Wandering gazes

Five men were given eye-tracking glasses and put in front of a male underwear model. Where did they look?

Here’s an interesting little social experiment.

Five gay guys participated in a study to see how long they could maintain eye contact with a super hot, near-naked male underwear model before their gazes began to wander to other parts of the man’s body.

The experiment was conduced by the Daily Mail. 25-year-old Ade Adeniyi was the model chosen for the experiment.

It took one of the men just two seconds before his gaze moved from Ade’s eyes to his oh-so-luscious lips. Another guy lasted just three seconds before his focus lasered in on Ade’s chest. And a third man couldn’t seem to decide where to look…at Ade’s butt or at his chest?

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A fourth gentleman kept could not stop staring at Ade’s bulging biceps. And the fifth man, who was the most restrained of the bunch, went a whole eight seconds before he start sizing up Ade’s entire body.

In the end, the five men looked at Ade’s chest a total 15 times, his lips a total of 13 times, his arms a total of 11 times, and his butt only once.

Interestingly, none of the five men tried sneaking a peek at Ade’s crotch.

When asked about the experience afterwards, one of the men said, “It was a bit of a bizarre experience. He was attractive. But it’s different for me because I’m in a relationship, so I found it awkward to look. My eyes rarely wander.”


Go HERE to see the video from the experiment.


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  • tdh1980

    It seems to me that more accurate and honest results could have been achieved had the gentlemen not known that they’re every glance was going to be clocked. They merely behaved contrary to what they assumed expectations would be, hence the dearth of looks at the model’s crotch and butt. It’s painfully clear that they all tried their best to avert their eyes from anything below the waist.

    • ChrisK

      Ding ding. Yep.

    • ChrisK

      Also there’s no way they can divert their attention because his crotch is huge. It’s the first effing thing you notice. Lol

    • gary69mike

      OMG, So right! And ZERO glances at the crotches?!?!? They’d better recalibrate those glasses. ;)

    • gary69mike

      Crotch, that is… not plural.

  • Paul

    They don’t look because they want to “have” him. The look because they want to “be” him.

  • Giancarlo85

    Did someone get a grant to do this? What a waste of time and money.

  • NateOcean

    No glances at the crotch? These are gay men, right?

  • natekerchel

    Does not say if they were gay men or not. This guy was not even right in front of me and the first thing I looked at was his crotch – no seconds at all. Of course it was any kind of scientific experiment – they knew they were being monitored. But even so – if those were gay men then I am surprised that not one of them looked at his crotch. That must have taken a lot of restraint. Well we cant always be talking about trump – we need some distractions.

  • Billy Budd

    Sometimes I inadvertently look at my students’ crotches, especially when they have a big bulge. One of them got nervous once and said to me: “it’s not gonna happen”. LOL LOL

    • kernowcraig

      LOL thats terrible but I’d probably do the same!

  • kernowcraig

    Bullshit no-one looked at the crotch! A black dude in only his underwear! I’d struggle to tell you his eye colour!

  • He BGB

    Men check out each other at urinals! Come now! I bet women would look at the eyes, etc but men, straight or gay, are horny dudes who are thinking sex, not romance. I wonder how scientific this really was. With people around watching men, will try to look at the eyes or lips just so they won’t be perceived as sex hounds in front of people.

  • ChrisK

    Next time they need a naked model.

  • strix1

    Thanks for completing this experiment, we all can rest easy now…you are now free to remove your seatbelts and look about the cabin.

  • GC1985

    Super hot model? To be honest, I’d look anywhere but that guy’s face too. Agree with above comments that this would be far more interesting with five str8 guys (and an actually hot model).

  • Kangol

    Well, he’s kind of homely in the face but he has a nice body. Find a mind with a nicer face and same build, coloring, etc., and I bet more guys would look at the face/eyes, then the biceps and crotch, etc.

  • radiooutmike

    I definitely would be looking at the crotch almost the whole, maybe a stop at the chest, but all crotch for me.

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