Straight Up Ratchet

Find Out What These Broke Straight Boys Are Willing To Do For TV Stardom

If you were dying for a reality show featuring guys who have gay sex on camera while clinging desperately to a “straight” identity, then you’re in luck!

The masterminds behind the porn site (NSFW, of course) have decided to use their considerable financial clout to give you liquor-fueled rants and arguments “an uncensored look into the lives” of the men who’ve made a career out of becoming “models” for the site.

Casual racism, binge drinking, hookups and other cringeworthy reality TV tropes are readily available in the two-minute trailer (which is somewhat SFW by the way), but we’d be lying if we said that this wasn’t somehow intriguing.

We’re not sure if this has been picked up by a network or yet another case of a trailer being dropped online to create buzz in hopes of getting picked up by a network. If it has, we’ll be tuning in if only for the mess factor, which looks very, very high.