Forget Hawaii, Marriage Was Just Decriminalized In Vietnam

Vietnam WeddingWhile we were busy buying leis and grass skirts for our Hawaiian-themed wedding, we almost didn’t notice that an entire country just made a huge leap forward on marriage equality.

It’s not full government recognition yet, but it’s a progress. Previously, gays and lesbians were prohibited from even having a marriage ceremony in Vietnam. They faced fines if they were caught, which is a hell of a thing to endure on your wedding day.

But as of November 12, the penalties are off the books. Go ahead and have your commitment ceremony without fear.

Of course, there’s still lots more work to do. The country still won’t recognize those marriages, so in terms of legal protection, you might as well be living in Oklahoma. But it’s a step in the right direction.

This is part of a long-term strategy for moving the country to full equality. Next up: the country is likely to equalize age of consent laws (currently 20 for boys, 18 for gals).