Fired Trump appointee says she was kidnapped by OnlyFans star and forced to write antigay tweets

Former deputy White House liaison at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Merritt Corrigan is attempting to rebrand herself from raging Christian homophobe to… naive kidnapping victim?

To make a very long and convoluted story short, Corrigan was recently fired from her job at USAID after she allegedly sent a string of vile anti-LGBTQ tweets.

After being let go, Corrigan purportedly hired Jacob Wohl, the far-right troll who falsely accused Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault and went on to start an OnlyFans page, to help repair her reputation.

A press conference was scheduled for last Wednedsay… until it was abruptly canceled just hours ahead of time. Then NBC reporter Josh Lederman tweeted a new development in the story.

“In a bizarre twist, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have now issued a statement saying Merritt Corrigan, fired from USAID yesterday amid anti-LGBT tweets, has accused them of kidnapping her and forcing her to send the tweets,” Lederman claimed.

Lederman followed that up with another tweet, explaining, “The statement claims that Wohl and Corrigan were in an ‘intense sexual relationship.’ It alleges without evidence that Corrigan had planned to implicate Pompeo in a foreign ‘gold watch scandal’ but caved under pressure.”

Now, the Daily Beast reports that Corrigan called off the press conference after realizing Wohl had been using her as a pawn in some sort of vague political game.

In a statement, Corrigan suggested Wohl had taken her against her will, stolen her phone, and signed into her Twitter account to write the hateful messages that ultimately got her fired.

“I would like to apologize,” she wrote. “Especially to the people who have been affected or hurt by the messages sent from my Twitter account, and the claims made in my name over the past 24 hours.”

Corrigan continued, “I did NOT send these messages and while I vehemently protested about them being sent in my name, my devices were not in my control. I see now that I was part of an abusive scheme and I was used to attack people that have nothing to do with me.”

The statement went on to say that she would no longer have anything to do with “individuals who forced me to hand over my devices so they could control me and the output in my name.”

“Due to naivete and inexperience, I became involved with people who abused my trust, conned me, and claimed they were working in my interest,” the statement concluded. “I became powerless in a situation, and I deeply regret not reaching out to people who knew better, or could help me.” reports, however, that Corrigan’s history of homophobia dates back much further then her relationship with Wohl.

Meanwhile, Wohl denies ever kidnapping Corrigan, calling the whole story “dispositively false.”

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