Fly Young Red Launches Contest To Find Fan With Best Ass

fly-young-red-dancersIf there’s one thing Houston diva rapper Fly Young Red will be remembered for, it will be his dedication to shoving the term “boy pussy” so far down your throat it you’ll be able to “throw it” out the other side.

To celebrate the release of his exclusive “boy pussy” clothing line, Red announced last night that he’ll be holding a contest on Instagram to determine who can “throw” their “boy pussy” best. The winner will receive a “boy pussy” t-shirt.

“GIRLS BOYS AND TRANS WELCOME,” he says. Entrants are encouraged to “tell your fish friends come twerk” to the epic “feminine gay” anthem and post their video with the hashtag #throwthatboypussy.

Here are some of the finest entrants:

And remember…

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  • themkpage

    You people seriously love this shit but hate Madonna’s latest efforts? Wow…

  • ingyaom

    So this “boy p*ssy” stuff has really been a set-up to sell hats and hoodies?

  • Blackceo

    You will never find me twerking but there’s just something about this rapper I love. Its a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been so historically homophobic.

  • Mezaien

    Hahahaah Fly, you are funny and I love you for that.

  • carey579

    @Blackceo This is just hilarious! I love it!

    Although they are not the type of guys I find sexy (unless they are bottoms in porn) and they are not the type I want to see sexualised in music videos. I want tall tanned lean smooth muscular men –

    It is still objectifying the male body and it just makes me happy thinking how many ‘macho/chivalrous’ sexist/homophobes minds it must be blowing when they watch this :D

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