can you call him?

    He’s one of the reasons why gay kids are so much more likely to commit suicide or seriously think about suicide. I’m very tempted to call him evil, even though I don’t much care for the word.


    How fucking sweet would it be to see this vile scumbag get verbally bitchslapped by Graeme Taylor??

    A wonderfull, perfectley adjusted, happy, confident 14 year old Gay teen?

  • Dan

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Wow…what’s a nice pic. He doesn’t look gay at all. Does he?….lol

  • Jeffree

    Let’s remember that Exodus Intl’s outreach is supported by many more teachers and principals than the gay-straight alliances are. What frightens me is that “they” are much more organized than “we” are….

    Kinda worrisome, eh what?

  • Imo

    this guy looks insane, aggressive and dangerous.

    well, maybe it’s just the photo but I don’t think so.

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