Five Last Thoughts On Weiner’s Resignation

I didn’t want Anthony’s weiner to resign, but he did. It’s all done now (though Obama expects him to “bounce back” eventually… maybe after he finishes sexting rehab). Anyway, we have five final thoughts before laying this story to rest… for now.

1. He had every right to lie initially because what happened was only the business of Weiner and the women involved to begin with. Imagine this: maybe Weiner knew how the puritanical media would crucify him for such an innocent offense (how many people in the audience have never sexted?). And so he told a “little white lie” to avoid the oncoming shitstorm and eventual resignation for just a little while longer. Wouldn’t you pray for a hurricane to wait just just one hour more before destroying your city?

2. There’s this idea that if he “betrayed” his wife (though none of us know the type of marital arrangement they have*), then he would also BETRAY and LIE TO his constituents—who largely don’t want Weiner to retire, despite the so-called “scandal.”

3. There is widespread sentiment that Weiner was a Legislative force to be reckoned with—a scourge of the Right. Is it any wonder that the prurient and puritanical American media (with its connection to telecomm bucks) wanted to take him down? They took him down so low, that even at his resignation speech a Howard Stern shock jockey asked him if he was bigger than 7 inches. An indignity not offered even at the resignation of Mark Foley.

4. Democrats are spineless bullshit for asking Weiner to resign—that means you, Obama and Pelosi. The GOPs just keep their goddamned mouths shut. And if any media member asks them about it, the GOP says, “Oh how dare you ask such a disrespectful question! You are horrid trash for even asking.” Done.

5) And all this … JUST FOR SEXTING???! HE DIDN’T EVEN GET LAID!!!!