Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants people to play with his balls

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to hawk some new merchandise and brag about his masculinity.

Despite having one of the highest rates of Covid cases of all the states in the US (more than 60,000 deaths and rising), Republican DeSantis is continuing to push his opposition to vaccine mandates and position himself as a tough guy. This week his campaign team unveiled its latest merchandise: golf balls.

The balls come in packs of two, with the wording, “Florida’s governor has a pair.”

At the bottom of the packaging is the wording: “Hold the line.”

Ron DeSantis golf balls

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The ‘TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls’ bear a logo of DeSantis’ name. They cost $19.95, with funds going to his electioneering.

There’s also a video on Twitter, attempting to push DeSantis’ courageous and … well, ballsy, stance.

An email to supporters promoting the balls claims, “standing firm and setting an example for the rest of the nation in defending freedom as it comes under assault has become par for the course with Governor DeSantis.”

Online, the balls prompted derision and disbelief.

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DeSantis, who is being tipped a potential Presidential candidate for 2024, is expected to sign into law further anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate bills later today. It will allow Florida employers to observe wide-ranging vaccine exemptions.

Symbolically, the signing ceremony will take place at a Honda dealership in Brandon, an unincorporated area outside Tampa on Interstate 75.


Presumably because DeSantis wants to say, “Let’s go, Brandon!”