Five “Greatest Hits” From Infamous Anti-Gay Activists In Minnesota

Minnesota is shoring up to be a battleground state for the LGBT community, with a constitutional ban on marriage equality coming before voters in November.

Wanting to let the public know exactly who is trying to influence the electorate—and what they’re saying—GLAAD has updated its Commentator Accountability Project to include profiles on outspoken bigots Tom Prichard, John Helmberger, Chuck Darrell, Bradlee Dean (right, of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Ministries) and Barb Anderson.

Here’s a snippet:

* Anderson, who was featured in a lengthy Rolling Stone article about the rash of LGBT suicides that have plagued her local community, says Gay Straight Alliances “affirm sexual disorders.”

* Darrell opposes LGBT-inclusive sex education because he says being gay is “a killer.”

* Helmberger has told Minnesota voters that they must vote to constitutionally ban marriage equality in order to “restrain evil.”

* Dean once claimed that gay people “On average, molest 117 people before they’re found out*” and says that gay people “are subverted and condemned by their own hand. Why? Because they’ve set themselves against the right-giver.”

* Prichard says being gay “is more dangerous than alcoholism” and that gay youth are more likely to attempt suicide because they “live in conflict with how we are made.”

The purpose of the Commentator Accountability Project isn’t to censor voices against LGBT equality, but to remind journalists to provide accurate context. “It’s important that Minnesotans know that these activists are not experts on marriage, or advocates for religious liberty, but mouthpieces for anti-gay animus,” says GLAAD President Herndon Graddick.