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First the Kids, Now the Employees: Catholic Church Kills Health Care for Spouses

After bailing on its adoption program, D.C.’s Catholic Church is also bailing on shared health benefits for the spouses of all staffers.

With Wednesday’s opportunity to apply for marriage licenses, the gays in D.C. are really just ruining it for the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. So starting today, new employees will be barred from securing spousal benefits, as will current employees not already enrolled in the plan. It’s their way of ducking a requirement to treat gay couples as equals, and offer benefits to same-sex spouses.

We understand the move from Archbishop Donald Wuerl, given his campaign against D.C.’s gay marriage law. But he’s also going to undermine an already fragile institution. Not only are parishioners leaving the Catholic Church in droves — or at least aging out of it — but the finances of the Church have never looked bleaker. By discontinuing shared health benefits for employees, the Church is planting its own bomb. What’s any employer’s No. 1 rule for maintaining a buzzing workplace? Keep employees happy.