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Is It Finally Time To Say “Bye Felicia” To “Bye Felicia”?

According to Google, the phrase “Bye Felicia” has appeared on Queerty 1,800 times. Over the last few years, it’s become a ubiquitous hashtag; snappy shorthand to undercut and dismiss Twitter trolls or anyone else on the Internet that is unpleasant or otherwise inadvisable. Which is basically everyone.

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These days, the phrase is inescapable. There are “Bye Felicia” T-shirtsTime magazine has written breathless articles about “Bye Felicia”, and there have been plenty of accusations of cultural appropriation, too. The 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton invented a distressing origin story for the phrase, which involves fellatio, guns, and an unfortunate woman wearing nothing but a pink thong.

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In 2014, the phrase was even turned into a dance song called, yes, “Bye Felicia!” by New York DJ Joe Gauthreaux, where it somehow debuted at #5 on the Billboard Dance chart:

So, who is this Felicia, and why exactly should she go away? Well, she’s a character in the 1995 film Friday, and the reason she should scram is because she’s a needy user and super-annoying.

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In fact, the line is really rather underwhelming in its original context. Here it is, in its natural habitat:

So here’s the burning question: Is it finally time to retire the phrase and say goodbye to “Bye Felicia?” Weigh in in the comments below. 


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