Five Easy Yoga Poses To Turn You Into A Power Topping Machine

Anjaneyasna-469x705G Philly‘s new health contributor Barry Eichner is giving your tired workout routine new life again this week with another excellent column chock-full of tips to help improve your health and sex life at the exact same time.

To follow up his anus-engaging hit “5 Yoga Poses to Make You a Better Bottom“, Eichner explores the inevitable “5 Yoga Poses That Will Make You a Better Top” this week with the help of reigning Mr. Gay Philadelphia Lou Cutler. He can be seen demonstrating just a few poses below that help increase stamina and strengthen the muscles that that put more power in the “thrust” — a sound workout for anyone who claims to be a great power top.

To stay on your a-game, you’ve got to build your strength, flexibility and endurance so you keep strong, therefore keeping him happy,” Eichner says.

Below, check out some of the yoga poses that will undoubtedly make you a better top. Head on over to G Philly to see the rest, and if you can, try them out on that Facebook acquaintance who shared this article more than once last week.


Ustrasana: Camel
This one builds strength in the hip flexors so you can keep your hips swaying. Camel also builds strength in the shoulders, upper back, thighs and arms. It expands the chest capacity for great oxygen intake to help fuel longer, more-fulfilling sessions.


Virabhadrasana II: Warrior II
This asana stretches out the legs, hips, chest and shoulders. It increases stamina and improves balance for when you feel like doing it standing up.