Faggotry and Offensive Editing?

There’s a dental office here in New York called Select Dental. It has a totally brilliant commercial that we’ve been laughing at for years. Why so entertaining? Well, for starters, it looks as if it cost fifteen bucks to make, but the most appealing aspect is a testimony from a “married couple.” We don’t want to call a boy out, but there is no way the husband likes ladies. Seriously. No fucking way.

We tried to find the commercial for you on You Tube, but came across this edited version from a man named Dave Hill. He’s some sort of comic or something. We don’t know, but we love him, and we think you will, too.

Treat yourself to both some thinly veiled faggotry and a little creative – as well as deliciously offensive – editing, after the jump. Oh, and if you want some more Dave Hill hilarity, we’ve provided the link to his website. You’re welcome.